Olga Kay Living In A YouTube Housing Area | A Mass Effect 3 Inspired Dream Playing A Football Video Game Outside With My Former Classmate BH

Morgan Spurlock, Matthew Testa, Olga Kay, Charles Trippy, and GloZell Green
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Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I only remember part of two dreams, I forgot some parts of these two dreams as well, but I remember some parts.

The first dream that I can remember part of involved me watching a YouTube video by Olga Kay, where she was at Playlist Live or an event for popular people/people who have popular channels on YouTube, and then she mentioned/shown a glimpse of where she was staying; and she was staying in an underground-like housing area that was recently re-modeled for certain YouTube Partners/popular people on YouTube, and it was under the building where the even took place and where the main YouTube studio is where certain YouTube Partners can shoot/film their videos.

At some point after watching the video, I was somehow in the underground area like the event was still taking place and/or there was a special tour of the underground housing area, and there was a train track-like area that ran in this area but I am not sure if there was transportation there or not but I do know that some people walked in this area; and mostly walked on the higher walkway-like area near the housing area to be safe, and along this walkway there probably were some public areas like bathrooms, water fountains, a few sitting areas, a few hang-out areas, et cetera.

This underground area seemed a bit older and there were probably no windows of course, but some places were painted a bit with custom art to make them look a bit less like bunkers; and each apartment had a small tunnel-like entrance, and many people did not have their doors closed so you could walk through their apartments like they were open for a tour/viewing.

It seemed that Google was now providing this one building to certain YouTube Partners for filming, housing, events, et cetera; and they were probably also providing free food, internet, TV, utilities, et cetera since these YouTube Partners were in a way now Google employees & maybe this was an experiment.

I walked around exploring and was curious as to whether I could/would find Olga Kay’s apartment or if I would even recognize it if I saw it or not, based off the glimpse of it in the video from earlier in the dream, and so I looked around for clues as I explored; and at some point I found an open apartment that seemed to be the one in Olga Kay’s video.

There was some custom paint/artwork on some of the walls in bright colors (teal blue/green, yellow, pink, et cetera), maybe there were some flowers painted in certain areas & some other designs, and besides the tunnel entrance there was another entrance/exit that led to the walkway; and this area was more like a small porch/deck/hangout area where you would be by the walkway to watch people walk by and/or that would allow you easy access to the walkway, but I think that this area was open in a way that would allow people easy access to your apartment unless you closed/locked this area so it was a security/privacy problem in my opinion.

I am not sure if Olga Kay or anyone else was in the apartment or not, I can not remember, but I think that no one was there when I walked through the apartment; but then maybe Olga Kay and some of her friends arrived once I walked back to the walkway, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream took place during a nice day in a fictional area in a field where I was sitting in a small metal baseball/sports bleachers/stadium seating area with other people, and my former classmate BH challenged me to play an American football video game with/against him that was like the Madden NFL video games or was one of those games; and I told him that I had only played a few football video games ever and that I did not know how to play this game, he insisted that I play, and so I agreed to play.

I picked the Dallas Cowboys I think but I am not sure what team he picked, I started playing poorly as expected but BH was not doing good either, and so no one scored at first; but eventually I scored a touchdown, but I can not remember if I scored a field goal or not since I did not know how to kick the ball in the game since the controls were different than I expected & I had no idea how to kick the ball.

BH started to get frustrated that I was winning, I started to get a bit more comfortable with the game, and it seemed that I would win the game; and eventually I won the game, BH was not happy at all, but I tried to cheer him up since it was only a game & we were supposed to be having fun.

After this I had to deal with Mass Effect 3-like situations, some of which probably were directly from the game and others were fictional & sometimes more realistic situations, where I would be presented with some requests and/or decisions (some over a video/audio system, some in text, and some in person), and I would have to decide what to do; and then I would get/see the results of my decisions, and see my war assets grow & galactic battle readiness grow.

I forgot most of the situations unfortunately, I think that one of the situations (one that took place in person near the field), might have involved a white supremacist/Neo-Nazi/fascist/racist/skin head/et cetera group and another person or group; and I had to make a decision and/or deal with one or more requests, and so I listened to both sides and I took a moment to think and then I made my decision.

I can not remember the outcome of this situation or any of the others unfortunately, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr