Pets And Non-Human Animal Prisoners In Underground Cells

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that started in my parent’s yard, and outside my parent’s yard in the alley(way) during the day.

There was one or more fictional pet cages in my parent’s yard where the basketball goals should be, and in it or them were a lot of pet cats and maybe a few other pets; but there was not enough space for them, and mud was starting to form & the pets did not look so well.

My brother GC walked over and I told him my concerns, and so he said that he would move them to a new location; and later in the dream I went back outside to see if he had moved the pets, and he had moved them but I did not know where they were now.

I found my brother GC and I asked him where the pets were, and he walked me outside the fence into the alley(way) where the goats used to be; and dug underground was an underground cell/cage/habitat, but I had my doubts/concerns about this new location as well.

One problem was that I felt that some of the cats/pets could probably climb out, I worried that rain water could flood it, I felt that mud buildup/cleanup & feces/urine buildup/cleanup would be problem, it seemed too dark & depressing down there, et cetera; but I can not remember what happened after this part other than me tell my brother GC about my concerns & that he should find a better location or let them free/give them away, I just remember the rest of the dream taking place in a large one-story building/house that was slightly inspired by my grandfather’s house.

The building/house was dimly lit with almost no windows if any and it had many rooms like the middle room at my grandfather’s house but bigger with a few hallways, but most of the rooms were connected by doors so you mostly traveled from room-to-room through these doors to get around the building/house.

The building/house was being used as a prison it seemed/I think, there were some people running the prison, but I am not sure if I was a prisoner at first or not; and most of the prisoners were pets and non-Human animals being held in underground cells without bars usually in the floor similar to the one that my brother GC had put the pets in earlier in the dream.

Maybe I escaped from a cell or I had entered the prison without being seen or something else, either way I was exploring the prison looking at the terrible conditions/seeing who was in prison/seeing who was running the prison/et cetera, and I might have seen some of the pets from earlier in some of the underground cells.

One strange thing was that I think that some of the non-Human animals/pets could talk, and I probably talked to some of them; and I helped one or more of them out of their underground cells, and we worked together on a plan to save many of the other prisoners who were in prison illegally or for stupid reasons; and then we would decide what to do with the prisoners who were in prison legally and for serious/legitimate reasons.

I remember us avoiding prison guards, sneaking around, talking with other prisoners, trying to learn why each prisoner was in prison using prison records, et cetera; but I woke up before we cold finish our plan.

The end,

-John Jr