Mass Effect 3 Combined With Several Dreams Again With A Teacher Who Looks Like Sarah Palin

I forgot most of my dreams again last night but I know that the video game Mass Effect 3 was combined with them again, but this time instead of switching back & forth between to different dream worlds; everything probably took place in one dream world, where the Mass Effect 3 parts did not disrupt the dreams much or at all really.

Dream 1

One of the dreams involved me being in school and our class was in a Walmart-like store near where the sewing section and the sporting goods section usually are, but I can not remember the details of this dream; but I know that I had one or more classes over a period of time there with other students who were fictional and some were former classmates of mine, with possible memories from past classes in this same school/class/area.

Dream 2

I do remember part of one other dream in more detail where I went to Domino’s Pizza in D to get some pizza, it looked a bit different inside, and it was slightly larger inside than in real life.

Inside I met a possible fictional former female classmate of mine who said that she was in one or more of my classes from back in the other dream/the past, where we had class/classes in the Walmart-like class/school/store, it took me a while to remember her somewhat; and she started talking about some memories from the other dream/the past, I remembered some of those, and we started talking about those memories as we both waited to order our pizzas and/or to get our pizzas.

A woman walked into Domino’s Pizza and she looked like Sarah Palin but she seemed familiar to me, I felt that she was possibly my teacher from that other dream/the past or at least one of my teachers, but I was not sure so I decided to not say anything to her yet until I figured it out; and I remember thinking about it but I was not sure since she looked so much like Sarah Palin, I started to wonder if she really was Mrs. Palin.

I got confused and I started wondering if I was wrong and/or if my memories were not real and/or if I was dreaming and/or if she had ever been a teacher of mine in real life or not, I could not figure it out, and so I told the woman that she looked like a former teacher of mine; and I asked if she knew/remembered me, she said that I looked familiar, and in a few seconds she remembered my name & said it.

She also tried to guess when I graduated from High School, her guess was one year off/incorrect, but she came very close to the real year; and she mentioned a few other things that she remembered about me, the class or classes that I was in, et cetera.

I told her that I was impressed that she remembered me after all these years and after teaching so many students, she said something in response to this but I forgot what she said mostly, but I think that one thing that she said in response was that she was always pretty good with remembering most of her students; and then my former female classmate started talking with her.

At some point they finished their conversation, as we waited on our pizzas, and I remember briefly talking to a male worker behind the counter about pizza or something like that; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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