Getting Knocked Unconscious For 15,000 Years By Some Strange Creatures Who Spray Humans And Store Them Underground?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot almost all of my dreams from last night except for part of one interesting dream, I lost consciousness at least three times in this dream, and so my memory of the dream & my other dreams is incomplete.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I know that I was in a house/apartment with my family, it looked almost like my parent’s real house inside, and I remember watching a video on TV or on my computer; and the video showed a tennis match between Serena Williams and another woman whose name I do not know who had whitish colored skin & who was thinner & smaller than Serena Williams.

At some point the other tennis player got angry and was going to attack Serena Williams but the referee stopped her, the referee was a woman with dark brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing a black tennis shirt with maybe tan-colored pants, but then the tennis player tried to attack the referee; and so the referee head-butted her, and this caused the tennis player to fall and/or get knocked unconscious.

I was surprised and I jumped out of my seat to go tell my brother CC what had happened, and I was going to show him the video; and I found my brother CC in another room, I told him about the video, and then we tried to find the video on the internet but something happened that I can not remember that interrupted this (probably an attack or something).

I am not sure what happened but I remember leaving our house/apartment room into the dimly lit hallway, and there were other apartment room doors in the hallways & the building had several floors probably; and there were other people in the hallway because something big had happened, and I joined them to find out what had happened & to help them find some missing people & to survive whatever was going on.

There was a hole in the second floor caused by something unknown so we jumped down it to the first floor, which had a sinkhole-like hole that went underground, and whatever caused the holes was down there along with some of the missing people; and we went into the sinkhole to investigate or we got chased into the sinkhole, I am not sure which.

In the sinkhole was an underground cave-like area, this part of the dream is very interesting and a bit scary, and in one open area we saw a lot of people sitting & standing looking up at the top of the cave; but they were not moving and everything was silent, they were like statues which was freaky, and I probably could not see their faces because of a light glare or a glitch where my mind did not give them faces since there were so many people.

Some of the missing people were on the ground unconscious & paralyzed like the people who looked like statues almost and either the threats were already on the ceiling of the cave or they came back into the cave, either way, a bunch of flying yellowish-like colored creatures flew into the cave but I never got a good look at them to see what they really looked like; but I know that they were smaller than an average Human.

The creatures sometimes made a strange noise, usually when they see that you are not unconscious & paralyzed, and then they attacked us by shooting out a smoke/gas/powder/whatever from their bodies that would knock us unconscious & paralyze us; and so we tried to run and hide, but they got most of us eventually.

I stayed low & avoided looking up at the creatures and I sneaked around some hallway-like areas in the cave, but someone ran near me & got sprayed by one of the creatures; and some of the spray hit me too or I breathed some of it in, and I got paralyzed & knocked unconscious as well.

I woke up and some of the other people had awakened before me, a few of them died from the spray, a few of them were sick & dying from the spray, a few were still paralyzed & unconscious like statues, and the rest of us were awake; and the others told me that I had been paralyzed & unconscious for a few weeks, like them.

One of the people dying from the spray seemed to be my former classmate D (who has somewhat reddish colored hair) or someone who looked like him, it seemed that some people’s bodies could not handle the spray from the creatures, and he looked like he was going to die very soon.

A man in our group seemed to know more about the creatures, the creatures were sleeping/whatever on the ceiling of the cave probably hanging upside-down like bats, and too much noise/movement/light/et cetera would cause them wake up & attack you; and they seemed to gather people in their caves every-so-often for unknown reasons like they were storing Humans for something.

We decided to try to quietly escape but the man said that nowhere was safe, he said that if they wanted you, that they could get to you by surprise like earlier in the dream; and that they could make sinkholes that take you underground, and then they would spray you & store you where most people would never find you again or think to look for you thinking that you died in the sinkhole or something like that.

The man seemed to have given up but we had not, D & the other people who were dying from the spray died, and so we started trying to sneak out of the cave; but our movements woke up the creatures, and they attacked us again.

I used my same technique from before except I tried to pretend to be unconscious & paralyzed when a creäture was near, it worked pretty good, but one of the creatures sensed that I might be faking I guess; and it sprayed me indirectly causing me to go unconscious & get paralyzed again.

I woke up again along with the other few survivors who did not stay statue-like this time, they said that we had been unconscious & paralyzed for months or maybe a year or two this time, and we came up with a plan to try to sneak near the areas where most of the statue-like people were since pretending to be statue-like near them would allow us to more easily trick the creatures; and we started our plan but something went wrong, and the creatures woke up to attack us again.

We did much better this time but we failed again, I got sprayed, and then I woke up; and this time there was an unknown male voice narrating the dream.

The unknown male voice said that I had been unconscious & paralyzed for 15,000 years I think, and this time I was the only person who woke up; and he said that the Earth was different now, and so I expected that most Humans would be gone now or something.

The side of the cave was open where I could see the outside of the cave and sunlight, and I sneaked out of the cave; and there was a bit of land in front of me with a pond around it, but I could run & jump to some more land nearby.

To my left I saw a large alligator in the water looking at me, it watched me lazily, and I felt like Earth had been reborn or something since I felt like I was in Prehistoric times or something since there were plants & stuff that had grown covering most things that had been created by Humans it seemed; and I was afraid that there would be many dangerous non-Human animals around, including new animals & maybe large dinosaur-like animals & common animals, and so I ran & jumped to the land.

I ran through a jungle/forest, I seriously felt like I was in Prehistoric times or something, and the dream had a strange feeling to it or I had a strange feeling that I can not describe that I have had before in a few super rare dreams where I am in the future after large time jumps in a dream.

I then ran to see if my parent’s house was still around, I probably saw a few known & unknown animals as I ran, and then to my surprise I found my parent’s yard & house; and near the back steps I saw a small dinosaur-like animal with a long neck & tail, but it ran away when it saw me.

I slowly walked to the backdoor, the screen-door was closed but the main door was barely cracked open, and so I slowly entered the house afraid of what I might find in there; and I asked if anyone was in the house several times out-loud, the house was silent at first, but then I heard something moving near the laundry-room door toward the living room.

I grabbed a pillow on the couch to throw, the laundry-room door opened, and I threw the pillow at the door; and then to my surprise my dad walked into the living room dressed for church, and I apologized for throwing the pillow at him.

I told him that I had thought that I was still dreaming, at this point I thought that I had awakened to the real world thinking that I was still dreaming, but then I really woke up into the real world.

The end,

-John Jr