6-16-2013 | Dream Fragment | Semi-Lucid Dream | Getting Attacked By A Mafia/Gang-Like Group With A Floating Building-Like Aircraft?

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night that temporarily went semi-lucid during one part of the dream, and it started at a house on a beach by a body of water during a nice relaxed day; and a lot of people and I were there having a gathering with food, drink, talking, et cetera & it was a nice relaxed gathering.

I was there as one of the many guests enjoying myself and the nice beach location, and at some point when I was in the house we started to hear explosions outside & explosions hitting the house; and I looked outside to see a large multi-story floating building-like aircraft shooting the house and people running outside, and some beings/creatures (who probably were humanoid but looked similar to some common non-Human animals like lions/several other predators/et cetera but I am not sure) & maybe mafia/gang-like people came from the aircraft with guns to attack people on foot.

The aircraft was very slow & mostly floated in one spot focusing on occasionally shooting the house while their people on foot attacked people on the outside, it was a massacre/slaughter since no one at the gathering had weapons or armor & none of them tried to fight back, and so I ran outside to attack some of the beings/creatures & mafia/gang-like people by myself without weapons or armor.

I ran outside on the sand as explosions took place seeing people getting shot, and I probably attacked some of the beings/creatures & mafia/gang-like people from behind & took their weapons; and I started killing them while trying to avoid being seen by the aircraft, but I was a bit afraid so I stopped a moment to gain some bravery/courage.

I told myself that I was not going to let them keep killing people and I was not going to let them defeat me in my dream, then I partly realized that I was dreaming & this gave me courage, and I started gathering shotguns/pistols/sub-machine guns that were on the ground but most of them had no ammunition; and now I felt mostly unstoppable, and so I ran around killing the beings/creatures & mafia/gang-like people with their own guns even when there were no bullets (I used my imagination since I was able to partly control the dream since it was semi-lucid now).

I defeated all the ones who were on the beach but I can not remember what happened after this part, except that maybe I slightly woke up thinking and/or had a semi-dream/semi-daydream where I logged into my email address noticing a sent message that I did not send & it was from my email address but my name was changed to a fake sounding company name so it seemed that someone had hacked my email account & sent spam emails to all of my contacts which shocked & confused me on how that could have happened, and my brother GC‘s dog was dead which made no sense since his health has been good recently; but I guess I went fully back to sleep and/or the dream started back.

At this point I just remember later when the aircraft left and/or I left, and I went to find the group responsible for the attack to kill them all; and I went to a multi-story office-like building where a mafia/gang-like group had their headquarters supposedly, it was supposedly the same group who attacked the gathering that I had been at, and I had a hidden knife & two hidden pistols with no bullets from the battle earlier.

On the first floor of the building there was a dimly lit warehouse/garage-like room that was protected by several gang/mafia members with guns, I approached the area & the guards stopped me & I probably tricked them, and then I killed them with one of my pistols (that had no bullets & so I used my imagination again to partly control the dream to imagine that the pistol could still kill them every time the gun clicked after pulling the trigger) & with my knife; and I killed them quietly since my pistols only made clicking sounds because I had no bullets & my knife was quiet, and so no one else heard them die.

I then moved to an elevator or stairway (probably elevator), and I went to the next floor; and on this floor was an office for the mafia/gang with several rooms, so I had to pretend to be a worker, but there were so many offices (mostly shared offices with several people) that I was only able to kill a few people until I realized that I needed to search the area first so that I could make sure to kill everyone without anyone escaping or calling for backup.

I stopped killing people and I started exploring while hoping that no one would find the dead bodies until I was finished searching this floor & finding a way to kill everyone on the floor without alerting the rest of the gang/mafia, and as I explored I heard the people talking about this & that; and this floor seemed to have the people handing the money, computers, lawyers, et cetera.

Some of the workers even started talking to me or asking me questions, and so I pretended to be a worker & I answered their questions; and at some point I decided to leave instead of killing them all since I could not find a way to safely kill them all without some of them escaping and/or calling for help, and so I went out a door that led to a balcony-like area that led to another part of the building or was just an area where people could take breaks.

Oddly I saw my dad talking to Mr. H & a woman, they greeted me, and this put me in an odd situation where I had to dodge their question about why I was there & hoped that I could eventually sneak away before the mafia/gang found the dead bodies & I hoped that my dad/Mr. H/the woman would not be blamed for what I did (they seemed to be at the building to visit non-mafia/gang businesses located in the building since the mafia/gang probably rented out some of the building to businesses for extra money), and Mr. H was holding 3 male Islāmic/Middle Eastern/Central Asia-styled outfits (I am not sure what they are called) & he showed me two shotguns that he had just bought (one was probably a .410 and the other probably a 20 gauge, I was told him that I might be interested in buying one of them, thinking that I might use it to finish off the gang/mafia if I get a chance to); and he asked me to try one of the outfits on, like he was selling them, but I did not want to really & I was sweating & so I used that as an excuse but he still insisted.

I decided that I would try one of the outfits on (it was a whitish/light bluish colored one/outfit), this would give me a chance to change my clothes in case the mafia/gang found the dead bodies & came searching for me, and I could say that I was outside during that time with my dad/Mr. H/the woman; and maybe I could convince my dad/Mr. H/the woman to leave the building with me.

I put on the outfit so that they could see me wearing it & then I changed back into my regular clothes since I did not think that idea would work & I probably tried to get Mr. H to sell me one of the shotguns but I can not remember if he did or not and then I daydreamed some of the possibilities of what might happen next in the dream, and I imagined the mafia/gang finding some of the dead bodies & then calling for backup to search the building; and I imagined some of them coming outside to the balcony area but recognizing me as one of them (because earlier I pretended to be a worker/member) & not messing with my dad/Mr. H/the woman since they had been on the balcony the entire & I imagined them asking about the shotguns & me telling them that they were new/never used/had no ammunition, and I imagined myself going to help them search their building with my shotgun pretending to help them but I might kill them from behind one-at-a-time if I got a chance pretending that someone else had done it until I killed them all but I woke up as I daydreamed.

In the real world I checked my email account and everything was good, and there were no signs of hacking; and my brother GC’s dog was alive & well.

The end,

-John Jr


By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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