A Mass Effect 3 Dream With Indoctrination & / Or Possession & Cerberus

I only remember part of one / a strange / unique / detailed / somewhat confusing dream, but I forgot some of it and some parts are unclear.

It was inspired by Mass Effect 3 again, and I was either Commander Shepard or I was myself playing the role of Commander Shepard or at least someone in a position similar to Commander Shepard; but this world was a bit less futuristic than in the game.

I remember being with a group of mostly orphans young people or just young people, I guess that I was protecting them and helping train them to prepare for the major threat(s) to the universe among other things; but I can not remember the details of this / that, unfortunately.

I just remember at some point a tall & large young woman with short blond hair with whitish colored skin who wore glasses & looked like one of my former schoolmates who was older than me & who used to ride the same school bus as me & she used to keep to herself not talking with people even when you tried to talk to her usually & she usually read books a lot.

Dune by Frank Herbert was one book that I saw her reading one day, that was my first time seeing that book, and I went on to read in years later in college.

She started to get bullied by the other orphans I think, and when I & several other adults tried to deal with the situation, something strange started happening to her.

At first, it was like she was getting sick, so we took her to a small building that was like an infirmary / medical building.

Then she started to act like she was possessed by a being and/or indoctrinated like in the Mass Effect games.

She and/or someone else started attacking people, and a big situation happened where maybe various people died.

I remember the other adults and I responding to screams one day in a courtyard area.

The orphans were being attacked, and so we responded to the situation, trying to get them to safety.

The situation was very stranger, it seemed that the young woman had started to attack people crazily.

Possibly one of the adults had to shoot & kill her to stop her, but maybe whatever she had spread to one or more people.

I remember helping move orphans to a safer area inside a building, and then I tried to investigate what happened and what was happening.

I remember being suspicious of one orphan who was a boy with red colored short hair with whitish colored skin who looked at me strangely & acted strange as I was moving him & the other orphans to safety.

Not only that, but I remember feeling like whatever possessed and/or indoctrinated the young woman had possessed him when she died.

Perhaps the young woman died in the infirmary and whatever had possessed her possessed someone else, and then maybe that person was responsible for the attack.

Whatever happened it was strange & confusing, I tried to keep an open mind about possession & indoctrination even though these two things did not make much sense to me yet, but they seemed likely in this situation.

I talked with the other adults as I did my investigation.

I told them about the boy who I feared was now possessed and/or indoctrinated, and we tried to find him, we could not, but we kept trying since this was a serious situation.

At some point I started to feel strange/sick like the young woman had.

I started to wonder if something was trying to possess and/or indoctrinate me, since I had possibly come in contact with a possessed and/or indoctrinated person.

So I went to the infirmary to talk with them.

I remember some adults there having Mass Effect-type assault rifles & armor for protection.

The infirmary was like a dimly lit garage/shack that was 1 1/2 stories tall, and on the 1/2 story area I saw the bed where the young woman had been chained & her dead body was still chained there.

I felt sad, and I climbed up there to the bed to look at the body.

Then I started to lose consciousness & then I did lose consciousness.

Days or a week or weeks or a month or months passed by as I sometimes barely went in & out of consciousness as some adults in the infirmary helped me.

It seemed like my body/mind was in a fight again, something trying to possess and/or indoctrinate me.

One day I woke up completely, I guess I won the battle against the possession and/or indoctrination, and the young woman’s body was now a skeleton next to me that still had the chain around the/her leg.

Someone was attacking us, and so I grabbed a weapon, and I went to help protect the orphans and other adults.

I learned that there were now gangs & rival groups in the area fighting for control against each other, instead of working together for the coming major threat(s) to the universe.

I managed to end the attack by calling for a meeting between any of the gangs & groups who were willing to meet together to form an alliance to end the fighting.

Some of them agreed, and some did not.

These gangs & groups included some lower class type gangs with one being led by Boyd Crowder from the TV show Justified and another gang being led by Ellstin Limehouse who is also from Justified & maybe one or two more.

There were some celebrity-like gangs who had more money than the lower class type gangs with one being led by Alexander Skarsgård and other gang being led by an unknown actor who looked a bit like Mr. Skarsgård & he wore a gray colored v-neck dress shirt with maybe gray or dark dress pants with dress shoes with a dark-colored belt & he looked & acted real cool.

Maybe there was a Russian gang & a few other gangs like that.

The meeting was a secret to help avoid it being attacked by the other gangs who refused the meeting.

It was to be held at a school building/hall that looked like C Elementary, and so the leaders met there with some security to secure the outside & inside the building.

I remember seeing them arriving even though I was not there yet.

I saw their security getting in position, but there was not much security to avoid the other gangs getting suspicious; and this worried me because this would leave them/us vulnerable.

Some female gang members were guarding the entrance to the school hall/building from the inside, but suddenly one of them started running toward the door like she heard something, the other guards asked her what she was doing; but she did not respond.

The others ran up to see what it was that got her attention, but she shot & killed them from behind.

She opened the door to let in a kill squad of Cerberus troops, so she was a Cerberus mole/double agent.

My group and I arrived just in time to warn the leaders of the gangs that were about to have the meeting, and most of them escaped as we probably forced the Cerberus troops to retreat, or we all ran.

Outside, I remember the various leader arguing as they walked, wondering who tried to attack the meeting, and so they all suspected each other.

I tried to tell them that it was Cerberus who was behind the attack.

I tried to tell them that for some unknown reason(s) they seem to be trying to keep all the gangs fighting each other to avoid them uniting against the major threat(s) to the universe.

Not only that, but I tried to tell them that it was probably Cerberus who help start them fighting each other to begin with.

I told them to be on the lookout for Cerberus double agents, since they like to use them a lot.

I remember trying to calm the leaders down and get them to unite as we walked & talked/debated.

We were walking down a nice walkway near futuristic water fountains & plants & other things outside during a nice day.

I remember talking with the two main celebrity gang leaders, but I woke up as I talked with them.

The end,

  • John Jr

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