Watching Over An Asian-Style Restaurant

I over-slept, I slept well, my body was probably trying to heal, and it was cold last night; and so I forgot most of my dreams from last night.

Dream 1

I know that one or more of the dreams were once again inspired by Mass Effect 3, and one or more dreams took place in D near the Dollar General Store / the small shopping center on Eastside that is sometimes in my dreams; but I can not remember the details of those dreams.

Dream 2

I do barely remember part of one dream that took place at a fictional Asian-style restaurant that was probably inspired by Orient’s Wok and it was owned by a family from a country / island somewhere in Asia that included a woman, her mother, her grandmother; and later in the dream there was a part-time worker who was a woman who was not a family member probably, and there was a maintenance / repair / semi-janitor worker who was a man who probably only worked once a week or when called & he was not a family member either.

I went to this restaurant several times in the dream, I would sit and eat my food at a table in a quiet area near the hallway that led to the bathrooms, and I was pretty comfortable with the owners & the restaurant & I enjoyed the food.

One day during the quiet period close to closing time, which was probably between 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, the mother who was one of the owners asked me to watch over the restaurant for a little while because her & her daughter had to go somewhere; and so only the grandmother was going to be there at the restaurant during this time, and I agreed to watch over the restaurant (which I thought meant to help with security and help the grandmother if she asked me to help her with something).

The mother & daughter left, I stayed at the restaurant with the grandmother who was mostly in the kitchen area where I could not see her, but she would sometimes walk to the drive-through window & the counter to see if any customers had arrived; and we would talk a bit sometimes, and I spent most of my time in the sitting areas, sitting & walking around, and going to the bathroom sometimes.

I am not sure if any customers came or not, probably not since business was usually slow close to closing time, and that was usually the time when I went to this restaurant to avoid crowds; and I stayed until it was almost time to close, I asked the grandmother if she needed any help before I left, and she said no & so I left a few minutes before closing time.

The next day the mother asked me to watch over the restaurant again, I agreed, and this happened two or three days in a row in the dream; and on the third of fourth day the mother & daughter finally did not have to leave, and the part-time female worker & the maintenance/repair/semi-janitor were there who was a short man with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a blue colored one-piece auto mechanic-like outfit.

The maintenance worker told us that the food inspector either had come or was going to come, and he named the various things that had not been done yet; and so they needed to fix those things today, those things had not been done because the mother & daughter were gone those days, and I guess that the grandmother & I were supposed to do those things but no one told me earlier.

The mother was not happy and talked to us all about it, I explained that I had no idea that I was supposed to be helping run the restaurant those few afternoons and no one had told me or shown me what to do & the grandmother had not mentioned needing help with anything, and I told her that I would have helped & would help if they teach/show me; they finished the meeting, and everyone went to start getting the restaurant back up to the health code standards/whatever.

I remember sitting in the seating area and at some point the grandmother probably took a break, and she came to talk with me; and we talked and joked about the situation, and had a good conversation(s).

We talked & joked about various things that I can not remember but I do remember talking about culture & then language at the end, I had a very good time talking with her to my surprise, but then I guess she went to start back working; and then the daughter stopped to take a break, and she continued talking with me finishing the topic of language and we joked around talking to each other using various words & phrases from various languages.

I used French mostly probably and we were having a very good conversation(s) as well, I was already feeling great after talking with the grandmother, and so my mood was boosted/improved even more now; but I woke up as we talked/joked around.

The end,

-John Jr

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