Buying A House Cheap & Trying To Turn It Into A Dream House? | Breaking Up A Fight In A Shopping Center

I had several dreams last night and I slept deeply/well but as usual now, I forgot most of my dreams because of people being annoying/turning on lights/opening doors/et cetera, but I somewhat remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember part of took place during the day in a fictional neighborhood/city, and I had recently bought an old one-story house that was in somewhat rough condition that was sold to me for a very good price of somewhere between $3 – $3,000.

At some point there was a woman with me who was either my wife or girlfriend, I think that she had whitish – light brownish colored skin with maybe short – medium length brownish colored hair, and we looked at the house that I bought; and I wanted to have it fixed up/remodeled so that I could rent it out or sale it, to earn enough money to buy more properties for income and to buy us a house, but she wanted to turn it into our dream house I guess you could say.

Since it was my first property and since my plans were long-term plans that would take a while, she wanted to adjust my plan by having this first property be our home, and later I/we could slowly buy some old/cheap properties to rent out/sale for income later; but I thought that this plan was a bit risky, since I wanted to have a stable income source first, but I was willing to find a compromise or adjust my plan as usual.

I accepted her plan partly and we started remodeling the house, she probably made most of the decisions on how the house would be remodeled & what furniture & appliances would go in it since I wanted her to be happy, but it was still a team effort; and we worked to make it our dream home, but I did not pay attention to the budget like I normally would.

At some point in the future we went to see the house when most of the remodeling was done, a boy and/or girl was there with us but I am not sure if the kid or kids were our kid or kids or hers or someone on the construction crew, and the construction crew & some other people were at the house.

It was nicely decorated and furnished like she and I wanted, mostly how she wanted since I do not need much decoration/furniture, and the house looked amazing compared to how it used to look; and we were both happy with the house, and we walked around looking at the house together.

She was wearing a black dress that was probably shorter than knee-length, you could see a lot of her legs which were strong/toned to my surprise like a female athlete, and at some point I picked her up to walk around the house as we celebrated; and my hands were holding her up by the butt & my forearms were holding up her thighs as she faced me, and surprisingly I could feel the firmness of her butt & thighs.

Our celebration was interrupted by a man coming to tell us how much everything was going to cost along with a man who worked for a bank or something it seemed, and he mentioned something about $4,000 a month which shocked me and we had no way to pay for that; and so I thought about how to handle the situation, and I was a bit angry/annoyed with myself for not paying attention to the budget.

I decided that our only hope that I could think of was to sell the house and hope to make a profit or at least lose no money, one of the men said that we would have to sell it within one or two days, and then I talked to one or both of the men about the situation; and maybe one of them said that the $4,000 a month really translated to $400 a month, which was what we could afford, but I am not sure if this happened in the dream or not.

I remember talking with my wife or girlfriend about the situation as we tried to decided what to do, but I can not remember the rest of the dream; and I got awakened by people being annoying.

Dream 2

The second dream that I remember part of took place in a shopping center that was connected like a shopping mall (mall), but it felt like a shopping center to me; and the dream took place during the day in a fictional city and maybe even country, and this shopping center was a bit unique & seemed to be slightly inspired by the shopping center in D near W Park.

I was inside the shopping center walking around, other people were walking around and shopping as well, and at some point I went into a J.C. Penny store that was a game-like store for kids that was like a Chuck E. Cheese’s; and parent’s and their kids were there playing games, at least the kids were playing games & having competitions, and after watching briefly I walked out to find the normal J.C. Penny’s which was next door.

There was more to the dream that I can not remember, I know that one part of the store was a hangout/indoor courtyard-like area that was separated by a door from the other areas as were several areas in the shopping center which is what made it feel more like a shopping center than a mall, and there were people in this area; and I stopped at some point to talk with a few of them and/or ask for directions or something like that, and a fight started or an attack.

MH who used to live in my neighborhood/used to ride my school bus/was an older schoolmate of mine back when I was kid attacked a man who was standing not far from me for some reason, the man was a slightly older thin man with whitish colored skin wearing a tan baseball hat or visor, and MH was easily winning; and I tried to break up the fight/attack, but MH was super strong (probably from lifting weights in prison/jail for several years).

I kept telling MH to stop while trying to stop him using some of my grappling skills, I did not use my full strength to avoid MH trying to attack me, but he had his foot on the man’s head/neck like he was trying to kill him; and I kept trying to stop him without causing a fight between us, MH was so strong in the dream that I feared that me and the man would be seriously injured or killed if I did not handle the situation in a calm enough way, and fortunately my plan worked without the man being hurt too bad.

The other people did not try to help the entire time, MH then walked off and no security or police came which was slightly surprisingly but this area was somewhat separate & no one called security or the police, and so this/that made sense.

I helped the man up and I probably told someone he knew to take him to the hospital to be checked, and then I stood there recovering and thinking about what had happened; and how MH felt so strong and I felt so weak, and I realized that I needed to take some martial arts/self-defense classes to improve my hand-to-hand combat.

I then realized that I was naked now oddly when I heard some people talking & staring at me, like my clothes came off as I tried to break up the fight, and some of them started laughing at me as I picked my clothes off the floor; and I started putting my boxer briefs on first as I asked the people why did they not tell me that my clothes had come off, and I put the rest of my clothes on.

I was a bit annoyed by the people for not helping, not calling for help, not telling me that my clothes came off, and for making fun of me for being naked; but I quickly laughed it off or something, and I started joking about losing my clothes/being naked while also telling them that they should have helped and/or called for help & told me about my clothes coming off & they should not have made fun of me.

I talked to a few people about what had caused MH to attack the man, because I was not sure why, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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