Going Through A Swamp | Visiting DH & A Fictional Former Classmate

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night with the first dream taking place in a familiar dream world that I sometimes dream of, the appearance of the dream world changes sometimes but it is usually still recognizable somewhat, and it sometimes has several areas that belong to different kingdoms/countries; and these different kingdoms/countries are sometimes enemies.

In this dream I think that there were three different kingdoms/countries who were enemies, each of them controlling part of the dream world so the dream world was divided in at least three parts I think, but I only remember part of the end of the dream so the dream is very unclear & incomplete.

I think that I was traveling through the middle kingdom/country in the wilderness (most of the dream world is wilderness with lakes, rivers, swamps, forests, hills, et cetera depending on which kingdom/country you are in), so I passed the various wilderness areas including a swamp that I crossed on a boat probably until I reached a clearing where I could see the borders of each kingdom/country, and I think I saw soldiers patrolling along the borders of at least two of the kingdoms/country & I think that they probably started fighting each other and/or chasing me; and so I ran.

I remember deciding to go through the swamp at some point, because the swamp was an area that took a while to pass through & it left you vulnerable if you got attacked so I felt that they would avoid it & they would need a boat probably to move quicker through the swamp & this swamp belonged to the middle kingdom/country who would defend it from their enemies, and so I went through the swamp, my plan seemed to work because I did not see anyone following me, and after passing through the swamp I probably came across soldiers for the middle kingdom/country.

I told the soldiers about the other soldiers from the other two kingdoms/countries being on their territory, and so they ran to go defend their territory; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream involved me being in college in a fictional city and college, and my former classmate DH was there and a fictional thin nice young man who was younger than us who had whitish colored skin with curly black colored hair; and I guess the three of us were suite-mates in the same dorm.

This dream took place over the time of hours, days, weeks, months, and years; and at some point I did not finish college & left, like in real life, and later DH & the young man finished college.

Since I was not at the college anymore before they graduated & since they/we did not stay in communication, we all went our separate ways, and we did not see each other or communicate for many years; and years later in the dream I accidentally came across DH as I was walking somewhere during the day, and he invited me to visit him at his apartment & so I went to his apartment.

In the dream I still had not finished college in all those years, like in real life, and I was jobless like in real life; and so I did not have many positive things to say about my life, but DH was doing pretty good & he made facial expressions/sounds/et cetera showing that maybe he was somewhat embarrassed for me & by me & he probably saw me somewhat as a failure which made me not want to stay long.

Before I left we briefly talked about the young man who had went to college with us and I asked if DH had communicated with him or saw him since they graduated from college years ago, but DH said that he had not communicated with the young man or saw him since they graduated years ago; and shortly after talking & touring DH’s apartment I left since I did not want to bother DH any longer since I did not think that he wanted me around really, and I was feeling a bit depressed since I felt a bit like a failure for still having not finished college/still not having a job/still single/still pretty much friendless/et cetera.

As I was walking away from DH’s apartment I accidentally came across the young man who we had went to college with to my surprise, he was happy to see me & I was happy to see him, and we talked as I took him to DH’s apartment; and then the three of us talked about old times, about the present, and about some of our futures plans.

We were having a great time and I suggested that we keep in contact from now on, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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