A Depressive Possible Last Vacation | Trying To Escape A Building

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams with the first dream being inspired by some things that I have been thinking about recently, and in the dream I left on a possible last vacation to an LC-like city; and I took this possible last vacation because I was almost out of money in the dream & in real life, and so in the dream & in real life I felt that I should do this before it is too late.

I had not given up completely in the dream or in real life, so during my vacation I was still looking/asking about possible job/housing/food/education/et cetera opportunities almost everywhere I went even at the hotel that I was staying at, but this vacation was only going to last one or two days or so.

The hotel that I was staying at had a lot of whitish/grayish colored carpet/floor/walls/ceiling, and it was a nice & clean small hotel.

I forgot most of the dream but I remember it being depressive with me thinking a lot but still trying to find ways to improve my situation before it was too late because if I failed then this would possibly be the end for me, but I did go around the city to eat/drink/probably watch a movie/job search/explore/walk/think/do & see some things that I might not have done/seen before/et cetera.

During my vacation I asked people almost everywhere I went about job/housing/food/education/et cetera possibilities, I looked out for signs on businesses hiring, I looked at newspapers/classifieds, I listened to people talking about jobs, et cetera as I did other things.

At some point it was very late at night (probably early morning) and I went back to my hotel without finding any job/housing/food/education/et cetera opportunities, so I was feeling even more depressive & ready to give up, and so I planned on leaving once I woke up & either go back home to keep trying or go back home to give up or just die/finally accept death instead of continuing to try.

I woke up early the next morning and there was a woman in bed next to me sleeping, I am not sure who she was or where she came from but I do not remember being surprised to see her there, and I took a moment to think about what I was going to do; and I remember seeing the woman sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face, and I started thinking about wanting a better life for her & this inspired me to not give up.

I felt like going to L next to continue my vacation & job/housing/food/education/et cetera search, and I wanted to get a job & a house or apartment & to be able to buy the things needed to support the woman & I where we could live/survive and at least have a somewhat happy life; and I wanted to at least do this for her, because I had mostly given up on myself, and so this gave me some reason/purpose/inspiration.

I then went back to sleep and I woke up again later, and the woman woke up; and I excitingly/happily told her about my plans, we got out of bed, we got dressed, we packed up our stuff, we checked out of the hotel, and we started driving to L; and I remember thinking about some of the things that I wanted to do L and I felt hope & inspired & not depressive anymore, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is very unclear but I remember being in a complex building that might have been underground or partly underground, and it might have belonged to a corporation or was a secret location for a group; and my brother GC & several other people were there with me, but I am not sure why we were there but I think that we were trying to expose some illegal things being done there and/or save someone/something and/or stop what was going on there and/or something like that.

At some point security found out about us and started trying to catch us, I remember someone with us getting wounded, and so we had to carry/drag this person; and I remember hiding in an office area with the wounded person while my brother GC & someone else left to distract the security & find an exit to the building.

At some point my brother & the other person came back saying that they found a possible exit & the security did not know where we were exactly, and so we started carrying/dragging the wounded person with us again; and I remember someone (a man who looked like a scientist wearing a white lab coat) who worked in the building thanking us for what we were doing, and maybe he had helped us avoid the security.

I remember something being mentioned about a plant with thorns, and the man saying that he wanted people to take parts of it to grow their own plants or something like that; and we left to escape to the exit with maybe part of the plant but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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