4-30-2013 | Dream Fragment | The Lopez Family’s Classroom/Business

George Lopez (TV series)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got awakened by pain in one of my dying teeth or the nerves in the jaw or whatever so I forgot most of my dreams, and I was not able to go back to sleep due to the pain; but I managed to remember part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day at a college/indoor & outdoor shopping center that looked a bit like C Elementary School in D, and I was a student; and so I walked around the catwalk(s) to get to several classes during the dream, and I explored some of the businesses.

There was a variety of small businesses along the catwalk(s) that you could window shop(?)/see the inside of the businesses from the window and some of the businesses were restaurants/cafes, general stores, grocery stores, antique/arts & craft stores, outdoor cafes, and more.

Inside & outside I saw people walking, talking, eating, drinking, shopping, going to classes, and more; and some of the classes were inside some of the businesses, and some classes were completely separate.