Roll Call | FPSRussia (Kyle Myers) + Reckless Tortuga + Supernatural Problems = ?

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a class, and our teacher was my former Calculus teacher Mr. G; and I was his best behaved student in this class, and so he asked me to do the roll call & maybe something else at the end of class.

He wanted me to take over the class for a moment while he went to do something very briefly, I thought that he was going to come back in a few minutes to show me how he wanted me to do the roll call and whatever else, but he never came back; and so I tried to figure out how to do the roll call & whatever else as I looked at two books/pads/notebooks that Mr. G had given me & both seemed roll call related but one had something else on it too, the class was ready to go but I was trying to figure out how to call/do roll call with what Mr. G gave me, and so everyone was getting annoyed & I was stressing a bit trying to figure out what to do but I woke up.

Dream 2

I think that the next dream started with FPSRussia (Kyle Myers) talking on the phone with a woman who was calling for help with a possible security problem at her & her husband’s house, so the FPSRussia crew was going to go check out the house & talk with the couple & make gun/security recommendations I think, but I could be wrong about this part; and I was there in the background like I was a helper for the crew or something.

The dream jumped to us arriving by automobile outside of the couple’s house, but I was with the Reckless Tortuga crew (Lindsey Reckis and Tommy Savas & the rest of the crew were probably fake/random dream characters) instead of with the FPSRussia crew (who were no longer in the dream like they had been replaced/changed into the Reckless Tortuga team somehow).

Instead of guns/security, our team was now there about possible supernatural problems, and so Team A (Mrs. Reckis & Mr. Savas & the main crew) went inside the house to talk with the wife & possibly the husband and to check out the possible problems; and I was with Team B (helpers who did not really know anything about what Team A’s knowledge/skills/job and were there to help Team A carry equipment & stuff like that).

Team B & I waited in the automobiles for Team A to call or text us to bring the equipment, but after a long time of waiting we tried to contact them but no one responded; and after a while we got worried, and we went inside the house.

The couple was in the middle-upper class, they had a nice/clean/uncluttered modern house with medium-priced – expensive priced items in their house, and my brain did a great job of designing this house because it looked realistic even though I have never been in a house that looked like that; and I remember one member of Team B kept touching stuff & sitting on stuff, so I had to watch him to make sure that he did not break or steal anything, and I had to keep telling him to stop messing with stuff.

I remember seeing Tempur-Pedic & comfortable modern/stream-line beds and other furniture, and I even touched a few to see what they felt like & I could feel them.

The house was quiet & dimly lit with window lighting providing the rest of the light, we explored the house not seeing or hearing Team A or the couple, and so we started to get even more worried since we could not find them/get in contact with them & we had not seen them leave & their automobiles were still here.

We started to wonder if something had captured them, or if they were hiding from something in a safe room or basement or attic, or if they were hiding from us watching us with hidden cameras as part of a prank or to test us to see if they could trust us or not and/or to see how we performed without them; but I woke up as we talked about this and about what we should do next.

The end,

  • John Jr

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