Hiding From Vampires And A Vampire Who Looks Like Spike Spiegel?

Source: Wikipedia

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of D, and it took place on my grandfather’s street at the entrance to his road & near the Post Office/the feed stores/City Hall/the train tracks.

Blocking the entrance of my grandfather’s street and the street next to it was a fence, this was there to help keep out/slow down what I assume were vampires but I am not sure, and so the area was mostly abandoned because of the vampires I guess where many people had been killed in the past & the rest were hiding or left the city.

I lived in a fictional one-story house on the other side of the fence with a lot of people/survivors who were living together, our group chose its own leadership lead by an older man with whitish colored skin with short grayish/whitish colored hair & his daughter who probably had brownish/reddish colored hair with whitish colored skin & his father who looked somewhat like him but much older, and our group had its own system/rules that we followed to better survive.

Usually at least one person kept a weapon with them or near them for emergency security duty, we had a few secret escape doors on the floor that went under the house so people could hide during attacks and/or escape, there were a few top-secret doors on the floor that led to an underground bunker but only the leadership knew about those doors, we rarely went outside unless it was important & we only went outside went no vampires were seen or heard in the area, et cetera; and this system/set of rules had helped us survive this long.

One day I left for scavenging/gathering duty (where one or more people left the house to find supplies/food/et cetera), maybe a few other people went with me but I am not sure, and I remember walking around the feed stores & near the train tracks; and some people either with me or some unknown people exploring the area starting to make noise or do something that would attract vampires, and so I warned them to stop or the vampires would probably come.

The vampires seemed to be attracted to certain kinds & amounts of noises & movements & lights & smells et cetera, so you had to be careful not to draw too much attention to yourself when outside or inside, but these people would not listen to me & they did not follow the rules/system that my group followed; and so I guess that they were not from my group.

The people kept being stupid and eventually a vampire came, the vampire was a tall & thin man with somewhat short brownish colored hair with whitish colored skin who looked a bit like a crazy/wild/drugged Spike Spiegel from the Japanese anime (animated) TV series Cowboy Bebop since he had about the same hair style, and the vampire attacked.

I told the people to hide to help them avoid drawing more attention to us, but they ran like idiots causing the vampire to run after them in our direction; and I barely was able to hide as the vampire ran past me after them, but they were running toward the direction that I needed to sneak back to so this was a problem.

I did not want to lead the vampire back to the house where my group was, so I did my best to sneak back slowly as the vampire killed the other people, and I made it back to the house to warn the others; and as I was talking to our leadership about the situation, the vampire jumped/crossed our fence, and some people in our house were looking out the curtains & it saw them; and so the vampire ran to attack our house, and everyone was not prepared.

We yelled out the situation to everyone and for everyone to start following the emergency rules, but the vampire got into the house before we could get ready; and he started killing people as people ran to hide, ran to get weapons, and ran to escape.

I felt bad that somehow the vampire was able to follow me back to the house, and now all of us might die because of that; and I tried to do my best to help other people in the house to hide or escape since fighting the vampire did not seem wise.

The vampires were faster, stronger, et cetera than normal Humans and they seemed very dangerous; and so fighting them was not something we wasted time doing really.

The situation was terrible so hiding and escaping was the plan, I helped some people get under the house through secret doors as others were being killed, and at some point the leadership helped save me & maybe several other people by bringing me/us with them through one of the top-secret doors that led to an underground bunker; and we stayed there for several hours until we thought that the vampire was gone, and then we went back into the house to check for survivors.

A lot of people died but not as many as we/I had expected, some people had survived by hiding, and now we needed to decide what to do now since the vampire knew where we lived; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr