Stuck In A Repeating Dream Loop With A Reaper Invasion Of Earth?

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Trailer (FemShep Version)

I forgot most of my dreams from last night after over-sleeping due to be stuck in a dream loop where I go in & out of waking & sleeping, dreaming & daydreaming & semi-dreaming, et cetera; and this struggle usual results in dreams being forgotten/lost because of this, how complex things can get during this, sometimes it feels like an external and/or internal force is trying to erase the memory of some or all the dreams (which happened a bit last night), and sometimes I have repeating dreams during this dream loop, which I had last night, but I had several dreams and/or repeating dreams last night during this dream loop or whatever you want to call it (it is a bit like being caught in quicksand, you wake up but then quickly go back to sleep like something keeps putting you back to sleep & you usually can not get out of bed since you keep getting put back to sleep, and this struggle goes on for a while usually).

Dream 1

One dream involved me and some of my brothers helping some adults and/or babies in a one-story housing building during the day, we had a small van or bus outside the building that only had two seats in the front & the rest of the van or bus had a carpeted floor without seats, and we were helping/working with a group of women who worked for a certain employer but my brothers & I were just volunteering it seemed.

I am not sure who the women worked for or what their job titles were, I am not sure where we were or why we were there exactly, but I know that we were helping people; and I think that we were loading adults and/or babies into the bus or van, to move them somewhere safer because they were probably being mistreated, and my guess is that this building was a women’s shelter and/or a children’s shelter and/or was a place where some women who worked as prostitutes lived with their children.

Some female workers were angry at their employer about something that he had done to them and/or to the people who we were helping, so they called the police (the employer was not there, they were just calling the police so that they could come see the evidence, and file a report so that they could arrest the employer I guess), but my brothers & I probably did not know since we were busy helping people; and then my memory went completely blank in the dream like someone knocked me unconscious or something, and I woke up in back of the van or bus.

A few of the female workers were near me & they somewhat explained to me or hinted to me what had happened, my memory was completely blank like I had amnesia, but I think that the police came & they saw me thinking that I was the employer; and they probably knocked me unconscious without warning (the employer must have done something bad enough that these police felt that he deserved this even though what they did was illegal), they arrested me, and they took me to jail unconscious, but the female workers probably came to the police station to tell them that they had the wrong person & so they probably brought my unconscious body back from the police station to the back of the van or bus.

I felt strange like I had been knocked unconscious, so I had not fully recovered yet, I remember hoping that this mistake was fixed by the police so that I would not have it on my record and/or so that I would not have to go back to the police station to fix this mistake and/or so that I would not have to go to court one day because of this mistake, either way I assumed that the police probably did not even apologize to the women for the mistake that they made & I doubted that they would apologize to me for knocking me unconscious & arresting me & putting my unconscious body in jail.

As I sat there trying to remember everything (I could remember nothing) and recover, my former classmate DH climbed into the back of the van or bus to visit me, someone told him that I had been arrested by the police; and so I explained to him what the women told me had happened, since I was unconscious the entire time, and he responded how I would expect him to respond (he partly wanted to laugh & probably smiled, he partly was concerned, and he partly did not care but pretended to care a bit).

Things get very unclear and confusing because I started to have a dream loop of repeating dreams (this dream & another mostly, probably), so I was in & out of waking & sleeping & dreaming, and this dream repeating at different parts with sometimes similar outcomes & sometimes different outcomes.

Dream 2

The other main repeating dream involved several people and/or I (the people changed with each dream repeat usually) in a snowy area near mountains on a journey to somewhere that I can not remember, there was an area where we slid down a steep area to get somewhere faster, and I remember this part being fun; and we found a cave on a snowy mountain at the end of this area, and we went inside.

During one of the repeats of this dream, Jacob Black from The Twilight Saga (film series) was with our group standing in the snow with no shirt (we even told him to put on a shirt, but he refused 😀 ), and he slid down the steep area & he entered the cave with us.

Whatever we found or did in the cave and/or wherever the cave led to, is lost/forgotten now due to something that seemed to keep trying to make me forget by erasing my memories of this part & a few other parts (I even remember thinking & saying this as I tried to fight it as I went in & out of waking/sleeping/dreaming), and so I can not remember; but each time we came back outside, whether through the way we entered and/or another exit to the cave, we probably came across Earth being attacked/destroyed by maybe Reapers from Mass Effect 3, but I am not sure since I just remember seeing a lot of reddish/orangish colors like lava/flames/destruction.

The destruction looked terrible, and we were not sure what was going on or what to do, this would happen while we were in the cave each time during each dream repeat, and so we had no idea what happened and how did things get destroyed so badly & so quickly; and it did not make sense to us, and so Reapers attacking Earth was the best idea that I could come up with.

There was a lot more that happened, but there was too much going on, it was too confusing, and something was making me forget; and so that is all that I can remember.

The end,

  • John Jr

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