A Charlotte Gainsbourg Interview

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of the end of one dream unfortunately, I had more dreams and there were more details to this nice little dream, but I forgot them when I woke up to use the bathroom; and I am feeling/getting a bit sick so that effected/affected things as well.

The dream took place during a nice day that might have been a Saturday in D near the R Trailer, the sunlight & colors in the dream were a bit more vivid/colorful than in real life or they looked better than normal (like a very nice spring or summer day), and there were bushes/flowers/plants in this area even though there are no longer any plants like this in this area in real life anymore since my uncle CE cut them down.

I was enjoying the nice weather, plants, moment/the moment/the present et cetera after some other things that had happened earlier in the dream that I can not remember where maybe I had to watch over/babysit something and/or some kids or something like that; but I can not remember exactly.

At some point I started seeing/hearing something either on a TV screen outside or in my mind or projected in the air at eye level near the R Trailer & plants, and it was a trailer for a new fictional independent/small film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg & a few other actors/actresses who I can not remember; and I think that the film was named/called something like: “The Amalgamation Of *Something/Someone* *Something/Someone*” or something like that.

I can not remember what was in the trailer but it seemed like an interesting/creative/wacky/dream-like or a daydream-like low-budget film that the actors/actresses probably enjoyed making, especially Charlotte Gainsbourg.

At some point after the trailer there was an interview with Mrs. Gainsbourg on a Fox News-like channel that reminded me of maybe Fox Business Network or whatever it is called, they both were sitting in a room, and the interviewer asked Mrs. Gainsbourg a question; and Mrs. Gainsbourg started talking about how she enjoyed making her new film and how she likes to sometimes star/appear in small independent films every so often in between her mainstream film roles et cetera, and she spoke in her usual nice soft voice & I noticed that she looked a bit older (just a bit).

Mrs. Gainsbourg then started answering another questions that had not been asked yet, like she had given a lot of interviews this day and she already predicted what the interviewer might ask next, and this question annoyed her it seemed but it was harder to tell due to her usual nice soft voice & tone; it was the words she used that gave me the impression that this question annoyed her.

She started answering the not even asked yet question about some people’s negative reactions to Mrs. Gainsbourg doing a lot of small independent films compared to mainstream large films, she still did both but some people had negative reactions to her doing smaller film projects every so often, and Mrs. Gainsbourg started by saying that her nanny (I am guessing she was referring to a babysitter for her kids and/or her maid) did not complain about this because she knows that she still will get paid & that Mrs. Gainsbourg still has enough money even when doing small film roles that do not pay much.

Mrs. Gainsbourg said that she feels the need to do smaller film projects sometimes, that this helps her in various ways personally, and that she had no plans to stop doing them because she enjoys doing them; and they help her greatly personally in various ways (she might have given a few examples, but the rest was too hard for her to explain and/or too personal).

Mrs. Gainsbourg then said that these critics do not need to worry because she will still star in/appear in large mainstream films which she described as: large multi-million dollar mainstream cookie-cutter, stereotypical, branded/commercial, intellectually challenged, vapid/empty, et cetera things/abominations that no longer even know what they are/who they are trying to reach/what they are trying to say/what their purpose is/et cetera or something like that; and then she gave a quick fake smile to make it easier to see that she was being negative there, since she said all this in her usual nice soft voice & tone.

The interviewer finally started preparing to speak again and this clip of the interview ended, and I was still standing near plants by the R Trailer; and I saw heard someone outside near where my aunt JE’s house is, this area was slightly different with a fictional house in this area as well, and maybe Mr. R was still alive or someone who reminded me of him.

This person (a man) who I somewhat heard & saw through the plants seemed to be trying to look/through the plants from his yard to see what I was doing, he was probably just being curious/nosy/cautious, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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