A Misunderstood Answer | A Fictional Old Family Member Playing Pinball

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I got caught in one of those quicksand-like sleep cycles where you go in & out of dreams & various states of consciousness & you have a hard time getting yourself to get out of bed, but this time this was represented in the dream world as well in the form of a bunch of stuff blocking my path/other dream characters path or blocking us from our goals/from staying awake; and I/we had to slowly keep trying to remove stuff that was blocking our paths/goals, but more stuff would replace it if we did not move fast enough & this happened at different points as I went in & out of dreams & various states of consciousness.

I had a lot of dreams but I forgot most of them because of the quicksand-like sleep cycle(s), but I barely remember part of two dream fragments at this time.

The first random dream fragment that I barely remember took place maybe during the day inside a building & maybe part of the dream took place outside but I can not remember, I forgot most of the dream so it is unclear, but I remember meeting a woman who somewhat reminded me of Victoria Olsen from the film Oblivion because of how she acted & dressed.

I was interested in the woman and so I started trying to get to know her better, eventually we started to date I guess, and I remember enjoying most of the dream & spending time with her; but at some point during the dream she asked me a question about something that was very important to her, that involved helping the world, and so I answered her question in a long detailed way.

To my surprise she got angry and sad, she seemed to have misunderstood my answer so I asked her what was wrong, and she started to cry while turning away from me while saying something like: “You really are not interested in helping the world, you are just interested in fame/wealth/impressing me/et cetera like many other people, you lied to me, so just go/we are done/this is not going to work out/do not touch me/I do not want to see you again or something like that.”.

I told her that she misunderstood my answer and that was not true, as she continued to cry while turning away from me, and this bothered me seeing her cry/sad/angry & that she misunderstood my answer; and so I put my hands on her shoulders softly while softly patting/rubbing her on her shoulders, I told her that she misunderstood my answer, I asked her not to cry while probably wiping some of her tears away, I gave her a loving hug & a kiss probably, I asked her to look at me, and I started to explain my answer again to her so that she would hopefully understand it correctly this time & I told her how much I cared about her & how I hoped that our relationship would continue.

She seemed to understand my answer this time, she started to feel better & she probably stopped crying, she smiled, and she gave me a hug; and I held her close, happy to see her happy again.

Then we started to walk together as I joked about the situation, making fun of her/imitating her in a friendly way to make her laugh, and we both continued to laugh/smile/joke/talk/walk together; but I woke up.

The second dream that I barely remember took place during the day in a school-like building during a fair-like event or something but I forgot most of the dream so it is unclear, and I remember going to the bathroom at some point; and as I was washing my hands I bent down toward the sink to wash my face, but in the corner of my eye I saw someone behind me looking like they were sneaking up behind me to choke me but I only saw their waist & their legs since my head was down toward the sink.

I then felt a hand or two hands around the back of my neck, and so I turned quickly blocking the hands & ready to punch the person but I paused to make sure that it was not a person playing a joke on me before attacking; and to my surprise it was a tall thin old man with light brownish colored skin with gray & white colored short curly hair, he smiled & laughed saying that he was just joking, and he knew me but I did not know him.

He said that he was a family member of mine and I think that he said that he was closely related to my cousin DE but I am not sure, we then walked to a room near the bathroom where my former classmate PW & several other people were, and the old man saw an old pinball machine; and he started trying to play it, he seemed to love pinball machines like he used to play them back in his younger days, and he was very excited/happy.

I remember PW interrupting the old man a lot, and eventually PW messed up the pinball game and/or the pinball machine causing the old man to lose & to maybe not able to play again until the pinball machine was fixed; and this made the old man angry, but he got over it quickly.

We all started to talk but I woke up, and I can not remember any of the other many dreams that I had or any of the various states of consciousness that I was in/thoughts/daydreams/sleep cycles/et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


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