Celebrating At A Restaurant


I barely remember part of one dream and one semi-dream/semi-daydream, I remember my cousin DE being in a dream and/or being mentioned at some point, but I can not remember where.

I remember being in a restaurant that was like a combination/fusion of a lower class (in food/drink portions), middle class (in price), and upper class (in style/variety/types of food/drinks) restaurant; and it was a somewhat large one story building that felt comfortable/safe like maybe the workers were my undercover dream security or something like that, and I sat at a table near the windows on the left side of the building.

The table had a nice white fabric tablecloth, nice white fabric napkins, nice silverware, fancy glass cups/drinking glasses, and left over food & drink; and I remembered that during the night I had celebrated something at this table, maybe a birthday, but I am not sure.

I only had a few memories of what had happened but I know that I had fun and the positive high/mood boost was still with me, and I still felt like celebrating/enjoying the moment; and since I had left-over food & drink from the night that was still good/fresh (I was served a variety of food/drink items & so I was not able to finish it all during the night), I decided to finish eating/drinking it all so that nothing went to waste.

A waiter or waitress came to me, I told them that I was going to finish my left-overs, and they told me to let them know when I need something; and they walked off to get back to work, there were other people in the restaurant, and I probably talked to a few of them across the room as I enjoyed myself/the food/drink(s).

I was in a very good celebratory(?) mood, probably even talking out-loud to myself, and remembering pieces of memories from the night celebration; and at some point my former classmate JC and/or DH and/or someone else I knew probably arrived at the restaurant, and I briefly talked with them.

At some point I/we were going to go outside to the parking lot temporarily for some reason that I can not remember, I told the waiter or waitress that I would be back and to please not throw away my food & drink, and then I/we went outside; and it was a nice day or morning outside, but that is all that I can remember.


I had a semi-dream/semi-daydream but I only remember part of the end, my family and I were in a building, and it seemed that we lived on a hallway/wing in/of this building; and on this hallway/wing were many doors & probably a few small hallways from the main hallway, and each door led to a different part of the house so everyone had their own room/privacy/et cetera.

This was pretty nice compared to how things are in real life, each room was not that big & were/was about the size of the real life rooms but maybe a bit bigger in some cases, and we had extra rooms & more than one bathroom which was also nice.

I was probably walking around exploring, talking with my family, and at some point my cousin ME, his daughter M & one or two of his sons came to visit; and they walked into a room that I was in, and I started talking with them but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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