Listening To Arya Stark And Spartacus

File:Scared Child at Nighttime.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a brief moment of sleep paralysis or I dreamed of having sleep paralysis, I think that it really happened, and it happened right before I went completely to sleep I think at some point after getting in bed.

I think that I was almost sleep but I woke up suddenly for some unknown reason, my body was paralyzed, and so I thought to myself that it was probably just sleep paralysis since I woke up suddenly at a bad time; and so I was about to think to myself to stay calm and remind myself that the feeling of extreme fear & of a presence being in the room would come, but the extreme fear & the feeling of a presence being in the room hit me before I could finish preparing myself.

The room was dark with just one nightlight in the room and I thought that I saw a shadow or something move in the darkness in the middle of the room, I could also feel that something was in the room as usual, and the extreme fear was there still as usual; and I reacted instead of staying calm, and I tried to get up to scare it away or fight or see what it was but I was paralyzed & I could not talk.

This made me start to panic as usual and I tried to yell at it and I tried to jump out of bed, but only a weak sound came out of my mouth & I could not move; and so I became even more afraid, but then I finally reminded myself that this was not real (possible hallucinations, voices, sounds, et cetera can happen during sleep paralysis) & that it was the normal sleep paralysis reactions.

I told myself to calm down, I took a deep breath, and I closed my eyes reminding myself that it was not real; and then I opened my eyes at some point, and I could move & the fear & the feeling of a presence in the room was gone.

I then wondered if that had really happened or if I had dreamed it, but I think that it really happened; and then I went to sleep at some point.

I barely remember one part of one dream from last night, I was at a modern-style multi-story building on the first floor which had a lot of glass windows and/or walls during the day in a fictional city, and I talked with several people during the dream.

I actually mostly listened to them, and then I would give them some advice; and I know that two of the people I listened to & talked to during the dream were Arya Stark from the TV show Game Of Thrones, and Spartacus from the Starz TV show Spartacus.

Arya Stark & Spartacus and other dream characters during the dream told me/complained to me about various problems that they were having, and I would give them advice trying to help them with their problems and/or just listen to them complain/talk; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


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