Super .25 ACP Rounds?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After getting in bed I finally remembered part of a dream from last night, I had forgotten all of my dreams this morning when I got awakened suddenly by someone about a phone call, but laying in bed triggered a memory.

The dream took place during the day, and I remember being in a slightly fictional version of what seemed to be my parent’s yard & some other people were there along with one or more people I knew; but I forgot the beginning & the middle of the dream.

I remember having a .25 ACP pistol at some point or finding the pistol along with some ammunition for it, maybe some law enforcement officers were looking for someone and/or a gun, because I remember possibly being worried about someone finding it maybe (maybe the gun belonged to or was found by someone I knew, and I did not want them to get in trouble but I am not sure); and I think that law enforcement officers and/or someone was searching the area & people looking for someone and/or something but I can not remember what was going on.

I remember noticing that some of the bullets (rounds) looked strange, some were normal full metal jacket .25 ACP bullets, but some of them were an organish color plastic-like material & a bit roundish/fat & they looked like they were filled with liquid maybe; and I just assumed that those bullets were some custom/super/unique bullets or something like that.

I decided to load the regular .25 ACP bullets into the pistol, but I noticed that the magazine had a lot of the strange super .25 ACP bullets randomly placed at the bottom of the magazine in a way that would make it impossible for the bullets to load into the chamber; and so I removed all the bullets from the magazine so that it would not be jammed, and I loaded the magazine properly with normal .25 ACP bullets.

There was more to the dream before and after this, but that is all that I can remember; it is amazing that I remembered that much.

The end,

-John Jr