Batman: Under The Red Hood Inspired Dreams

Dream 1

When I woke up this morning and even now (after getting awakened by someone being annoying as usual with loud noises & turning on lights), I had/have a kink in my neck so it is harder to move my neck to one side & it hurts (it feel like someone put me in neck submission or did a neck-breaker move to me or something 😀 ) when I move it to the left side (probably from how I was sleeping last night or something), but I managed to remember several dreams from last night; with several dreams being inspired by the animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood, which I watched last night, and my first dream or dreams were inspired by this film but I forgot that/those dream or dreams.

Dream 2

I had one dream that took place during a nice day in a fictional area similar to the area next to the G House that my grandfather owns, there was a long RV house there that I walked to, and a mother (who looked like Benny Lopez (Benita Diaz Lopez) from the TV show George Lopez) & a daughter (who looked like Angie Lopez (Angela Palmero Lopez) from the TV show George Lopez combined with my cousin PE) were inside the RV; and they invited me inside, and maybe someone else was with me but I am not sure.