A Rome Inspired Dream With Vin Diesel

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a jungle-like area in a fictional house/villa (that might have had a slight Egyptian style to it, maybe a small pyramid shape) where several characters from the TV show Rome were such as: Mark Antony, a fake young Gaius Octavius (Augustus) (I call him fake because he did not look how he was supposed to look exactly, but I knew that it was him), Octavian’s sister Octavia & their mother; along with some servants/slaves/maids/whatever, and I arrived or was there for some reason that I can not remember.

Mark Antony was being over-confident & showing off as usual as they all talked while their slaves/servants gave them whatever they asked for while I stood nearby watching/listening, at some point a female slave made a small mistake when Mark Antony asked for something, and so he asked her to follow him to another room (he looked a bit angry at first, but then calm); and I saw him pull out his short sword before going into the room behind the female slave, he closed the door, and a moment later he opened the door with his bloody sword cleaning it off with a rag before putting it back in its sheath.