4-30-2013 | Dream Fragment | The Lopez Family’s Classroom/Business

George Lopez (TV series)
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I got awakened by pain in one of my dying teeth or the nerves in the jaw or whatever so I forgot most of my dreams, and I was not able to go back to sleep due to the pain; but I managed to remember part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day at a college/indoor & outdoor shopping center that looked a bit like C Elementary School in D, and I was a student; and so I walked around the catwalk(s) to get to several classes during the dream, and I explored some of the businesses.

There was a variety of small businesses along the catwalk(s) that you could window shop(?)/see the inside of the businesses from the window and some of the businesses were restaurants/cafes, general stores, grocery stores, antique/arts & craft stores, outdoor cafes, and more.

Inside & outside I saw people walking, talking, eating, drinking, shopping, going to classes, and more; and some of the classes were inside some of the businesses, and some classes were completely separate.


Super .25 ACP Rounds?

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After getting in bed I finally remembered part of a dream from last night, I had forgotten all of my dreams this morning when I got awakened suddenly by someone about a phone call, but laying in bed triggered a memory.

The dream took place during the day, and I remember being in a slightly fictional version of what seemed to be my parent’s yard & some other people were there along with one or more people I knew; but I forgot the beginning & the middle of the dream.

I remember having a .25 ACP pistol at some point or finding the pistol along with some ammunition for it, maybe some law enforcement officers were looking for someone and/or a gun, because I remember possibly being worried about someone finding it maybe (maybe the gun belonged to or was found by someone I knew, and I did not want them to get in trouble but I am not sure); and I think that law enforcement officers and/or someone was searching the area & people looking for someone and/or something but I can not remember what was going on.

I remember noticing that some of the bullets (rounds) looked strange, some were normal full metal jacket .25 ACP bullets, but some of them were an organish color plastic-like material & a bit roundish/fat & they looked like they were filled with liquid maybe; and I just assumed that those bullets were some custom/super/unique bullets or something like that.

I decided to load the regular .25 ACP bullets into the pistol, but I noticed that the magazine had a lot of the strange super .25 ACP bullets randomly placed at the bottom of the magazine in a way that would make it impossible for the bullets to load into the chamber; and so I removed all the bullets from the magazine so that it would not be jammed, and I loaded the magazine properly with normal .25 ACP bullets.

There was more to the dream before and after this, but that is all that I can remember; it is amazing that I remembered that much.

The end,

-John Jr


Computer Freak | I Called The Police

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Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of three dreams from last night, the first dream took place at what I think was a fictional version of M College where I went to college, during the summer when not many students attend the summer semester; and the housing department was letting people rent rooms at one of the empty dorms, like a hotel, until the summer semester was over & so I rented a room for the night.

There was no key given or room number given to me, I walked around the building where the housing department was, and this multi-story building looked like a college building that has been in a few of my past dreams; and there were classrooms, bathrooms, hang-out areas, and various other areas in the building & no one else was around since it was the summer semester except for the people at the housing department & the janitors who clean the building early in the mornings.

I found a large room that had some rooms on the right side of the room and a large open area on the left side of the room, and one or two of the rooms on the right side were bed/dorm rooms or had beds for some reason; and so I decided to use one of them instead of going to the empty dorm building since it was nice & private & there was the large open area on the left side that I could use.

I was not sure if it was okay for me to stay there or not, instead of asking I decided to say nothing, and if they told me that I could not stay there I would move my stuff to the empty dorm building instead; I can not remember what else happened in the dream except that no one saw me or said anything to me, so I went to sleep at some point & I woke up in the real world.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a fictional area that has been in a few of my past dreams, and this area is a neighborhood on the side of a small highway in the country near a larger highway I think where/which I sometimes drive through in some dreams and/or I stop there briefly or to spend the night.

This neighborhood sometimes looks slightly different and if you keep driving past it down the small highway, the highway will take you past several small country towns, and maybe at some point it will connect to a larger highway that leads to a city.

