6-16-2013 | Dream Fragment | Semi-Lucid Dream | Getting Attacked By A Mafia/Gang-Like Group With A Floating Building-Like Aircraft?

English: Logotipe Português: Logotipo
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I barely remember part of one dream from last night that temporarily went semi-lucid during one part of the dream, and it started at a house on a beach by a body of water during a nice relaxed day; and a lot of people and I were there having a gathering with food, drink, talking, et cetera & it was a nice relaxed gathering.

I was there as one of the many guests enjoying myself and the nice beach location, and at some point when I was in the house we started to hear explosions outside & explosions hitting the house; and I looked outside to see a large multi-story floating building-like aircraft shooting the house and people running outside, and some beings/creatures (who probably were humanoid but looked similar to some common non-Human animals like lions/several other predators/et cetera but I am not sure) & maybe mafia/gang-like people came from the aircraft with guns to attack people on foot.

The aircraft was very slow & mostly floated in one spot focusing on occasionally shooting the house while their people on foot attacked people on the outside, it was a massacre/slaughter since no one at the gathering had weapons or armor & none of them tried to fight back, and so I ran outside to attack some of the beings/creatures & mafia/gang-like people by myself without weapons or armor.

I ran outside on the sand as explosions took place seeing people getting shot, and I probably attacked some of the beings/creatures & mafia/gang-like people from behind & took their weapons; and I started killing them while trying to avoid being seen by the aircraft, but I was a bit afraid so I stopped a moment to gain some bravery/courage.