Julius Caesar Being Overthrown By His Shadow Clone?

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I barely remember part of one or two confusing dreams, with the dream or one of the dreams being inspired by the TV show Rome, but I am not sure if this is one dream or two since together they do not make sense; and so I will just assume that they are two separate dreams even though I am not sure.

Dream 1

One dream took place during the day in a fictional city that reminded me of L & NL & maybe MB, I remember going to a field that had a small house, and this field was next to a highway/road that had a Walmart across the road/highway with a lot of traffic going up & down the road/highway; and a lot more happened before this part in the dream, but I can not remember those parts.

One or more fictional indirect family members & real indirect family members (my cousin TE & maybe her son & maybe my cousin K(C)E & her kids) brought me to this field to go to an abandoned house that used to be owned by our fictional great-aunt (who had medium-dark brownish colored skin with long grey & whitish colored hair) of ours who had died at some point in the past, and we went inside of the house which still was furnished with the things that used to belong to our now dead fictional great-aunt.

They told me about memories of the house and our fictional great-aunt, I saw flash backs of some of these memories, and one or more of my indirect family members wanted to live in the house since this family member(s) needed somewhere to live since they had so many kids; and a married couple with a baby daughter & son (all of them had medium-dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair) came to see the house, and this couple were friends of one or more of my fictional indirect family members.

This couple seemed a bit stressed & tired due to taking care of kids, work, relationship problems, et cetera; and they probably argued a bit with each other a few times as we talked, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The next dream is very unclear and confusing, it involved characters from the TV show Rome during the time when Gaius Julius Caesar (played by the actor Ciarán Hinds) ruled Rome but I am not sure if I was in the dream or if I was just seeing this without really being there, and some powerful people in the Roman government wanted to overthrow Julius Caesar (the usual characters like Gnaeus Pompey Magnus but there were a few new characters as well).

Someone came up with a new/confusing/crazy plan that might have involved magic, somehow I think that they had someone make a shadow clone (I am not sure what else to call it since I am not sure what it was) of Julius Caesar that looked/sounded like him but the shadow clone did not seem to be able to fight oddly like he had none of Julius Caesar’s military experiences, and then they were going to use this shadow clone to overthrow Julius Caesar by replacing the real Julius Caesar with the shadow clone since no one else but them would know who the real Julius Caesar was.

One night Julius Caesar was to have a meeting with some of the Roman government in his tent (not knowing that most or all of them were about to overthrow him), I guess they were on a war campaign or something, and so Pompey & the other people who wanted to overthrow Julius Caesar decided to overthrow him that night with the shadow clone since most of them would be in the tent.

The meeting started but the shadow clone of Julius Caesar was brought into the room, Julius Caesar was shocked, and then Pompey & the others called the guards; and they told them to arrest the real Julius Caesar but they told the guards that he was the imposter, the guards believed them, and so they arrested the real Julius Caesar without knowing.

Pompey & the others wanted the real Julius Caesar killed but the shadow clone told the guards to let Julius Caesar go, to everyone’s surprise, and so Julius Caesar left; and Pompey & the others did not like this but they did not feel that Julius Caesar was a threat anymore really, and then the shadow clone surprised them even more.

The shadow clone immediately called off all the current imperial wars that Rome was/were in, he seemed to be more peaceful than the real Julius Caesar but I could sense that part of him wanted war it was like he was a failed shadow clone with some flaws that made him a bit different from the real Julius Caesar so there was a conflict inside of him, and this only bothered Pompey & the others a bit since they felt the wars were currently too costly; and so they wanted a break from war at this time anyway, but they did not realize that maybe the shadow clone really wanted to end the Roman empire & have it become just a country again.

The thing that shocked everyone the most was that the shadow clone immediately wanted to start a new type of Human, a Human that would have both male & female sexual organs & who would be able to impregnate & be impregnated but some of them would still look male & some would still look female, and he had the power to make this happen by impregnating women who would then give birth to this new type of Human.

He expected that eventually this new type of Human would replace all normal males and/or females, I sensed that part of him wanted to kill all the old type of Humans but he said that he would not do that & that he would let them naturally fade away/go extinct or if some of them survived they would be left alone, but I was not sure if he was only saying this now since he knew that the old Humans would not accept this & so he needed to wait until there were enough new Humans to destroy the old Humans.

Pompey and the others were shocked by this but since the shadow clone let them keep their positions & powers, they did not make a big deal of it & they just saw the shadow clone as being weird/eccentric, and they did not think that this was really possible or would become a problem years later.

An unknown amount of time passed showing the shadow clone actually ruling Rome pretty well as a country instead of as an empire, Pompey & the others were doing well, and the shadow clone was impregnating as many women as he could to make new Humans; and the babies that the women had really were different from normal Humans surprisingly like he said.

The shadow clone was traveling around Rome impregnating women as part of his plan of making new Humans, one night he was in his tent during his travels around Rome impregnating women, and Pompey & some of the others were with him having a meeting; and the real Julius Caesar arrived wearing armor & he had a sword/gladius, and the guards brought him to the tent for judgment.

Pompey & the others wanted him killed but the shadow clone did not want him killed, and so he let Julius Caesar speak; and to his surprise Julius Caesar challenged the shadow clone to a death match, and the winner would get to lead Rome.

The shadow clone seemed to be the peaceful type that did not know how to fight oddly (he had some violence urges but his peaceful side usually won), but he felt that he had to accept the challenge or he would seem weak & someone might overthrow him; and he surprised everyone by accepting the challenge even though everyone knew that he could not fight, he did not even have armor or a weapon, and so a guard gave him a sword & shield.

Pompey & the others warned him to not do this or he would lose, they already knew that he could not fight & he did not need to prove himself to them or worry about being overthrown since most people liked him as a leader, but the shadow clone did not seem to realize that or still felt obligated to accept the challenge oddly; and so the shadow clone was afraid, sad, and knew he was about to die but he decided to fight anyway.

Pompey & the others started to prepare to run since they knew that the shadow clone would lose, the death match took place in the center of the tent in front of everyone there, and it was a real short death match as expected.

The shadow clone charged at Julius Caesar with his sword, Julius Caesar blocked his attack & hit the shadow clone with his shield which caused the shadow clone to stumble with his body exposed since his shield was down, and Julius Caesar stabbed the shadow clone with his sword one or more times; and the shadow clone died.

Julius Caesar stood there looking a bit sad/disappointed, it was not a fair fight & he respected the shadow clone for letting him live earlier in the dream & for accepting the challenge even though he knew that he would lose, and so Julius Caesar won back his position as leader of Rome; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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