2-28-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Female Being With Dream Powers Switching Between A Dream Within A Dream | Switching Between A Dream Within Dream With My Family | And Chatting With NF On Skype

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I somewhat remember part of two or three dreams, in the first two dreams or all the dreams there was switching between a dream within a dream several times going on and in each dream I would think that at least one of the dreams was the real world, but obviously I was wrong.

Unfortunately I forgot almost all the first dream which was interesting, I just remember that a female being or woman & a man & I joined forces in the dream to survive/defeat a threat in the dream world, and the female being had the power to move herself & others between the real world & the dream world; I thought that one of the dream worlds was the real world, so I will be referring to it as the real world until the end of this dream when I really woke up into the real world.

The female being moved us between the real world and the dream world as we fought the threat, the threat could not enter the real world, so in the real world we could rest/plan/hide/escape/et cetera; and this allowed us to defeat the threat or at least stop it from attacking.

At some point the female being turned on us/attacked us for some reason unknown, she was more powerful than the man & I, but we used some of the skills she taught us & that we taught each other to try to survive fighting her; and so we did a lot of switching between the real world & the dream world to avoid dying/to rest/to try to confuse her.

I felt that we could not win directly since she was more powerful & experienced than us at this type of combat and so I decided to try a dirty/cheap/sneaky tactic/plan to kill her or to try to escape if that failed, the plan was that we would distract/fight her in the dream world & I would sneak back to the real world to quickly kill her body in the real world while she is distracted fighting the man in the dream world, and if that failed we would try to escape in the real world.

We started my plan but somehow the female being knew or had set up a plan of her own, she somehow sent me back to the dream world & trapped us there so that we could not go back to the real world, and I guess she then might have left to kill or bodies in the real world; and so I started to panic trying to wake myself up into the real world to stop her or escape, but something was stopping me/us from waking up/moving to the real world.

Time was running out as I kept trying to wake up/move to the real world and I started to panic so much that I yelled to the man trying to get him to help/do something, and I said something like: “(My grandfather’s nickname) Help Help!” or “(My grandfather’s nickname) Help Wake Me Up!” or something like that; and in the panic I accidentally woke myself up into the actual real world and I think that I felt that I woke up yelling what I yelled to the man at the end of the dream.

The next dream also involved a dream within a dream where in one dream my family and I were at a fictional school when school was over for the day or summer & it felt like late evening but there was no windows to tell what it was like outside, my dad got extra work from his job to help clean up the school & earlier in the dream the school already had some of the students move a lot of stuff out-of-the-way so that the entire school could be cleaned and/or reorganized and/or re-modeled, and my family & I were going to help my dad.

My dad gave each of us separate jobs to do & sections to work in, we separated & we went off to do our jobs, and my dad went to focus on cleaning most of the floors of the school.

The other dream world within this dream took place during the day in a neighborhood probably not far from the school, our automobile was parked on the side of the road in this neighborhood, and there were kids playing outside & there was a group of young adults who all had whitish colored skin hanging out trying to act tough near a whitish colored house near the street; and during the dream(s) I would be switched randomly from this dream world back to the dream world inside the school.

Back in the dream world inside the school I remember exploring & doing my job and seeing a few students working after school for bonus points helping move stuff, at some point I reached a darker hall with many rooms where my dad was cleaning, and my cousin ME & someone else came; and my mom brought two laptops that the school did not want and so she let my cousin ME & the other person pick which laptop that they wanted, and I was to prepare the laptops for them later by formatting the hard drives & re-installing Windows & getting all the Windows updates & installing various programs that I recommend & adjusting a few settings here & there.

I was switched back to the other dream world in the neighborhood and a group of young adults with dark brownish colored skin led by a young man wearing a red colored baseball cap came to challenge the group of young adults with whitish colored skin, and there was a short stand-off with the leader of the dark brownish colored skin group scaring the leader of the whitish colored skin group into backing down; and so the stand-off ended, and both groups separated to hang out separately across the street from each other.

Suddenly a group of automobiles quickly drove up & stopped by the street where the group with whitish colored skin were hanging out by the whitish colored house, a group of people with whitish/yellowish/light brownish colored skin who spoke another language & spoke English with accents approached the group with whitish colored skin violently like they probably had guns hidden on them; and they were threatening them, but the group with dark brownish colored skin were not about to let this new group take over their neighborhood so they temporarily joined forces with the group with whitish colored skin to scare off this new group.

The leader with the red baseball cap stared down the new group’s leader and eventually the new group angrily got back into their automobiles, and they drove off; and then the two groups separated again.

At the end either the two dream worlds combined or my family moved with me from the dream world inside the school to the dream world in the neighborhood, when we were getting into the automobile to leave, the leader with the red baseball cap was leaning on our automobile; and so my brother CC yelled at him to get off the automobile, and the leader said something angrily while walking off near us like he wanted to fight & I apologized to him for my brother CC’s yelling at him, to avoid violence.

It worked and he walked off angrily, and then I told my brother CC that he has to be careful what he says & how he says it & who he says it too (even though he had the right to ask him to get off the automobile but he should have said it nicer), because a fight was almost started if I had not apologized for him, but I woke up.

I had another dream or this dream might have briefly connected with the previously dream, but I am not sure.

In this dream I was on my computer and I heard the sound for Skype that lets me know that I had received a Skype message and the Skype icon was blinking, it was NF replying to my offline message from a week ago (which I sent in the real world), and this was my first time hearing from her this year & in many months.

We briefly chatted and I had to exit Skype & re-connect at some point for some reason that I forgot, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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