Watching A Training Day-Like Film At Work

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, that took place inside of a fictional building, and I had a job at this building that reminded me of my old LB job; but my job seemed to only involve computers, and so did the jobs of most of the other people who I worked with in this dream.

I am not sure what was the name of the company that I worked for or what my job was exactly, there were no customers coming inside our building & so we were not a store, and I worked in a computer lab-like room in the building.

Our manager was a woman, who had a separate office somewhere in the building it seemed, and so we did not see her that much in the dream; and everyone seemed very relaxed, too relaxed, and so almost everyone/if not everyone was watching a fictional film & playing around on their computers instead of working mostly.

I thought that we should all be working and so I probably worked a bit on my work computer while sometimes pausing to do other stuff on my work computer & glancing at the film that everyone was watching, and this fictional film reminded me of the film Training Day; and the actor Denzel Washington was in the film playing a dirty/bad police officer like his character Alonzo Harris in the film Training Day, but the film in my dream was probably rated NC-17 or X.

The film had a lot of sex, nudity, violence, drugs, cursing, et cetera compared to your average rated R film to my surprise; and at some point our manager walked in and she got angry with everyone for barely working & for watching the film, she was a relaxed person too, but most of the workers took things too far & maybe a high level person with the company noticed a lack of work being done today & so our manager was worried about that.

Our manager called everyone to the center of the building to talk with us, she said that she did not have a problem with us playing around on the computers & watching a film sometimes, but that we should be working more than playing; and she said that we took things too far by almost getting no work done today, that we risked getting in trouble if the high level people found out, and that she might consider ending us having some fun each day if we did not balance our time better.

She let us know that she was disappointed in us and that she did not want to see this happen again, and then she sent us to start working before work was over since the day was almost finished; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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