Hanging With Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & The FBI Raids The Neighborhood

I barely remember part of one dream from last night that involved me somehow getting to hang out with Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube at his house in a fictional city during the day, but I am not sure how this happened or how I got to his house; I just remember walking to his door and ringing the doorbell or knocking, and he lived in a small whitish colored multi-story house near a main city sidewalk on one side that was mostly hidden by buildings and a main alley(way) where people could walk to a few buildings & houses near Dashie’s house.

Dashie’s house was in a quieter area thanks to his neighborhood being surrounded by large buildings with main sidewalks & main roads that protected his neighborhood from a lot of the noise & it gave them privacy, it was like a small downtown-like area that had several houses similar to his around/near his house, and they all shared yards made of grass (that were not separated by fences so it was hard to tell which yard belonged to who) but grass was mostly lacking in the areas near them since those areas were mostly sidewalks & roads so Dashie’s neighborhood felt more relaxed/natural.

Anyway, Dashie answered the door and it seemed that maybe I had won a contest or something like that to be able to hang out with him at his house, and he invited me inside probably congratulating me on winning the contest or whatever; and one or two of his cousins were there, and Dashie gave me a tour of the house & of some of the stuff in his house & he/they treated me nicely.

At some point the actor Pauly Shore and some of his friends (several male friends & female friends) came to visit Dashie as well, and then we all went to have fun around the city; and we went to the cinema, we went to a restaurant, we went to several outdoor areas in the city, et cetera & we had a lot of fun; and we had fun without worrying about anything, but unfortunately I forgot most of the fun details of this part of the dream.

At some point we went back to Dashie’s house and we had a bit of a house party/private hangout there, we played games/video games/watched movies & TV/talked/listened to music/danced/et cetera, but at some point one of Pauly Shore’s male friends & I got into an argument that I think he started; and maybe we almost had a fight because he probably tried to push or attack me but I probably blocked his attack & threw him to the ground, this ruined the mood a bit but we still had fun, and then Mr. Shore & his friends left once we finished dealing with the situation & after he/we apologized for the incident.

After they left Dashie’s friend Sport arrived, some of Dashie’s cousins were still there, and we played some video games/games; and at some point we started cleaning up the house, I volunteered to do most of the cleaning, and I offered to cut the grass outside but I was not sure which one of the yards or which part of the yard belonged to Dashie; and so Sport went outside with me to show me which yard to cut.

Not far from the houses was a bank-like building and there were some people walking through the alley(way) to apartments/houses/businesses/et cetera, anyway, Sport walked me across the yards near the end of Dashie’s yard that was next to some dogs who belonged to one of Dashie’s female neighbors; and Sport told me that the dogs did not bite, but I kept my distance to be safe.

As Sport was showing me the ends of Dashie’s yard we heard someone talking over a speaker system saying something like: “This is the FBI, please get inside your homes or inside, please get off the streets or you will be arrested, this is not a drill, do not get in our way.”.

Sport and I walked near the alley(way) to see where the voice was coming from and we saw FBI agents arriving in automobiles & vehicles that looked like they could knock down fences/walls with ladders to reach upper floors, some of the FBI agents had bullet resistance vests & some had a lot of gear/armor with assault rifles & some FBI agents just had FBI jackets & hats with pistols, and they seemed to be surrounding the area & getting ready to search the area and/or storm/attack/enter one or more buildings/houses.

People started running & screaming to their houses/apartments/buildings, some people ran to buildings like the bank-like building, and some people ran around screaming; and so Sport and I ran to Dashie’s house to warn him/them & take cover.

I told Dashie to hide his fake guns/grenades & anything else that looks illegal that he uses in some of his videos to avoid the FBI thinking that they are real, I told everyone to appear non-threatening & listen to the FBI if the FBI came into the house to help avoid getting shot, and then we all rushed to around the house to hide stuff/prepare but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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