In this dream my family and I were on vacation or taking a trip, we stopped in the neighborhood to stay at a one-story house that was turned into a bed & breakfast/hotel, and it was owned by three sisters with whitish colored skin with brownish blondish colored hair; and this house seemed to be the house that they grew up in, maybe they still stayed there, and maybe their parent’s were dead but I am not sure.

The three sisters used part of one room as a front desk and they each worked together to handle every part of their business, my family & I used one or more of the bedrooms, and we had access to the front & back yard & several areas in the house; and there were at least two computers, several TVs, and several other devices that we could use.

At some point I was talking to my dad and I went into a bathroom after our conversation, the youngest sister entered the room to do something, and I heard her talking across the room to one of her sisters about me it seemed; and I heard her say: “I hear that he is a Computer Freak.” (I guess that is a person who is good with computers and/or who spends a lot of time on/with computers).

I jokingly said: “Hey! I heard that!” and the youngest sister was surprised that I was in the room since she thought no one was in there, and she apologized; but I told her that it was okay, if she meant that I was good with computers and/or that I spend a lot of time with/on computers.

I told her that I could check their computers to make sure that their software/hardware is updated, that they are malware free, install a few free helpful programs, do a bit of computer maintenance, et cetera for free since I am a so-called Computer Freak (I said this part jokingly) if it was okay with them; and she told me that it was okay, and so I started checking their computers.

I remember checking at least two computers, they were running slowly, I suspected a malware infection, their software/hardware was outdated, there was no antivirus installed & so I started downloading Microsoft Security Essentials, but I woke up as I was doing this.

Dream 3

The last dream was a continuation of the first dream, I woke up the next morning in the bed/dorm room in the large room, and it seemed that the janitors had cleaned all the rooms except for the room that I slept in; and so I wondered if they had seen me or not, and so I quietly glanced out of the main door to the large room & I heard some of the janitors talking down one or more of the hallways.

Suddenly a little girl with whitish colored skin with long blond colored hair skipped into one of the hallways, and she saw me; and she skipped away, and I went back to the room leaving the door open trying to decide if I should pack my stuff & go or should I go pay to stay another night & ask the front desk if it was okay for me to stay in that room that I had slept in the night before.

While I was trying to decide what to do while packing some of my stuff, the little girl skipped in front of the doorway looking at me, and she said that she called the police; and that they would be here soon, I asked her why did she call the police but she did not say anything, and I told her that I had paid for a room but she skipped away.

I was annoyed and a bit afraid, I decided to stop packing and I thought about what I was going to tell the police when they got there/here, and I sat there waiting for them to arrive; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Baby Gets Hit With A Soccer Ball | Trying To Train My Dream Characters For Dream Security | A Ruthless Police Force

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I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of several dreams, and I will type them as I remember them in a random order.

Dream 1

One dream involved me watching or walking through a stadium where a kids/young adult football / soccer match was going on, and it seemed like a major tournament or match with a lot of people in the crowd & news cameras recording the match.

I was walking on or watching the area on the field and I crossed to the other side of the field/stadium while the kids were on the right side of the field, and in front of me a woman who looked a bit like my 5th grade teacher Mrs. C was holding her baby while walking toward a glass automatic double-door.

This automatic double-door seemed to lead to a hallway under the stadium where bathrooms, food stands, and stairways to the stadium seats were; but as the woman & her baby were going through the automatic double-door a soccer ball got kicked across the field by one of the defenders to clear the ball from his side near the goalie/goalkeeper.

The soccer ball hit the top of the automatic double-door and quickly bounced down hitting the baby out of the woman’s arms, and the baby hit the concrete floor crying; and the automatic double-doors closed on the baby twisting its body somewhat like a pretzel as it continued to cry.

The soccer players, the crowd, and camera people watched in terror/shock; and the mother tried to free her baby from the automatic double-door, and I went to help but the automatic double-door opened on its own before I could reach them.

