My Former Classmate CW’s Submarine Sandwich | A Spartacus Inspired Dream With Blue T-Shirts

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a modern school/college-like cafeteria building with a tall roof/ceiling like a gym; and I was there to get something to eat/drink, I am guessing that I was a student, and there were other students there.

I remember eating what might have been two submarine sandwiches or parts of one, it was something with vegetables & a meat & a grain, and I might have had some fruit as well as some water.

I am not sure if I talked with anyone as I sat in the cafeteria or not, I just know that I ate & drank, and that I was full; and then I put up my tray, and I started walking toward the entrance/exit as students came & left & talked et cetera.

I had someone/something on my mind, I think that I had thought of a woman and/or trying to find a woman to date/eventually marry but I am not sure, and as I was walking toward the entrance/exit I saw my former classmate CW who I used to like back in high school walking into the cafeteria.

I was surprised to see her and I stopped walking briefly shocked, and to my surprise I still had feelings for her after all these years; and so I took a moment to try to ignore/stop the feelings, and try to walk by her only saying hello or trying to avoid her seeing me.

I was shocked/confused/uncomfortable and still feeling some of the same feelings I used to feel toward CW, from the moment I first met her back in high school on the first day of business computer class or whatever it was called back then, and I guess you could call it love at first sight or something like that (the feelings are hard to describe but when I first saw her back then I felt that I knew her somehow, I wanted to get to know her better, and I was attracted to her in a non-sexual/non-lustful way that did not make sense to me then or even now).

CW saw me and she greeted me, I greeted her back and I tried to escape to avoid her & my feelings for her, but she stopped me; and she had a submarine sandwich in her hands that she said that she made herself, and she wanted me to taste it to get my opinion of her recipe.

I told her that I was full and could not, and that there were plenty of other people in the cafeteria who could test her recipe; and then I tried to escape again, but she stood in my way saying that she wanted me to test her recipe since she knew me & knew that I would tell the truth.

I tried to find a way to talk her out of it and escape but I could not, and so I agreed to try her recipe; and then I tasted her submarine sandwich, and I could actually taste it in the dream & it was somewhat bland/plain & needed some improvement(s) & so I told her this.

She was encouraged since this was her first time making this recipe, she knew that she could improve it more, and she thanked me for telling her the truth; and I said that she was welcome, and I tried to escape again but she stopped me again by making a statement & asking me a question.

She said that she remembered me and she reminded me of how I had told/emailed her that I liked her after about two years of building the courage to do so & of getting to know her better, and she asked me if I still had feelings for her; and I avoided answering her question at first.

She then said that she knows someone who might have feelings for me, I told her not to play around/tease me, and I reminded her that back then she rejected me/my feelings since she liked me only as a friend; and that it was not nice to do this to me, playing games with people’s feelings/getting people’s hopes up.

She then told me that she might have feelings for me now, and she wondered if I would give her another chance; and we could see what happens.

I told her that it took me the rest of my high school years to get over her rejecting me back then, and that I thought that I finally gotten rid of my feelings for her long ago; and I asked her if she really wanted to put me through that again, and I mentioned the woman who I might have thought of earlier in the dream and/or my current plans to find a girlfriend/future wife to finally move forward/on.

I told her that I would not lie, that to my surprise I still do have feelings for her, and I paused to try to decide what to do; and then I told her that I would consider giving her another chance, and we could see what happens this time but I woke up.

I only remember part of the end of the second dream and so it does not make much sense, I just remember that it was inspired by the Starz TV series Spartacus, and it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D; and I was with a group of people like Spartacus and his people (slaves, gladiators, et cetera), but I doubt that we were traditional slaves or gladiators since this dream took place during our current time period it seemed.

We all had blue colored t-shirts with white colored lettering and/or symbols, something happened and we were attacked by the police I think, and we had a battle with us probably fighting with hand-to-hand combat mostly; and then we spit up our group to escape the police/whoever, since there were too many of them.

It seemed that we had done nothing wrong and the police/whoever had attacked us, to stop our group/revolution/whatever, and I remember running with my former classmate DS & a weak-looking young man; and we ran toward a slightly fictional version of the D Junior High School that is sometimes in my dreams.

Our plan was to sneak through the school building, sneak outside to the school field, sneak through the woods, and reach a location where we would meet up with the rest of our group that escaped; and so we went through the school building as school was still going on with students around the inside, and then we went into the school field where one of the school sports team was practicing.

I noticed that the players were wearing blue colored t-shirts as well but the lettering & symbols were for their school, we walked past them, but the weak-looking young man with us accidentally got in the way of one of the players; and the player got mad, the young man apologized, but the player tried to attack him after yelling at him.

I was afraid that we would blow our cover but I was angry at the player for being so mean, and so I stopped him from attacking the young man; and I told him that he was sorry for getting in his way, but the player still wanted to fight.

I was very angry at this point and the player tried to attack, but I did a take-down knocking him to the ground; and I stood there warning him to stop or I was going to beat him up, this shocked him/scared him, but he still taunted us but he did not try to attack us again.

We then walked off to escape in the woods, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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