My Former Classmate DH In The FBI | An Automobile Accident | Saving A Boy From Zombies

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of three dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place during the night in a slightly fictional version of D, and I was walking not far from the BP School Board toward a neighborhood by the BM Hospital; but I am not sure why I was walking this way.

It was a nice and quiet night, so I was enjoying the walk, but there were a lot of people having an event at or near the BM Hospital; and so there were people hanging out outside the building, and I heard some of them talking about a missing girl who was believed to have been kidnapped in the neighborhood.

They said they police were looking for her now and I heard police sirens, and several police automobiles passed by like they were looking for the girl; and so I continued walking hoping to make it home before the police stopped me thinking that I might be the kidnapper or something.

I remember wondering if the girl had really been kidnapped or if she ran away, either way I hoped that she was okay and that the police would find her, and eventually I walked home; and I probably told my family about the missing girl, and I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and someone was knocking at the door, I answered the door and it was my former classmate DH wearing a FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) uniform, and he apologized to me telling me that him & his team at the FBI were here to investigate me/search the house in their investigation to find the missing girl & he/they had a search warrant & he showed it to me.

I told him that it was okay, he was just doing his job, and that I had nothing to hide in reference to the missing girl since I was not involved with that situation at all; and then I told my mom what was going on as FBI agents entered our house to search it & take evidence like my computer/et cetera.

I then talked to DH about how they would handle my encrypted & password protected files & my private files on my computer, I did not want to lose those files or to give them my passwords or to have them mess with those files, and I talked to DH about if we would get our stuff back & if they would replace any lost/broken items; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream also took place in D but during the day, I was driving near BY Wok and the Tanning Salon, and I took a fictional shortcut between this area; and I saw a turned over old automobile crashed into an old abandoned & empty gasoline pump with an old man, an old woman, and a young man who all were wearing blue jean overalls like they were from the country standing near it so I went to see if they were okay.

Not far from them was a modern sport utility vehicle (SUV) with probably a woman in the driver’s seat, and the family standing by the turned over old automobile told me that the woman in the SUV had hit their automobile which caused it to turn over & hit the old gasoline pump; and fortunately there was no gasoline in the pump, and fortunately no one got hurt but they were angry.

They all were probably waiting for the police to arrive and so I decided to stay with them until the police arrived, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The third dream took place in an unknown location outside near the woods in a field out in the country during the night, I think that I was trying to avoid zombies, and eventually I came across a house & a storage building; and an older woman & man like the two from the second dream were in the field with a boy, and I greeted them.

They were trying to avoid zombies too and they wanted to take shelter in the house or storage building as well, but they were afraid that zombies were already in the house & the storage building; and so I told them that we should check the storage building first, and so we did & it was clear.

They then asked me to watch/protect the boy while they left to do something that I can not remember, and so I locked the two doors to the storage building while the boy & I hid inside the storage building from zombies; and in the middle of the floor of the storage building was a deep hole that went into the ground, and at the bottom of the hole was a trap-door/secret-door that led inside the house but I told the boy that it was too dangerous for us to enter the house during the night & I told him not to go into the hole unless it was an emergency.

Things were going well at first but at some point a female zombie & two other zombies knocked down one of the doors to the storage building even though I had a chain & two locks on the door, and the female zombie ran toward the boy quickly so the boy jumped into the hole; and I grabbed a large heavy metal wrench as a weapon, I told the boy to stay hidden in the hole, I yelled at the female zombie to get her attention, I prepared myself for a fight to the death expecting to die, I yelled something goofy like: “For Narnia!” & I did a battle scream/shout, and I attacked the female zombie like a wild animal fighting for its life (I was an animal fighting for my life).

I killed the zombie with the heavy metal wrench, I then fought the two other zombies as more zombies came across the field, but I was fighting for my life & for the boy’s life; and so I fought fearlessly & with all that I had, and I destroyed/killed all the zombies that I came across like a champion warrior on a battlefield.

I then went back inside the storage building, I picked the door up & chained it back in place the best that I could, I then went into the hole to see if the boy was okay & he was fine, and then we both hid in the hole until the next morning; and then the older man & the older woman returned, I told them about what had happened, and they decided to take the boy with them & find a safer place to stay so I said goodbye to them.

I decided that I would search the house to see if it was safe but my cousin DE walked up so I greeted him, he was trying to avoid zombies as well, and so I asked him to help me search/secure the house; and so we both searched/secured the house, probably without coming across any zombies, but I am not sure.

We decided to spend the night in the house, that night things were going well at first, but then zombies attacked the house & got inside the house; and eventually we had to escape to the trap-door/secret door, and we hid in the hole until the next morning.

The next morning we climbed out of the hole into the storage building to prepare to search/secure the house again, but my former classmate DH walked up so we greeted him; and he was trying to avoid zombies as well, and so we asked him to help us search/secure the house again.

DH joined us and once inside the house I noticed that it seemed that someone else had been in the house trying to fortify weak-spots in the house defenses, we saw no zombies surprisingly, but as I was searching a bathroom someone jumped from a hiding spot to attack me but they stopped when they recognized me; and it was our former classmate AR, she had entered the house at some point after DE & I hid from the zombies, and she had killed some zombies & she had started working to improve the house defenses but she heard noises when we were entering the house so she hid ready to attack or stay hidden.

She told us about her plans for improving the defenses of the house, we told her our plans, and then we started working together to improve the defenses of the house before it got dark; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr