2-16-2013 | Dream Journal | Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Acts Of Kindness | President Obama’s Secret Meeting With Some Old Men | Riding With My Brother CC To A House In The Woods | Fights At A Restaurant | Walking Around A Shopping Mall With My Sister Who Looks Like Taylor Swift

Description Charlotte Gainsbourg at the inauguration of the Jardin Serge Gainsbourg in Paris Date	8 July 2010, 11:30 Source	Cropped version of Charlotte Gainsbourg Author	Olivier Pacteau from Paris, France
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of five dream fragments from last night with the first dream taking place inside a classroom, and I was there with a lot of my former classmates & our teacher was a man; and we were having a competition that was maybe a bit like American football where we were divided into two teams who seemed to focus on moving/hiding an object around the room/field from each other.

At some point the competition ended or the teacher stopped it for some reason, and we sat back in our desks which were all very close together around the room; and I sat in a desk in the back right side corner of the room, the teacher was not far from me looking for a computer part that he could not find on the bookshelves, and I forgot to mention that the room probably had no windows & it had brownish colored carpet.

At some point my noise started running or I sneezed or something like that, and a person sitting in the desk to the left of me (whose desk was touching mine) handed me a tissue; and it was the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who handed me the tissue smiling with a very nice smile (the dream became focused on just the two of us at this point like no one else was in the room, even though everyone else was still in the room), and I thanked her for the tissue & I started wiping my nose (somehow I remembered Mrs. Gainsbourg from another dream of us being in the same classroom either from last night and/or from the past that I can not remember, and in that dream & this one I was interested in getting to know her better/become friends/or more & so I had a very positive feeling(s) toward her but I was being shy/cautious as usual).

Mrs. Gainsbourg then took another piece of tissue and gently started to rub the left side of my head near my temple like she was cleaning off something that she saw on my head, she finished, and she smiled with a very nice smile again & she gave me a compliment of some kind in her very nice soft voice with her nice English accent; and I smiled/laughed, and I thanked her & to me it seemed that she was interested in me as well.

She smiled and asked me if she had ever given me a compliment before, I said yes (I remembered this from a past dream or false memory), and I told her that her compliment meant a lot to me & that it made me feel better/more positive & that it made me feel like I could live my life without killing myself one day since it made me feel like at least someone cared about me who I also enjoyed being around/spending time with & that being around them would help make life feel like it was worth living/bearable compared to how things are now & have been for a long time & their presence/kindness would probably help get me a positive boost to move forward in my life and/or heal/recover from my life as it has been for so long or something like that.

Mrs. Gainsbourg smiled & laughed & she said that I was probably being a bit dramatic (in reference to my response) but that she was glad that her compliment made me feel better, I responded in a way that was building toward asking her if she wanted to go somewhere after class to spend some time together somewhere (walking at a park, get something to eat/drink, go watch a film, et cetera), and she responded that she knew what I was trying to do; and she was smiling/laughing a bit when she said this in a somewhat comedic way, and then I responded that she got me/she was correct.

I paused thinking about past memories and trying to figure out how was Mrs. Gainsbourg in D (I assumed that we were in D) in the same class as me, I wondered if years ago had her mom moved them to D for some reason, but that did not make much sense unless this was a college class (which I was not sure if it was or not); and there is an age difference between us which would not matter if this was college but would matter if this was public school, and if this was college it would not have been necessary for her to have lived in D before but it still did not make sense since we both live in different countries as far as I knew from previous knowledge that I knew about her.

I still could not make sense of the situation, I either asked her if she wanted to spend some time together after class or I prepared to do that, but I had a daydream of a false memory or past dream where I was in a Walmart-like store looking to buy something for Mrs. Gainsbourg and then I was walking during the day near the FB Church in D; but this area was more big city-like with sidewalks & more people walking around than normal with shops/stores, it was nice.

I saw a woman who looked like Mrs. Gainsbourg in disguise with blond colored hair or a wig, I kept trying to walk through the crowds of walking people to reach her, and I probably tried calling out her name; and I probably kept seeing her in different areas and/or women who looked like her & I started to get a bit desperate/panicked trying reach/find her, it felt a bit like being in a Alfred Hitchcock film or something like the film Vertigo, but as I was trying to find her I started to hear one or two male voices having a conversation but I am not sure where the voices were coming from.

I heard the unknown male voice or voices say something like: “I do not know why Gabriel would give up his lost seat to Michael.”.

This conversation coming from somewhere unknown caught my attention, so I started to focus on it & I tried looking around to see who was talking, it was like the voice(s) were coming from another dimension or the real world or something; and I was guessing that they were talking about the angels Gabriel and Michael from the Christian/Jewish bible, and that maybe they were angels too or some kind of beings.

I was guessing that “lost seat” meant a position of power/rank/authority/or something like that, so maybe the angel Gabriel had given up his position/lost position (one he was no longer using or had lost in the past for some reason) to the angel Michael for reasons unknown; but I woke up accidentally or got awaken by noise in the real world as I was trying to make sense of this conversation & figure out who was talking.

The next dream took place in a meeting room in a building but I forgot most of it, I just remember a long brownish colored table with many chairs in the middle of a room, and some old men were there to have a meeting that was probably a secret meeting that was held at least every year; and I was there for some unknown reason mostly listening to them talk, and I remember sitting near one or more of the old men who seemed tired & ready to retire from this special/secret group or meetings after so many years of service/secret meetings.

One of the men probably was a former intelligence agent/head and most of them probably came from various positions of power (business, politics, military, intelligence, et cetera) but from positions more hidden in the background; and this group seemed to be a special/secret group who probably would meet at least once a year in a secret meeting with whoever is the President Of The United States Of America.

At some point President Barack Obama was at the meeting, I was mostly not close enough to hear what they were talking about at this point & I kept my distance surprised that they let me stay in the room, but at some point I got closer when I noticed that I had left an envelope on the table with some metal nuts & bolts in it that looked like they had come from an old bunk-bed that I took apart a few years ago; and so I slowly worked/made my way closer to their conversation down the left side of the table.

I got close enough to hear them talking but President Obama and the other men finally noticed the envelope with metal nuts & bolts falling out of it sitting on the table in front of President Obama, they all got quiet and looked at the envelope of metal nuts & bolts very seriously like this was evidence of a past secret action that they committed that they wanted to cover up, and I remember the serious look on President Obama’s face (I wish that I could properly describe it, but I can not, you would have had to see it for yourself); and I got a bit afraid, wondering if they would kill me/have me killed if they knew I was the one who had it/left it, and so I did not say anything hoping that they would not notice me or that it was mine.

No one said anything and they still looked serious, they briefly looked at each other, and President Obama & maybe one or two of the other men started to put the metal nuts & bolts in their pockets quietly without saying anything; shortly after that they finished their secret meeting and left, and then I noticed that they forgot one of the metal bolts on the table.

I grabbed the metal bolt and ran to find them before they left, I was afraid that they would find out that it was missing, and send people to torture/kill me thinking that I had tried to hide it from them; so I was afraid, but I could not find them.

I wondered what was so serious about those metal nuts & bolts, I did not know the story behind those metal nuts & bolts, but their quietness & facial expressions earlier made me afraid since they seemed very serious about it/them; but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream involved my brother CC picking me up in his automobile during the day, maybe from the building where the secret meeting took place (who knows), and we drove through a shortcut across grass near a highway & through the woods; and this shortcut was dangerous with many areas to get stuck in, flip in, crash into, et cetera.

I remember telling my brother CC that it would be too dangerous to take this shortcut during the night, since there were no lights for this shortcut, and we reached some house apartments in the woods where I guess CC was now living; but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream involved my family and I going to a restaurant/bar to eat during the night, in this dream I had a sister who looked like the music artist Taylor Swift, and slowly the restaurant started to get rowdy as it got later since the family crowds seemed to be leaving & the alcohol drinking crowd seemed to be arriving like this was a Friday night or something like that; and so only our family, and one other family were left.

The other family walked to a closed off room inside the restaurant with its own door, I followed to see what was in there, and in the room was another family; and both family’s had a lot of kids & they both were mostly over-weight country types and the family that I followed had a daughter who looked like Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson), and for some reasons the kids from both families started to fight.

The girl who looked like Honey Boo Boo got sucker punched by a boy who was older & bigger than her, and then her parent’s joined the fight & the other parent’s joined the fight; they all were terrible fighters, so no one got injured, and I eventually broke up the fight. (I think that the parents had all drunk a bit too much alcohol)

Both families left and I went back to where my family was, they were starting to leave, I then went back into the other room one more time; and a lot of drunk people had arrived, and two thin drunk women (one with brownish colored skin and one with whitish colored skin) wearing bandannas were fighting.

One of the women had a glass bear bottle and hit the other woman in the head with it two times hard but the bottle did not break & the woman did not fall to my surprise, I remember thinking that glass beer bottles are stronger than I thought, and I guessed that the drunk woman could not feel much pain or something; and then the woman who got hit with the bottle grabbed the bottle from the other woman, and hit her in the head with it.

The other drunk people watching the fight cheered, but I took the bottle from her and threw it, to avoid one of them killing and/or seriously injuring each other; and then I walked off to let them fight & to join my family who were leaving.

It seemed that room was an Anything Goes Room, where people could do what they want or something like that & there was no security or workers watching that room which I thought was dangerous & stupid, I walked past the bartender shaking my head (he seemed to have guessed that I had seen crazy stuff going on in that room, but he did not care or try to go see what was happening or stop it), and then I walked outside since my family was waiting on me in the automobile; but that is all that I can remember.

The next dream involved my family and I, including my fictional sister who looked like Taylor Swift, going to a mall during the day; and we split up groups of two to explore the mall, which was a fictional mall that has been in some of my past dreams & so I recognized it & I knew my way around most areas.

My fictional sister the Taylor Swift clone and I were exploring the mall together, I was showing her around the mall in the areas that I knew and talking about past memories from past dreams and false memories, it was nice; and sometimes people would walk up to my sister and ask her if she was Taylor Swift, she would kindly say no & that her name was Ashley (I think), but she would admit to looking like her.

At some point as I was giving my sister a tour of the mall, we discovered a new area in the mall that we had not seen before, that had several food booths & a few other places down a narrow hall; and we stopped by the first food booth to look at the menu on the sign.

It was fun finding a new area in the mall and nice spending time with my sister, I asked her if we had ever went to the mall together before, and she said no; and I told her that was a shame, and that we should do this more often & she agreed.

She then noticed some things hanging from the ceiling near the first food booth that looked like artwork made by little kids, they looked like paper plates glued together colored with crayons with drawings on them, and we thought that they looked interesting; but as we were talking about them I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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