My Former Classmate AW Gives Me Her Phone Number In A School Bathroom

Source: Wikimedia Commons

After getting awakened by noise a few times and after having someone interrupt me shortly after waking up before I could clear my mind/think about my dreams/do my morning routine, I forgot most of my dreams, but I barely remember part of one dream.

The dream took place probably late in the afternoon in a slightly fictional version of D but I only remember part of the end of the dream, I was at a fictional school for some reason that I can not remember (maybe working there and maybe my dad was working there as well but I am not sure), and at some point the day was over & it started getting dark & so everyone left the school or so I thought; and I either left the school as well & came back to the school later or I got lost in the building.

Everyone was supposed to be gone from the building so it was quiet and the lights were out, but the school had automatic motion sensor lights that would come on once they sensed you moving; and the lights would turn off automatically after a few seconds if no motion/person was sensed to be in the room, which was pretty cool & energy-efficient.

I remember walking around as lights slowly came on & went off around me, it was very cool, and the lights smoothly came on & off in certain areas as I moved.

More things happened before and after this part but I can not remember those parts, I just remember having to urinate very badly at some point, and eventually I found a bathroom; and I was able to urinate in the bathroom without anyone/anything interrupting me, which is a bit rare in my dreams, and I remember having to urinate a lot.

After urinating I walked around the school probably trying to find my way out of the building but at some point I had to urinate again, and so I found a very large bathroom; and I went to a urinal in the middle of the large bathroom, but a woman with whitish colored skin with orange-colored hair wearing professional/dress-looking clothing walked into the bathroom to my surprise & even more surprising she was walking in my direction as I was trying to urinate so I did not start urinating.

I probably zipped my pants since she seemed to be walking to me and I greeted her and asked her if this was a men’s bathroom or not, I can not remember what her answer was, either way I recognized the woman as soon as she got close enough to me; and the woman was my former classmate AW except that she looked much better, her hair was orange instead of red, and she dressed differently than AW.

I found it odd that she walked into the bathroom and walked up to the urinate where I was, I probably made a comment/joke or asked her a question about that, and she made a comment about the way that I looked at her like she knew that I was attracted to her; and I told her that I had looked at her in a normal way just then, but I was attracted to her now but not during that moment that she mentioned.

AW mentioned that someone/a friend of hers said that I liked her, I told her that I never told anyone that & that I was not sure about that since I have not really thought about it before or much & it has been years since we even talked, and then she handed me a piece of paper telling me to call this number if I decide that I am interested in her; and on the paper was a phone number with a first & last name above it that was different from her real name, I can not remember what the name was but it was somewhat similar to: a first name that started with A like Annette or something like that and a last name that started with S like Swartz or something like that I think but I could be wrong.

She then winked at me and she said/hinted that she was interested in me, we said goodbye & she walked away, and I started thinking about if I should call the phone number or not as I walked to find a way out of the school; and at some point I made it outside during the night or evening when it was dark.

At some point I remember being near CS Bank and Taco Bell, I saw & heard people going around to & from parties, and then I decided to call the phone number; and a woman answered the phone but I do not think that it was AW but she was probably speaking for/on the behalf AW, I think that it was someone who knew her & someone who I knew somehow even though she was a fictional person, but I could be wrong.

I remember the woman telling me to come to a certain house and so I went to this house, and I remember it being dimly lit inside with white colored carpet/walls/ceiling; and I remember walking on a semi-second floor that over-looked the first floor with one or two women who were leading/walking me past several rooms, I think that the second woman was my former classmate AW, and maybe the first woman was a fictional teacher/trainer/lawyer/boss/landlord/someone like that to AW.

I remember them talking to me as we walked and they were asking me questions trying to be nosy/trying to get information so that they could gossip about it, it was funny & slightly annoying, but it was clear that they were friends of AW & they wanted to keep her safe & make sure that I was probably going to treat her well.

I think that they were taking me to AW’s room, I guess that they shared this house together along with several other women who were out partying at the time, and I think that we reached AW’s room at some point; and AW probably had to make her two friends go away so that we could talk privately.

AW probably made a comment about how she knew that I would call that phone number and that I was interested in her as well, I probably responded with a joke, and then we started talking; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr