Bringing My Military Girlfriend To My Parent’s House

Dream 1

I barely remember a few of my dreams from last night, but I know that I had several dreams that I forgot; and the first dream that I somewhat remember took place during the day in my parent’s yard, I was walking outside the backdoor as usual, and one of our neighbors (a woman who I think is married to a man I nicknamed Gas Money (because he drives a full-sized truck back & forth from his house a lot throughout each day) & I think that she/they has/have a high school aged son) from across the street was walking in the field outside of our gate.

She was wearing white colored shorts as usual & a teal green or blue t-shirt as usual, and she seemed to be walking for exercise like me so I guess I finally inspired her to start exercising as well; and she looked like she had lost some weight, and I thought that it was good that she was finally exercising.

I started to noticed that she kept walking where I could see her and where she could see me, she would stop to try to do push-ups sometimes (but she did not seem to be able to do one or she was not trying), but it seemed that she was just trying to get my attention by showing off her legs & butt; and I kept walking trying to look in other directions, she was making me uncomfortable, and so I kept trying to ignore her but I did wave to her at first hoping that she would move on.

She did not give up, I started to wonder what was she doing & why she was doing this & if her husband knew about this, and I continued ignoring what she was doing; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream where I was in the military and I was in a war in another country, my team and I were in a camp without many supplies hoping for this war to end, and during this period I started a romantic relationship with a female soldier on my team not knowing if we would survive the war or not; and our relationship helped make the war more survivable for both of us.

I remember her wanting to have sex / intercourse but we did not have male or female condoms/et cetera, so I kept telling her that was not a good idea but she kept trying to get me to have sex with her, and I would do other things with her instead (kissing, hugging, sleeping in the same bed, massages, et cetera).

At some point I guess that the war ended or our tour was over and we returned home, and I brought her/my girlfriend to meet my family for the first time at my parent’s house; and my parent’s house was bigger with parts of the house looking like parts of my grandfather’s house combined with their real house combined with a few fictional areas.

That night my girlfriend was going to sleep in a fictional room on the side of the house where the backdoor is, this area might have been an outdoor/indoor area but I am not sure, and I was going to sleep in an unused fictional bedroom in the middle of the house.

But my girlfriend came into the middle room where I was to try to have sex with me, I told her that was not a good idea at my parent’s house especially in the middle room that was used often by my family to walk to the other side of the house, and we only had two layers of protection at the time (she had a IUD and I had a male condom, but she forgot her female condom & we did not have any spermicide and/or any other layers or protection).

My rule was at least three layers of protection and no sex in my parent’s house (my parent’s would not want/allow that or even want/allow us to sleep in the same bed), but she kept trying to get me to have sex anyway as usual; and so we went to the room that she was supposed to be sleeping in, which was the most private/least used area of the house it seemed, especially during the night.

This room had semi-dividing walls separating the room into several semi-parts, there were at least two or more beds in separate semi-divided parts, and so we got on one of the beds in our underwear and/or mostly naked and/or naked; and I was going to avoid intercourse as usual, but she kept trying.

She was in my lap facing me and we kissed, cuddled, massaged each other, et cetera and we were having a very nice time; but my brother CC entered the room to sleep in one of the other beds for some reason, we stopped & got dressed (even though he did not see us at first because of the semi-dividing walls), and we briefly talked with him.

We let him go to sleep, my girlfriend decided to finally sleep in her bed, and then I went back to the middle room to sleep there; but I wanted to explore the house a bit first, I remember thinking that the middle room could be my room since no one else was using it, and then I walked around the house.

One area was exactly like the family room/dinning room with bedroom next to the kitchen at my grandfather’s house, some of the other areas were exactly like my parent’s real house, and the rest of the areas were fictional like the middle room; but I did not get to see most of the fictional areas since my parent’s & the rest of my brothers were sleeping in those area, and I did not want to disturb them while they we sleeping.

I went back to the middle room to get in bed, while in bed I started to think about various things, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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