My Brother GC & My Brother CC & My Former Classmate AM & I Get Arrested By Two Police Officers?

I somewhat remember the end of one dream from last night that probably took place in a fictional version of D during the day, but I am not sure if I was driving or walking.

My brother GC, my brother CC, and I were traveling down a fictional road or on side of the road that is sometimes in my dreams that leads into the country/outskirts of D; but I can not remember if we were walking or driving, where we were going, or why.

I am not sure what happened exactly at this point but I remember us coming across my former classmate AM, but right after coming across her two police officers drove up in a police S.U.V; both of them had whitish colored skin with short blondish/brownish colored hair, one of them was slightly obese, the other one was slightly over-weight but maybe not over-fat & he wore glasses, and they both seemed like normal D Police.

I am not sure what happened but they suspected that we were doing something illegal I guess, they arrested us I guess but without handcuffs, and they told us to get into their police S.U.V; and so we got into the back seats, and we did not know why we were being arrested really it seemed.

AM and my brother CC were quiet/silent since they both have been stopped by the police before, my brother GC was quiet as usual & annoyed/angry, and I was confused/worried; and I remember listening to the two police officers talking, and at some point I quietly put my seat belt on.

Instead of taking us to the D police station the two police officers kept driving us out further into the country oddly, the police officer with the glasses did most of the talking, and he said that they were taking us to one of the Police Security Stations or something odd like that; and I tried to guess/predict what was going to happen and what were the intention(s) of the two so-called police officers.

At some point we arrived at a small one-story building on the side of the road, the two police officers made us line up in a line & enter the building, and it was dark inside until they turned on the light; and the first room was a room where they check/register/whatever you, and so the obese police officer started trying to check us with a metal detector wand but it was not working.

The police officer with the glasses made a comment about the obese officer not being very smart, and he told him to bring us into the next room without checking us since I guess they felt that we had no weapons on us & they were being lazy; and the next room was their office on the right side of the room with maybe one or two jail cells on the left side of the room, and they seemed to be the only two police officers who worked at this Police Security Station or whatever they called it.

Now that the police officer with the glasses was out of the police SUV, I could see how tall he was, and to my surprise he was very tall (even taller than my brother GC) & big; and in his office he changed clothes, and so now he was wearing light blue colored jean pants with a light blue colored jean jacket with the buttons unbuttoned.

The police officer with the glasses saw that my brother GC’s arm was bleeding, I think that earlier in the dream a cat or dog scratched him accidentally when he was trying to stop one of our other brothers dogs from attacking one of his cats (probably Adam), and so the police officer with the glasses got some brown napkins and put them on my brother GC’s arm; and he asked my brother GC what happened to his arm, but my brother GC ignored him looking angry (I probably recommended that GC answer his question but he ignored me too).

The police officer got angry because my brother GC was ignoring him, and he said that he hated it when kids sometimes ignore adults when they are asked a question; and I got ready to answer his question for my brother GC to avoid a situation, and my brother CC & my brother GC & my former classmate AM still were silent/quiet with GC making angry facial expressions while ignoring everyone in the room.

To my surprise the police officer said: “Well John Jr, I guess you are going to have to speak for your brother(s) then.”.

I was surprised that the police officer somehow knew my name, I told him okay, and I asked him what did he want to know; and then I started thinking that my brother GC, my brother CC, and AM were probably going to remain silent until they got a lawyer for their own safety since they did not do anything wrong and they did not trust the police.

I told the police officer what I thought happened to my brother GC’s arm, but then I woke up as I was trying to explain to him nicely why the others were refusing to talk probably.

The end,

-John Jr

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