Climbing Down Chains | A Nice View | Working At A Fair | Trying To Stop A Terminator


I had several dreams last night but I only barely remember part of four dreams, with the first dream involving me being in a fictional area outside during the day; and I was with several young men, and an older man who seemed to be our trainer or someone like that.

This first dream took place over a period of time, with memories and flashbacks of different days/weeks/months/maybe years, and these memories & flashbacks involved me & some other people being trained by the older man; but I am not sure what we were being trained for exactly, I just know that we seemed to be training for dangerous situations, and the older man was a harsh trainer who did not care if we got hurt or killed.

Now days/weeks/months/maybe years later I was outside during the day in a field where we used to train, the older man was training some new young men, and I joined them in the training to test myself & help encourage the young men; and I joined them after briefly talking with the older man, and then we started exercising, and we started running through a dangerous obstacle course.

I knew this dangerous obstacle course from past memories, one part had a tall drop like from the edge of a cliff/mountain, and you had to climb down some chains connected to various objects to reach the bottom; and this was dangerous because sometimes parts of the chain and/or some of the objects would break and/or parts of the land/dirt/rocks would break off/fall, and if you fell you would be seriously injured or die.

From my memories, I was usually the unlucky person to have something break when trying to climb down, but somehow I always managed to avoid falling/dying; and this time was no different, one of the chains broke as I was climbing down, but I somehow avoided falling.

I helped coach the young men down the chains safely as I also climbed down the chains, and we all safely made it down; and then we took a trail back to the top to let the older man know that we finished/survived.

I heard some of the young men mention there being a nice view from a mountain-like area that was not far away, I had memories & flashbacks of this area, and it was high in the air giving you a nice view of the wilderness/city/sky/et cetera; and I wanted to go there again after we finished talking with the older man, and I told them about some of my experiences there.

I wanted to go there alone and enjoy the view, I hoped that the young men would go there another day, but first we went to talk with the older man; this was not a separate dream exactly, but some of my memories & flashbacks made it seem that way sometimes.

I remember thinking about what I would do once I reach the area with the nice view again, and I thought about my memories of the area.

I had good memories of the area & the view, and I had several ideas of what I would do when I got there; and I probably thought about some related dreams/daydreams/et cetera, but I woke up.

The second or third dream took place in a somewhat fictional version of D during the day at a fictional fair that was like a combination of W Park, the fairground, and a fictional area; and I went to the fair walking around, working in various areas, helping people, et cetera.

One area of the fair was like an area from a past dream of mine where there was a fictional building in W Park where some mafia families were having a meeting, and another mafia family or families attacked their meeting; and in this dream a similar thing was happening during the fair, and an attack probably happened on a mafia meeting but I can not remember the details.

Other than that situation most of the dream was positive with me exploring the fair while sometimes working & helping people, but that is all that I can remember.

The fourth and last dream took place in a fictional apartment-like building & courtyard for the building during maybe a cloudy grey day, and I was talking with a group of people inside the apartment-like building; and one of the people had made a robot, and he was testing it/doing an experiment with it.

The robot looked like The Terminator (T-800 And T-850) played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator films, and it reminded me of my former classmate JC a bit since he slightly reminds me of Mr. Schwarzenegger before his bodybuilding days.

The scientist turned on/powered on the robot, it started moving and it could talk, and he started his experiment/testing of the robot as the other people & I watched; and this took place inside the building and outside, but the experiment/test eventually got out-of-control.

The robot was not programmed to obey orders to allow it more freedom, the robot was not programmed with much if any empathy or knowledge of laws or right & wrong, and so the robot stopped listening to the scientist; and the robot started to do dangerous things.

We tried to power down the robot but it stopped us, and so a battle began to get the robot to listen to us and/or to stop it from hurting people & destroying things and/or to power it down; and I seemed to be the only person with some fighting skills & tactics, and so I helped lead the others in a plan to stop the robot.

I had to do most of the work myself since I was usually the distraction trying to keep the robot focused on me to avoid it from killing people & destroying stuff, and I had to fight it using hit-and-run tactics; and I would set up plans/traps/orders/et cetera for the others to follow/use.

During this we still tried talking to the robot to handle the situation peacefully but the robot saw no logical reason for it to listen to us & morals & laws did not make sense to it, and so it did not help other than to help distract it.

Eventually my plans/traps/tactics/attacks worked to where I led it into the building into a trap, and we finally turned it off; and I remember talking to the scientist about being so stupid/reckless by making a dangerous robot without proper safeguards, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr