Hanging Out With Russian President Vladimir Putin & Learning About A Prophecy About A Powerful Female Entity

I remember part of one dream from last night, which started inside of a college-like building, and I was in an area near a downward stairway that was very steep(?) & that went down pretty far; and there were groups of people hanging out in this area, my former classmate MT was one of them, but then one or more people started a confrontation that led to some brief violence.

The person or people who started the confrontation were annoying and the person/they were bothering/threatening people, I guess the person/they started bothering MT, and a fight started with MT winning at first; but others jumped into the fight and pushed MT down the stairs, and MT accidentally fell into a man & the man fell down the stairs as well.

I ran to help and maybe some bodyguards of the man who also fell down the stairs tackled/arrested the people who started the fight, to my surprise the man who also fell down the stairs was the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and President Putin & MT both hurt their legs; but Mr. Putin told his security to leave since he was embarrassed & he did not want them to know that he was hurt to avoid being seen as weak by being injured so easily/stupidly & I had offered to help him, his bodyguards probably took the people who started the fight to the police, and MT said that his right leg was broken.

MT even knew what type of break it was, like he had a broken leg before in the past and/or he learned it back in school/college or something, and both of President Putin’s legs were hurt so he could not walk either; and MT asked for me to find them some wheelchairs, but I could only find one wheelchair & so MT got that wheelchair since he asked first & so I had to carry President Putin. 😀

In the dream President Putin mostly communicated by shaking his head, making facial expressions, and shrugging his shoulders since he did not know much English; but he did use a bit of English sometimes, but not much.

I carried President Putin to the infirmary and MT wheeled himself there in the wheelchair, a female nurse met us at the door, and she asked President Putin some questions about insurance/payment/et cetera; but President Putin did not know some of the answers or how to respond or chose not to say anything to protect his identity, so I had to answer the questions for him by translating his facial expressions/head shakes/shoulder shrugs.

I told the nurse that payment would not be a problem, I did not say this but in my mind I knew that his country would pay the medical bill, and so they accepted President Putin into the infirmary to check his legs; I never told them who he was, I assumed that he wanted to keep that & this situation secret, and then the dream jumped in time.

There probably was a short montage showing that later President Putin was able to walk again and he found me to thank me for helping him & for keeping that situation secret, he invited me somewhere as reward & surprisingly we had a good time, and so we slowly started to become friends it seemed.

So we would hang out sometimes when he was in whatever country I lived in during the dream, he probably invited me on some of his trips to other countries, since we both liked martial arts he started training me in Judo & he probably signed me up for Judo lessons, we would workout/exercise/train sometimes, and sometimes he invited me to go to sporting events & various other normally macho/manly type activities.

After the montage one day President Putin was visiting whatever country I lived in again on a nice day and his bodyguards & him picked me up in his limousine, and we drove to a field near what probably was the church in D near the H Funeral Home; and President Putin told his bodyguards to leave or move somewhere out-of-sight, and then we hung/hanged out in the field by the limousine.

I remember challenging President Putin to a Judo match, I had never defeated him even though I had trained every day since he started teaching me & signed me up for Judo lessons, but he defeated me again right there in the field; and then we talked a bit (mostly I talked and he answered with head shakes/facial expressions/shoulder shrugs), and I asked him how did he always defeat me even though I had trained everyday & he is getting older.

President Putin smiled & laughed and he said: “Older…more..time…train” or something like that in somewhat broken English probably.

I smiled & laughed and I said that I guess that he was correct, he did have many more years of Judo training & experience than me, and I complimented him on his skill & on how he stayed in pretty good shape/physical condition & I asked him if I would ever be able to defeat him; and he smiled and he shrugged his shoulders, and we both laughed.

We were standing while leaning against the limousine looking at the sky (he was on the front of the limousine and I was on the right side) and I noticed what looked like a small planet Earth in the sky but it had some areas with gold-colored outlines around some landmass-like area and/or some of the landmass-looking areas were gold-colored; and so I asked President Putin what was that in the sky, since it did not look like a moon, and then the most interesting part of the dream happened.

I forgot what President Putin said in response to my question (he might have not answered it) but I know that he started to use more English than he had used the entire dream surprisingly, and he told me about what I am guessing is an ancient prophecy but I am not sure if it was from a religion/a secret society/or culture or whatever.

It was just the two of us since his bodyguards were out of sight and hearing range, and so he told me a short version of a prophecy that was related to a sign/event in the sky that was predicted to happen one day & that was possibly connected to what we saw in the sky which might have been natural weather/atmosphere phenomenon distorting the moon or another object that made it look like a planet to our eyes but I am not sure what it was or what was going on.

The prophecy said that a certain sign/event would happen in the sky where something would be happening, but most people would not think much of it since they would think that something else was going on.

I am not sure what this sign/event in the sky was/would be but President Putin gave a short description of it, and it was predicted that people/the scientific community/governments/et cetera would mistakenly identify this sign/event not realizing what really was going on or what was going to happen and some of them would pretend to not know even though some of them knew the prophecy.

Whatever the event/sign in the sky was it was not going to be good probably but maybe some people in positions of power hoped to be able to deal with the situation, but the prophecy said that even they would not be spared/be able to decide what would happen/keep their power/bargain with what was to come.

