Talking / Joking / Flirting With Gwendoline Christie (Brienne Of Tarth)?

I remember part of one dream from last night that took place in a dream world that slowly changed time periods during the dream without me noticing it while in the dream & I was not even the main character of the dream at first, I think that it started during a Roman-like time period but I could be wrong, and it started inside a building where two brothers with whitish colored skin were talking about starting an imperial campaign/imperial conquest/religious crusade & they were the main characters of the dream (especially the older brother); and the younger brother was probably still recovering from an injury from the last imperial conquest/crusade and/or was not ready for another one at this time according to his older brother, but the younger brother still wanted to join the imperial conquest/crusade so they argued about it.

It seemed that the two brothers were part of an empire and part of a religion that I assume was Christianity but I am not sure, after the argument the older brother started training for the imperial conquest/crusade that he was planning, and he was doing some extreme training to prepare himself & he was very dedicated in his training; and he trained in the dark, blind-folded, without eating & without eating much, without drinking & without drinking much, while injured, while very tired, without sleep & without much sleep, et cetera.

I was mostly a background character watching & listening to things going on in the dream as the hours, days, weeks, et cetera went by.

The younger brother was worried about his older brother’s extreme training and he had to convince his older brother to stop sometimes to eat/drink/sleep/get medical help/et cetera, and some nuns/nurses/female workers were the ones who would take care of the older brother during the short periods when he took a short break from training; and they thought that the older brother was very handsome, and so they enjoyed spending time with him.

At some point the time period changed to maybe a Medieval-like time period as the older brother continued his training over time with his brother looking out for his safety & the women helping take care of him, and eventually the time period changed to maybe a Renaissance-like time period; and one day as the older brother was doing some sword training the younger brother approached his older brother again about letting him join the imperial conquest/crusade, some priests and/or soldiers were talking nearby, and the two brothers argued again but the older brother got very angry this time & he started yelling at his younger brother so the priests and/or soldiers stopped to watch their argument.

The older brother challenged his younger brother to a sword fight to prove to him that he was not ready to join this imperial conquest/crusade with him, I am not sure if they fought with swords or not, either way they shadow-fought/sparred using their imaginations to avoid serious injury; and I was able to see how they saw their fight in their minds somehow, they really were moving around during their fight, but in their minds they used their swords like a real fight to the death.

The older brother quickly defeated the younger brother by chopping off his head & part of his upper body in one swing, in his/their mind(s), and somehow his younger brother saw the same thing in his mind as well; and he accepted his defeat, and he admitted that he was not ready for the imperial conquest/crusade & that his older brother was the better fighter & that his skills had improved from his extreme training; and he hoped to one day train enough to be ready for the next imperial conquest/crusade.

The two brothers had a moment of brotherly bonding, they settled their argument and now they both respected each other, and they shook hands/hugged/whatever & nodded their heads in agreement; and the priests and/or soldiers who were watching went back to what they were doing, and the older brother then went to a room where the nurses/nuns/workers were to eat/drink/get medical attention; and I forgot to mention that during the time period changes the clothing/hairstyles/weapons/armor/et cetera of the dream characters changed as well.

The older brother ate/drank & the women patched his wounds, the women then started playing some old boring games, the time period changed to where they now had a radio to listen to, and then the time period changed to our time period where they had a TV where they watched a boring TV show about sewing or something like that; and the older brother suddenly had almost bald hair that was balding & he had no arms or legs but stubs now, and he was doing gymnastic/climbing-type training on something in the room even though he only had stubs for arms & legs now.

The women made a comment about how the older brother almost never stops training & they said: “Look at him go!” while laughing as he climbed around the object amazingly while getting a good workout, and at some point the women went back to watching TV; and one of the women was a woman who looked like the actress Gwendoline Christie but who acted somewhat like a modern non-knight laid-back/not so serious version of Brienne Of Tarth from the TV show Game Of Thrones with an American-like English accent but I am not sure if she was as tall but I know that she was still taller than me, and she said something to me about how boring the TV show was that the other women were watching.

I am not sure if she was in the dream the entire time or not, I can not remember, and we started a conversation; and I remember her making comments sometimes that suggested that she was interested in me but I was not sure if she was joking and/or serious but I know that she flirted/joked/talked with me & we got along pretty well but I slowly had to get used to her stronger/direct/aggressive/joking/flirty personality, and at some point the dream switched from the two brothers to where I was possibly in the same dream world but now I was possibly in another area of the city during our current time period; and the city slightly reminded me of LC but it was much different from it, but it felt somewhat like it for some reason(s).

My mom & maybe dad picked me up in their automobile, we drove to find an event/gathering that was to take place at a Ryan’s / Piccadilly-like buffet restaurant maybe or somewhere else, and I remember us driving around trying to find the place; and I remember passing by a line of people outside of a building, and I saw Mrs. H (DH’s mom) in the line & maybe she/they were at the building that we were looking for but I am not sure.

Either way at some point we went to a Ryan’s/Piccadilly-like buffet restaurant to eat/drink, I think that my mom & maybe dad left at some point, and I stayed since it seemed that I was trying to find a job and/or place to stay in this city so I guess that my parent’s had come/came to visit me; and the woman who was like Mrs. Christie/Brienne Of Tarth was working at the buffet restaurant to my surprise, and she walked over to me & she started talking/joking/flirting with me again like she had done earlier in the dream.

We talked for a while and I was still not sure if she was joking and/or serious about being interested in me, she kept making flirty statements toward/about me sometimes implying that we were going to start dating soon and/or were already dating, and once again I slowly tried to adjust to her personality; and slowly I started to feel that I might be interested in her or at least would be willing to consider her advances if she was not joking.

I remember mentioning my job search & maybe my housing search & some of my future plans for living in this city, I made negative jokes/statements about myself & my situation to test her reaction(s) & to get some advice, and she did not seem turned off by my joblessness & my situation; and she suggested that I work at the restaurant like her, and I told her that I would consider it and/or that I would apply for a job today.

I then started to think about whether or not I should ask her if she was seriously interested in me or if she was she only joking, but I was very cautious & I did not want to risk making a mistake so I decided to delay my decision; and I probably told her that I was going to go get a job application from her manager, this would give me time alone to make a decision & a chance to apply for a job, and then I would got back to talk with her.

I walked to the area where you get your trays, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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