A Game / Competition During A Strong Thunderstorm / Lightning Storm

I forgot most of my dreams again thanks to the usual morning annoyances, but I do barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream seemed to be about a game/competition where two people go inside of a game, like virtual reality I guess, and I was one of the people and my opponent was a woman.

Once inside the game each person is given a long metal tool used to unlock automobile doors, you have to unlock an automobile and drive away in it to the finish line, and who ever reaches the finish-line first wins and/or whoever steals(?) the most automobiles; but there are some threats/obstacles in the game that you have to deal with or avoid, to make the game harder.

I remember maybe a bee-like/flying creäture or robot being in my way, I somehow got passed it by making it search for me somewhere else in the game area, and I found a car to unlock; and so I tried to unlock it while watching my back, this was a very tense moment that felt long, and my opponent was still struggling to get past her threat/obstacle.

The game graphics did not look completely life-like in all areas oddly, anyway, at some point I unlocked the car as my opponent finally started trying to unlock an automobile; and I drove off to the finish-line, and I won the game then or I won the game later by stealing(?) the most automobiles but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My second dream involved another game/competition but I am not sure if it was a real life-like game or a virtual reality game since everything looked real, but I do not think that I was in this game or dream directly; but somehow I was seeing everything.

There were two women with whitish colored skin with shoulder length blond colored hair and at least one man in the game/competition, they all seemed to know each other, and they slightly reminded me of workers at an Australian zoo due to their accents & clothing & for other reasons that I can not remember.

The game/competition took place during the night on a fictional version of my parent’s street during a strong thunderstorm/lightning storm, which seemed very dangerous & a bit scary in my opinion, and the people had to run through an obstacle course outside that went across the neighborhood & through my parent’s yard to reach some shacks in the field near my parent’s yard; and then they had to choose a shack to sleep in, and whoever got to the shacks first and/or survived and/or slept in the shacks until the next morning would win.

So the game/competition had several parts to it, with a winner for each part, but all the parts took place back-to-back without a break.

The competition started and at some point I saw the two women finish the obstacle course, one of them won this only by a few seconds, and then they crossed my parent’s yard; and maybe one of the women won this part barely, and then one of the women reached the shacks first & so maybe that woman won this part.

Most if not all the shacks had metal roofs, to make things scarier since a strong thunderstorm/lightning storm was going on I guess, and none of them had a front wall or door; and they were different sizes, all of which were pretty small, but one of the women picked the biggest shack.

The other woman picked a smaller shack that had a lot of pillows, she slept with/on the pillows as some of the rain fell near her, and I remember her telling the other women or someone to look at all the pillows that she had; and they both were afraid, and they talked back & forth to each other to distract themselves.

The man in the game/competition was still struggling to even finish the obstacle course at this point, but I woke up without getting to see who the winner was since the competition would not be over until the next morning.

The end,

-John Jr

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