Staying At My Grandfather’s House During A Storm

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of a dream that took place at my grandfather’s house during the night and until the next morning, and some of my aunts (ME & a few others)/cousins (ME & one or two others)/my direct family/I were there during a storm; most of us arrived at my grandfather’s house since it is a brick house & we knew a storm was coming, and so it was safer there.

I remember the wind being very strong outside and I spent most of my time in the family room, which had a fictional small room with no front wall but two short side walls near the entrance/exit door in the family room, and at some point the wind got so strong that at least two windows in the family room busted/burst; and several other windows in the house like a window on the entrance/exit door in the hallway, maybe one or more windows on the second floor, and many one or more windows.

I remember being surprised that the wind was strong enough to do that, stronger than any hurricane or tornado that we have survived so far, and so I got a bit worried about the damage that might be caused (among other things).

I remember pieces of glass blowing around which was a bit dangerous with some small pieces getting stuck on me, with larger pieces being on the ground getting stuck in my shoes, and so we had to avoid glass & remove pieces off our clothes & from under our shoes; and so we took cover in rooms with no broken windows to avoid the glass & stuff blowing around, and at some point we went to sleep.

The next morning things had calmed down a lot but I still was too cautious to go outside, I remember looking at the damage inside the house, but I was afraid to go to the second floor since it has been abandoned for so many years & probably has/had spider webs/insects/who knows what else up there.

The others stayed inside the house as well and I wondered how badly was my parent’s house damaged, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr