A Military Parade After A War

I barely remember part of the end of one dream where I think that I was a soldier who had fought in a short war, the war was probably an offensive/defensive war where we were either defending our country from a direct attack or we were sent to help an ally country defend against an attack, and at this point in the dream some of my fellow soldiers & I were in a military parade during the day.

We were on a very tall parade float going down a long highway that looked like the highway in D that passes the DQ on Eastside, but this version was the L-like version that is wider & probably in the fictional version of L; and people were on the sides of the road cheering.

My fellow soldiers who I fought with and I were not so happy about being paraded around, we did not consider ourselves heroes & were not proud of having fought in a war, we did not feel that we had done much if anything wrong but we just did not think that war was fun & games and we felt that our country usually fought unnecessary wars; but we were glad that we fought a short war that was not completely unnecessary like most wars.

We tried to be more positive and to somewhat enjoy the parade or at least survive it, so I remember trying to help boost everyone’s morale/mood; and we tried to smile & wave at people.

At some point we noticed a former fellow soldier of ours who we knew in the crowd yelling/screaming negative things at us about the war/military/country/politicians/us/et cetera, and we tried to talk to him but he pulled the smallest & weakest soldier in our unit off of the float & started attacking him; and so I got off the float to stop him.

I easily defeated him without him getting hurt and the soldier he attacked was not hurt, I tried to talk some sense in to him, to let him know that we agreed with some of the things he said but not all of what he said; and I told him that his actions were wrong, but that we still considered him a friend & that we wanted to help him.

He was very bitter about his military experience, and had he probably left the war by quitting the military; and he was probably dishonorably discharged from the military.

I asked him to meet us after the parade somewhere so that we could talk, eat, drink, et cetera.

I think that he looked like or was my former classmate JS, but I am not sure; either way we continued our parade talking about the situation, and memories from the war but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr