An Area Of Sorrow & An Area Of Pain (Fire)

I remember part of one dream from last night but I do not remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember being in a mall-like building maybe near a small Goodwill-like store, and I noticed that I was probably only wearing underwear & maybe some shorts; and so I went inside the store to buy/get some clothes.

The store was small and two middle-aged women were working there and there were some other people there, I remember getting a pair of United States military U.S. Woodland camouflage pants and a shirt, and I put them on before or after buying/getting them.

I noticed a man looking in the store from the window outside and he looked/acted threatening, he came into the store threatening/bothering people, and so I had to stop him at some point; but I forgot how I stopped him.

At some point I was either in another store or somehow this store was bigger now, in this store I saw some more people including my former classmate MP(BJ), and in the store I think that there was an area where people would feel/experience/remember sorrow/sadness; and I remember people crying, talking about sad memories, and I probably tried walking into the area to experience it & I then probably helped talk to a few people to help them feel better.

The store was closing or something and so we left, I remember walking into my grandfather’s yard during the evening or night, and my grandfather was standing in the yard; and there were a lot of barbecue pits around the yard with a lot of fire coming out of them, the wind was blowing & so it was dangerous, and I tried to walk cautiously.

I remember trying to talk to my grandfather about the fires being dangerous & that he had too many going at one time across the yard as I tried to avoid the flames while walking toward him, my grandfather probably could not hear me very well as usual, but then I guess the wind blew one of the flames close enough to my clothes that the back of my clothes started burning.

I heard & felt flames & a bit of heat, I started trying to move to an area where I could try to put out the flames, I tried hitting my back with a blanket or something that I found; and then I tried rolling, but I still was not sure if it was out or not and I felt a bit of pain & I started to panic a bit.

I kept trying to put out the fire and see if it was out, I asked my grandfather if the fire on my back was out or not, but he was too busy complaining about me getting to close to the flames & looking angry; surprisingly I did not wake up by accident during the panic, I remember grabbing a water hose and spraying myself with it while also rolling & hitting my back with a blanket & doing various other things to make sure that the fire was out.

I took off some of my clothes and wondered how bad I got burned and if the fire was out, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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