Getting Bit By A Snake & Accidentally Causing A Church Bus To Fall In A Ditch

I had several dreams but I forgot most of them after waking up a few times from snoring and/or drooling, getting awakened a few times by people being annoying, and from waking up to a bit of pain from my dental abscess; but I managed barely remember part of one dream.

The dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D, and my dad wanted to get our automobiles checked at a fictional business that looked like a combination of M Tire & the unknown business by the train tracks for the A Plant; and so we all drove to this business.

They were a bit busy and so we were going to have to wait, and my former classmates JC & DH were there at some point; and someone in my family and/or JC and/or DH decided to do some grocery shopping, and someone bought a pet snake that looked poisonous/dangerous to me like a viper of some kind with a triangular-shaped head with rounded sides instead of points.

Someone also bought some fish I think, probably my brother KD and/or TD, and so we continued waiting until it was our turn to have our automobiles checked.

Walking around the business which was an indoor & outdoor business, were several female employees, whose job seemed to be walking around looking attractive to attract customers; because they did nothing expect walk around wearing somewhat revealing clothes and some times talked/flirted with customers, and there were at least three of them with all of them having whitish colored skin but each of them had different hair colors.

One of them had blond colored hair and she seemed the most attractive to me, they came to talk with us at some point when maybe my dad’s automobile was being checked, and I remember wanting to be alone with the woman with the blond colored hair; but that was not going to happen as usual, but they still flirted with us a bit.

At some point they started walking away, I realized that we needed to take the groceries & fish & snake home, and then come back to the business since it was taking too long; and so I told everyone about my plan, and JC & DH & my brothers rode with me in my automobile to take the groceries & fish & snake home.

I think that the snake was bought by DH but he had it in a clear plastic bag next to the fish up front with me and JC who was seating in the front passenger seat, and as I was turning the corner near the stop sign next to ditches at the end of my uncle WC’s street I felt something bite my arm & lock on to it.

I looked down and the snake had somehow gotten out of the plastic bag and it bit me on my arm & was still locked on my arm, and so I told JC to get it as I briefly lost control of my automobile; and I looked up to see that we were heading toward a ditch that had two large church buses parked next to it, and so I tried to hit my brakes & turn away but it was too late.

I barely hit the church bus causing no damage but the church bus was parked too close to the ditch, so it was leaning at an angle, and it fell sideways into the ditch; and so we parked still in shock, and I was annoyed that the church bus fell & about the snake biting me.

JC was holding the snake, I asked DH if it was poisonous & he said no, I asked everyone if they were okay & they said yes, and then we stopped to decide what to do next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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