A Spartacus: War Of The Damned Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

I remember part of a dream from last night that was pretty long and it had several parts, but I forgot a lot of the dream; but I know that it was inspired by the Starz TV show Spartacus: War Of The Damned, the episodes where Spartacus and his people plan to take over a Roman city, and then they take it over.

It took place partly in a slightly fictional version of D and most of it took place on a small fictional island / dock city / commercial area where there was a college, hotels/motels, many types of businesses where you could buy almost anything you want, entertainment areas, tourist areas, et cetera; and this island/dock city was near D, you had to use a boat to reach it usually, and many people from D & tourists seemed to visit it but not many people actually lived there.

The dream is unclear to me in some important parts so it will not make much sense but I remember a man who was like Spartacus, and he was leading poor/lower-class/low-income people & maybe even slaves/prisoners (in a way most of us were/are like slaves/prisoners so in the dream the distinction was not clear or not there) in a revolution(?) or a plan to change their lives by fighting the system & starting their own or something like that.

Being poor/lower-class/et cetera myself, they happened to be plotting in areas where I happened to be, and so I got to over-hear some of their meetings/et cetera; but I did not join them, I decided to be cautious to see how they decided to go about their revolution(?), and then decide if I should join them or not.

Interestingly I was going to college at the island/dock city, so I went there during the dream, and as I was leaving class one day on the college campus I saw a lot of the people who were plotting their revolution(?) recruiting new people; and I found out that they were planning on taking over the island/dock city, and were going to use it as their new independent city where they would make a new system that was to be better than the current one.

I thought that this was a bit crazy, dangerous, that many people might get hurt and/or die, that they would probably eventually fail even if they took the city since the military would probably come stop them, and so this plot caused me to definitely not want to join them; but I did understand and agree with many of their problems with the current system, but I did not agree with how they planned on dealing with the situation.

As I listened to some of the recruiters talking to people I met a man who was also a student at my college, he had whitish colored skin, and he also agreed with many of their problems with the current system but he also did not agree with how they planned on dealing with the situation; and like me, he was watching them closely & they were trying to get him to join as well, and oddly he was one of the few people with whitish colored skin watching or in the group of people planning on a revolution(?).

He and I got along well since we had similar beliefs/ideas/personalities/et cetera, we acted like friends who had known each other for years even though we had just met, and so we talked a lot; and I learned that he was or used to be a soldier, and his experiences as a soldier taught him the truth about the military & how it was often used in negative ways.

His time in the military depressed him in a way, when he first joined his idea of the military was hopeful & different, but after joining he learned the truth; and his idea of the military was no longer hopeful, and was mostly negative but he did mention some good things about the military but they did not outweigh the bad things being done now.

We talked a lot about this and other things, I was very interested in learning as much as I could about his military experiences and his other experiences that he had around the world, and so I learned a lot in a short amount of time about him.

Some parts of the dream took place at the college, some parts took place going around the island/dock city, some parts took place during the coming & going from the island/dock city by small boats, and some parts took place with us going back to D to a fictional shack-like restaurant/store/barber shop/hair salon that was owned by a woman with dark brownish colored skin with grayish colored dreadlocks who was our bus driver who would drive us back into D.

The bus driver/barber/hair stylist/restaurant owner/store owner was sympathetic to the revolution(?) and she might have been a member of the group, either way, many members of the revolution(?) visited her business/rode her bus & probably even had meetings in her business & on her bus since usually only lower-class/poor people rode her bus & went to her business and most people joining the revolution(?) were lower-class/poor.

She was a mysterious & interesting character who did not talk that much, she probably had an accent-like she was from an island near Africa (African), she had a slightly tough/serious look, but she treated people pretty well & she worked hard juggling multiple careers by herself mostly.

On college days I would ride her bus back to D to her shack-like business to buy some food/buy something, talk to people and/or listen to people talk since the members of the revolution(?) were often there getting haircuts/eating/drinking/having meetings/et cetera, and then I would walk home.

One day after my college classes were over for the day on the island/dock-like city and I was talking with the man who also was a student, the leader of the revolution(?) and a lot of his members were gathering & they approached us about joining them but we still refused & were staying neutral, and they were getting closer to starting their plan of taking over the island/dock city.

The man and I got pressured pretty hard this time by them, we eventually left by a small boat after things got a bit tense, and once back to land we got on the bus; and many of the members of the revolution(?) were angry with us, and then we stopped at our bus drivers shack-like business.

We all waited for her to finish her other duties, then she opened the shack-like business, but I guess she learned about the man & I refusing to join the revolution(?); and she had two large men throw us outside.

I was slightly surprised by this but I understood it, we were still being neutral, and they were getting serious now since their plan was to begin soon; and so soon we would probably be seen as enemies if we did not make a decision soon.

We wanted to see change but we did not agree with how they wanted to go about changing things, and we tried to convince them to change their ways but they refused; and so it was a bit painful seeing these people come together, which was nice, but it was painful to see them coming together only to decide to do something in the wrong way & in a way that would likely fail with them dying and/or being put in jail.

We believed that they could take the island/dock city, but we felt that they could not hold it and we felt that it would be wrong for them to take it in the first place; and that their revolution(?) would fail like many have throughout Human history.

We wanted to see a more peaceful change that started with people coming together to make positive changes that they could make without breaking current laws or taking away the freedom of other people, and we had many ideas on where we could start with this positive kind of change; but they did not like our slow long-term peaceful plans since they would take a lot of time & effort to slowly change things.

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr