6-18-2013 | Dream Fragments | A Strange Futuristic Music Video In An Apartment Storage Closet

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I somewhat remember part of two dreams with the first dream taking place in an apartment room with no windows, and a strange futuristic rap music video was taking place in the storage closet; and I was in the main room of the apartment watching it.

I know that 50 Cent was one of several known rappers in the music video, he had cybernetic looking arms & a few other parts of his body looked cybernetic, and at the end of the music video I guess the rappers were friends who ended up having a gun battle with each other in the storage closet; and after the gun battle I walked into the room & they were all sitting on the ground after getting shot, they looked dead or mostly dead, but they were not.

They sat there looking dead but sometimes one of them would shot someone but then go back to looking dead, this went on for a while with each rapper doing this until I guess they all either really died or the music video ended or the music video got interrupted, and I remember that this music video was supposed to be futuristic & artsy/artistic/creative/serious/strange/whatever; but I it did not make sense to me really, either way I am not sure where everyone went after the music video, I just remember being in the apartment room with several other people who I shared the apartment with & my former classmate JC was one of them.

I remember us talking and I started talking about the guns that were left or in the storage closet, guns were not allowed at our apartment building, and I was worried about us getting in serious trouble; but the others told me to not talk about it or someone might hear us, so they were very afraid as well, but then someone in our apartment room did something that accidentally caused the door to not want to open & a light or something in the storage closet started smoking/burning.