The prophecy said that a powerful being (entity) would come to Earth to probably/possibly rule(?) or deal with some situations or save Earth or something unknown, but even the prophecy did not know the exact reasons or what would happen exactly or what that meant exactly.

I assumed/guessed that maybe the powerful being would probably come to rule the planet to bring balance/stop Humanity from destroying the planet/et cetera and maybe destroy Humanity or some of it if necessary, and I imagined a powerful being with a mission/goal/purpose/et cetera who would not compromise with those in positions of power and who would do what was necessary to achieve its goal/mission/purpose/et cetera.

That is all that President Putin told me of the prophecy and so I asked him would this powerful being be female (I felt that it would be female), and he said yes it would be female and I told him that I was surprised that prophecy did not have the usual male-centric bias.

So I assumed that the prophecy was much older than the common male-based ones of our current time period because I knew that there were much older ones from some ancient religions/cultures/et cetera that had Goddesses & other types of deities & beings instead of just male deities (gods) & beings.

I told President Putin that some of my dreams have had powerful female beings in them, that some of these dreams helped me guess that powerful being would be female & I could imagine something like that possibly happening based on some of my past dreams, and I asked him if he thought that the prophecy would really happen/come true or not.

But I do not think that he answered my question, but he probably did make a comment about me mentioning some of my dreams that had power female beings.

President Putin then called his bodyguards to return and they drove us to a small parking lot not far away, and we went inside a tiny office that was a bank whose only source of light was a glass door & a few windows behind the workers desk that was protected by glass so it was pretty dim/dark.

The bank had brown colored carpet, there were two windows with two workers & a few other workers behind them working on other things, and so there were two lines to stand in but the building was so small that only three people could fit in each line.

We stood in the line on the left side near a wall which had a piece of paper with “No Engrlish (English)” written on it very unprofessionally, and I was not sure if that was a typo or if that is how the word English is written in a certain unknown language or if this was a joke.

It felt like we were in a different country now in this tiny bank but I found it odd that English would not be allowed, and I wondered if a random person had put that piece of paper there as a joke because the workers could not see it from behind the protective glass since the paper was in an area on the wall hidden from their view.

At some point it was President Putin’s turn, I noticed that the workers spoke English so I assumed that piece of paper on the wall was a joke that some stranger put there, and the female worker asked Mr. Putin if he had his bank card or account number but he shook his head no.

The woman told him that they needed to know what account he had, I started to talk for him & translate his head shakes/facial expressions/shoulder shrugs, and I asked the female worker if she could use his identification card to look up his account & she said yes.

She did that and she found his account and she did not seem to know or recognize who he was (the President of Russia), and his bodyguards blended in better than United States Secret Service agents because they wore more relaxed suits without shades.

I let President Putin take it from there so that he could have some privacy and I wondered why would the President of Russia have a possibly secret bank account at a small bank in another country, I wondered if that was legal for him to have, and I wondered how many bank accounts did he have around the world but it was none of my business so I stopped thinking about it.

After he finished we started walking back to the limousine but another limousine was parked next to his and this limousine had a lot of dangerous Russian mafia-looking bodyguards protecting it (more than President Putin had since he was trying to stay low-key/keep a low profile), President Putin had one bodyguard protecting his limousine wearing full heavy body armor holding an assault rifle or a light machine gun, and so I sensed tension between both groups of bodyguards.

In the other limousine was a former Russian President or Russian Prime Minister or Russian politician of some kind or someone of power who was a dangerous-looking strongly built old man who had a whitish & grayish colored bear & hair (he reminded me of a bear) with whitish colored skin who had a nickname like: *Something (maybe Ivan)* The Terrible (so it was maybe Ivan The Terrible), and his wife & daughter (she wore a white colored fur coat, she had whitish colored skin, and she had blond colored shoulder length hair) were with him; and even they looked a bit rough.

Somehow he knew where President Putin would be even though President Putin had told no one where he was going (not even me), so I sensed that this was a message from the old Russian establishment that meant that we are watching you & that we know where to find you, and it seemed that the old Russian establishment did not like how President Putin seemed to be starting to change personally & politically in ways that they did not like. (I guess he was starting to become more positive & trying to help the regular citizens of Russia & trying to change Russia in a way that threatened the usual ruling class & that was more friendly toward other countries)

President Putin and maybe even *Something (maybe Ivan)* The Terrible were supposed to be attending a parade or event later in the day, but a secret meeting was being called before the parade or event (probably the old Russian establishment was going to warn/threaten President Putin and/or kill him, but I felt that they were going to warn him & if that did not work they would probably try to kill him later if they could not deal with him in other ways).

So all of them left, this was Russian business & the situation seemed dangerous, and so I was not allowed to go with them & so I was left behind with no transportation & I was not sure where I was exactly or where to go.

I then walked down a highway thinking about everything, I crossed a bridge that looked like the one by the Motel 6 in LC, and this was dangerous & I had to be careful to avoid getting ran over by an automobile; but I made it safely across, and I walked to a shopping center.

I walked inside a store and then I saw a male athlete who stood out for some reason, he looked like Holden McCrea (played by the actor Jesse Williams) from the film The Cabin In The Woods (which I was watching last night, but I did not finish watching yet), but I am not sure if I talked to him or not.

Something happened inside the store but I can not remember what happened, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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