Rick Grimes Has Hot Sauce Blood Disease?

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead (2010)
Titles: The Walking Dead, Knots Untie
People: Andrew Lincoln
Photo by Gene Page/AMC - © 2016 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Source: IMDb

I barely remember part of one dream that had several parts, I remember the dream taking place during the day, and several parts of the dream took place at a college I think; and I went to class several times there probably.

During one of the classes my uncle CE, the actor Jamie Foxx, and several other celebrities with medium-dark brownish colored skin were in the class for some special event or something where they had our class walk to the front to pick up a laptop one-at-a-time slowly as they called out names & later we each had to pick up packets & last we needed to get a code or something to move to the next step but I never got that far; I got a laptop, I got a packet that had my brother CC’s name on it along with my name oddly (he was in the class too oddly), but I never got the code because I woke up shortly after stopping the class bully from attacking another student by calming him down by talking.

During another class the actress Lucy Liu, some of my former classmates like maybe DF or a woman who looked somewhat like her, some other students, and I were hanging out in a class; and I do not remember seeing a teacher, at some point I over-heard Mrs. Liu and DF or a woman who looked somewhat like her talking & one of the women mentioned a sex game or something that they used to play when they were roommates or something like that.

One of the women’s sexual orientation was homosexual and the other woman’s sexual orientation was heterosexual (this information is relevant for the end of this part), one of them asked the other to play that sex game that they used to play & eventually the other agreed, and they started their sex game in the class oddly; and I remember them rubbing/grinding/humping(?) their bodies together while barely dressed or partly naked while most/some of the class watched surprised/interested/disgusted/et cetera.

At first it was like a game/joke but then they started getting serious/into it, and this went on until they both had orgasms; and after they got dressed several people confronted the woman whose sexual orientation was heterosexual making negative comments at her about her actions, saying that she did not have the right to claim her sexual orientation as heterosexual after doing something like that, and I watched/listened still surprised/shocked by what had happened in a class room & shocked by some people’s reactions.

At some point I remember being  in another place or the area/dream world changed without me noticing to an area similar to where McDonald’s should be in D, but this area was a semi-indoor/outdoor area like a junkyard with a long multi-story building made from various random materials; and I was there with some other people but I can not remember the beginning but something was going on between us, a conflict of some kind with us running around & maybe fighting, and we tried to avoid various monkey-like creatures who lived in this area.

The monkey-like creatures, who were probably various types of real world monkeys/apes, did not normally bother Humans but we tried not to disturb their various packs/homes in the area; and I remember seeing two male monkey-like creatures fighting each other to be leader of their pack, and they were fighting hard & around the area like a long movie fight or something.

I remember watching & avoiding their fight as I moved around avoiding the Humans I was running from/fighting, and at some point I met Rick Grimes from the TV show The Walking Dead & he was acting a bit crazy; and I remember him jumping off the building at some point, and he made a decision to try to get himself mentally/emotionally stable enough to lead/save his group.

There was a flashback or a scene happening in the air/sky that I could see (but Rick could not) as I watched Rick from a distance, in the scene a doctor/scientist with dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair wearing a white lab/doctor’s coat was talking to another man who had whitish colored skin with gray/whitish colored hair, and he said that Rick’s blood tests showed that he had a rare blood diseased called Hot Sauce (Blood) Disease or something odd like that where the person’s blood is very acidic.

The flashback or scene ended, Rick stood there talking out-loud to himself about how it was time for him to go back & save/lead the group, he picked up a sharp piece of glass that probably had been used to kill walkers/zombies & that probably had some of their blood still on it; and he cut himself on the forearm a bit deep, like he was trying to infect himself or to make it clear that he needed to stay alive to save/lead his group or something crazy like that.

It was nasty & crazy seeing that and then he ran off with his gun (shotgun or rifle maybe) to tell his group that he was back to lead/save them, and then I thought about what the doctor/scientist had said about Rick having Hot Sauce (Blood) Disease; and I wondered if Rick was the key to curing the virus turning people into walkers/zombies.

I wondered if the high acidic level of his blood could kill/destroy the virus, and if a vaccine or cure could be made with it and/or if his blood could kill the virus maybe a technique/something could be done to temporarily increase the acidic level of people long enough to destroy the virus in their blood without killing most of them; but I woke up as I was thinking about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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