A Parallel Universe With A Different Grandfather?



Time travel illustration with parallel universe hypothesis

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21:56, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

Grondilu (talk)
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I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which I think took place in a fictional version of D, but I can not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream.

I think that my family and I were at my grandparent’s house on my mom’s side of the family, I think that my last living grandparent who is my grandfather was probably dead now in this dream but I am not sure, and I think that we were looking through old items in his house; and I found a magazine with a photograph of my grandfather in this dream wearing an American football uniform and playing football during a game.

I think that this magazine was a magazine for the Disney Channel or a company similar to it, it was like the old Disney TV Guide-like magazines from when I was a kid, and my grandfather in this dream had been in a film or documentary about his life playing football in this fictional version of D on a fictional city team that this fictional version of D had I think.

My grandfather on the magazine cover did not look exactly like my grandfather in real life, which I slowly started to notice during the dream, he was thinner & his face looked different; and so I read some of the magazine to learn more about the film/documentary/my grandfather, I talked with my parent’s about it, I watched some video clips from the film/documentary, thought about my memories of my grandparent’s & the film/documentary, and then I walked outside with the magazine to study it & think about the situation.

My grandmother in the dream was the same as my real life grandmother, both of whom are/were dead in real life & in the dream, and I saw photographs of her & I had memories of her.

I think that my parent’s house was near or on a small fictional beach similar to the large beach in LC, I might have walked there briefly still holding the magazine, and then I walked down the street my uncle WC lives on near the ditches; and there was a fictional tall sidewalk & walking park area made of colorful bathroom-like tiles up high near tree level next to some trees, that was made on top of a dirt mound, and I went up there to study the magazine for some privacy & to enjoy the nice view of Eastside.

There were a few people near this area in their yards talking but being so high up in the air gave me some privacy, and so I was pretty comfortable; and I did not feel like people were staring at me a lot like I feel in real life on Eastside, which is one of the reasons I only walk in the yard usually & even then I am often being watched & lack privacy since our yard is surrounded by houses & streets and we do not have a privacy fence.

This dream took place in the future I guess but I noticed something even more strange than just my grandfather being different from my real life grandfather, I noticed the date(s) on the magazine cover, and I think that it/they read something like but I could be wrong & some numbers are missing: “Year/Issue: Month-Day-2011.” and under that was what seemed to be the real year or scientific year of: “*Some Numbers That I Can Not Remember* Year: 1,000.”.

I wondered how was it the year 2011 back then in the younger days of my grandfather and how was it also the year 1,000, and I noticed that the magazine graphics/photograph quality & other things in the magazine were modern-looking (possibly better than even what we have in the year 2013) & not old-looking like you would expect.

I tried to make sense of the situation and my guess was that maybe I was in a parallel universe, maybe the 2011 meant that the current technology level was at our year 2011 levels even though the real year in that/this universe is the year 1,000, and so I assumed that something happened in the past of this universe that allowed humanity to advance in technology faster & earlier than in the universe that I was from; but this was just guessing/speculation on my part as I tried to make sense of the situation, but this somewhat made sense & it possible explained why my grandfather was different.

I started walking and I noticed my brother GC’s pet cats Adam, Dawn, and Zeek playing by a tree top along the tall sidewalk/walking trail; and I stopped to pet them & play with them briefly, as I continued thinking about the situation.

The weather was nice and I liked this universe better than the one I am from, I thought about various possibilities/thoughts/daydreams/memories/et cetera, and then I decided to go to the beach/parent’s house; and I had/found a small futuristic vehicle that looked almost like the civilian flying vehicles from the Mass Effect video game series, I got on it and I held down the boosters to build energy/power, and I let go which cause the vehicle & I to shoot off in the sky.

I landed/flew to the beach/my parent’s house, it was a fun and short trip, and there was a slight breeze at the beach & the waves were moving a bit; and the sand was soft, and so things were very nice here.

I woke up shortly after arriving at the beach.

The end,

-John Jr

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