Surprisingly the baby seemed to be okay, considering what had just happened, but it was still crying as expected; and I asked the woman if they needed help & if the baby was okay, and she said that she did not need help & that her baby seemed to be okay but was probably a bit sore & she thanked me & she walked off but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream that I can barely remember part of, I was standing somewhere that I can not remember with a woman and a man, and I knew that they were dream characters & I even called them that but the dream did not feel/seem lucid really oddly; and it did not seem like I was really trying to control the dream that much.

I guess something happened in the dream that made me realize that I was dreaming and/or that the woman & man were dream characters in my dream; and so I started talking with them trying to train them to help them be able to defend themselves and me, basically I was doing an experiment to see if I could pass knowledge/skills/training to my dream characters to help them when I need them for/as Dream Security.

I started telling them about basic dream scenarios where Dream Security might be needed, and I started showing them some of those scenarios by having them act them out with me as I showed them basic ways to handle these situations; and so I practiced some hand-to-hand combat, mêlée combat, ranged combat, tactics, and things to be looking out for when trying to predict/identify common threats with them.

The man & woman seemed very inexperienced and they were doing terrible to my surprise, and they were having a hard time with my training; and so I tried to make things simple as I could, and so my experiment did not seem to be working so well.

I tried to be hopeful, hoping that some of my training would be stored with them in my subconscious or whatever, so that in the future some of my dream characters will use that training to better help themselves & me & others & the dream world(s) when they/we needed to be defended from dream threats.

Near the end of the dream I started to see some progress being made by the woman & man, they really were trying to learn, and so I congratulated them & encouraged them; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I had another dream that I can barely remember, I know that a ruthless police force was looking for a man/criminal who did something against one of their police officers and/or had evidence that could get them arrested, and so they were trying to find him to kill him and/or arrest him; and they were going around doing whatever they could to make that happen.

This police force was known to be ruthless by the common people in the city, they seemed to be involved in illegal activities, and they seemed to get away with most or all of their crimes it seemed; and so most of their police force were corrupt / dirty / bad police officers, and the chief of police was one of the worst.

The chief of police was a dangerous-looking man with brownish colored skin with a bald head who looked more like a military officer than a police officer, and his police force seemed more military than police; and he wanted to do whatever it took to find the man/criminal, since I guess he possible had evidence that could bring down his police force & him.

The police force went around the city beating people, torturing people, arresting people & searching their houses illegally, intimidating people, lying to people, threatening & using sexual violence/humiliation & rape, and more to find this man/criminal; and they probably did this stuff on a regular basis, but not on such a large-scale.

They finally found a woman who had last seen the man/criminal, and she probably knew where he was; and so they arrested her, beat her a bit but not too bad to avoid visible injures, tortured her a bit, striped her naked, and used and/or threatened sexual violence against her.

The next step was probably rape but her mother and/or grandmother came trying to get the police to let her go, and maybe one of her male family members came as well; and maybe they tried to convince her to tell the police what she knew so that the police would stop torturing her, but she still seemed to be trying to protect the man/criminal by not telling the police what she knew.

Either one of her family members contacted the man/criminal or he found out what was happening to the woman, and I think he came to the police station to turn himself in so that the police would stop torturing the woman & to avoid her being raped; and this was the plan of the police force at this point, they knew that the woman & the man/criminal cared for each other, and so they were going to harm her until he turned himself in.

I can not remember the rest of the dream, and I am not sure if I was even in the dream or not; but I remember wondering if the police force would kill the man/criminal, the woman, and anyone else who knew too much about the situation to cover this up.

I had some more dreams but I can not remember them at this time.

The end,

-John Jr



My Brother GC & My Brother CC & My Former Classmate AM & I Get Arrested By Two Police Officers?

I somewhat remember the end of one dream from last night that probably took place in a fictional version of D during the day, but I am not sure if I was driving or walking.

My brother GC, my brother CC, and I were traveling down a fictional road or on side of the road that is sometimes in my dreams that leads into the country/outskirts of D; but I can not remember if we were walking or driving, where we were going, or why.