A New Baby Brother With A Birth Defect? | Grace Randolph’s Comedy Sex Film? | An Animated Prison Escape Dream?

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*After Typing This Dream I Was Told By My Mom That The Potatoes That We Were Given And Cooked & Ate In A Casserole Last Night Made My Brothers D&D Sick & Vomit (Unfortunately They Did Not Tell Me Until After I Ate A Big Bowl Of The Potato Casserole Again This Morning), And So Maybe Those Possibly Bad Potatoes/Potato Casserole Helped Cause My Strange Dreams Last Night; Who Knows?*

*Update: I Started To Feel Sick As Expected, I Took Some Apple Cider Vinegar And Diatomaceous Earth (Suggested By My Brother GC) And Drank Water, But It Was Too Late As Expected & I Vomited As Expected; But I Feel Better Than I Did Before, But I Still Feel A Bit Sick As Expected Until I Get All Of It Out Of My Body/System*

I had several dreams last night with the first dream or first set of dreams starting normal but the last of the normal dreams ended strange enough to where I accidentally woke myself up, my second dream or set of dreams started normal but quickly became comedic/wacky & sexual, and my third dream or set of dreams were mostly or somewhat animated & were very wacky & were adventurous & repeated a few times; but I only remember part of the three dreams or three sets of dreams.

Dream 1

In the first dream or set of dreams I remember checking my blog at and I noticed that the Team had finally taken my advice to add Open Sans and/or a larger and/or better font for the default font when typing posts in the Add New Post section instead of the current small hard to read font that they are using as the default font, but that is all that I remember of this dream or this part of the dream; and next I remember my mom having another baby, a boy, and so I had a new baby brother.

There was a woman with my mom who might have been my dead grandmother DE (my mom’s mom) but I am not sure, and they were in a dimly lit room; and I went to see my new baby brother for the first time, I remember this part of the dream being very positive, and I probably let my new baby brother hold my finger instead of picking him up because I am very cautious when it comes to babies especially very young babies.

I think that my new baby brother smiled and was cute & he might have had his eyes open already but I am not sure, he looked a bit like me and how I would imagine that my son might look if I ever have kids/a son one day, and I asked my mom what was his name; but my mom had not chosen a name for him yet oddly, and I remember watching as my mom & the woman/probably my dead grandmother took care of the baby while I was thinking about positive thoughts about how I would help raise my new baby brother as well.

I saw my mom softly touch my new baby brother on his head and she noticed that maybe the right side of his head was very soft, I saw this too, and so she touched it again; and it was scarily/unhealthily/very soft like a brain/soft dough/ground meat/or something like that, and so I told my mom not to touch his head again & that we should get the doctor to check it but she touched it again & it was so soft that it was freaky/disturbing & I could not stand/handle seeing it/even now just thinking about it causes me to feel a strange feeling.

My mom curiously squeezed his head as I stood there in shock/terror/disgust/freaked out/et cetera, it was like half of his head was mush/soft tissue/rubber, and then the freakiest/scariest/nastiest/et cetera part happened where somehow most of his face/the front of his head/most of his head came off when my mom curiously pulled it & my mom was holding it; and I almost fainted/looked away & I started to panic, I told her to put it back thinking that he was going to die without most of his head, but somehow he was still alive it seemed.

It was like this part/half/most of his head had no brain or something like that, and the rest of his head that was connected to the body probably had a very small brain attached; and it seemed that the part of his head that my mom was holding could be put back in place if my mom put it back, I was super freaked out at this point, and I yelled for my mom to put it back & I think that she did put it back but I accidentally woke myself up because I was panicking/freaked out so much/so disgusted/et cetera.

I woke up like maybe I had snored and/or was not breathing properly, but I am not sure.

*Update: My Brother GC Recorded Me Snoring Very Loudly Last Night, So I Probably Was Snoring*

Dream 2

*Sexual Content Warning For The Second Dream Or The Second Set Of Dreams*

*I also would like to apologize again to Mrs. Randolph/Grace for this second dream or set of dreams, this is what I really dreamed, and I am not making this up & I was not directly controlling what I dreamed about so it was out of my control mostly*

The second dream or second set of dreams started normal in the beginning with me being on a film set where a film was being filmed (maybe some comedy/action/musical/western/cowboy-type film), maybe in a house that looked like a fictional version of my grandfather’s house but I am not sure, and I was either with the filming crew or I was just there for some unknown reason(s).

The actress Helena Bonham Carter was one of the actresses in the film and maybe Grace Randolph was an actress in the film but I am not sure if the other actress was Grace or not (so I will refer to her as the other actress/Grace), and at some point after one scene that Mrs. Carter & Grace/the other actress were in there was a break or Mrs. Carter called for a break because she wanted to know if the other actress/Grace had better breasts than hers or not I guess after she noticed the other actresses/Grace’s breast during the scene because they both were wearing somewhat revealing dresses with corsets; and Mrs. Carter seemed obsessed with finding out who had the best breasts like she was afraid that the other actress/Grace would get more attention during that scene, and she/they chose me to be the judge oddly.

I was not comfortable with the idea, but they insisted and they wanted me to feel their breasts to help me decided who had the best breasts, I told them that I was not comfortable with the idea & I asked them if they were sure about this (of course part of me wanted to but doing this in front of other people, having to judge, not really knowing the two women that well, having never done this before, et cetera made me uncomfortable), and they said that yes they were sure about me judging their breasts; and Mrs. Carter probably grabbed the other actresses/Grace’s breasts & massaged them & bounced them around, and then Mrs. Carter did the same to her own breasts.

Mrs. Carter then made up names for their breasts & made & sang a comedic rhyme calling her breasts Stiffy Boobs and the other actresses/Grace’s breasts something like Under/Bouncy Boobs, and then Mrs. Carter probably grabbed my hands & put them on her breasts so that I could do the same thing to her breasts & the other actresses/Grace’s breasts; surprisingly I could feel their breasts and Mrs. Carter’s breasts felt firmer/stiffer & bounced less (so the nickname that she created made sense), and the other actresses/Grace’s breasts felt softer/squishier & bounced more (so the nickname that Mrs. Carter created for her breasts made sense as well).

I was still over-whelmed/disoriented/whatever about the entire situation and both of their breasts were nice to me, so I could not decide who had the best breasts & I told them this, but they kept forcing me to keep testing their breasts until I could decide because they/Mrs. Carter were/was obsessed with who had the best breasts; and this was part comedic, part good/amazing, and part bad/uncomfortable/awkward/et cetera because of the level of competition/lack of privacy/uncomfortable circumstances/et cetera.

I am not sure what happened next exactly, maybe the break ended & so that saved me & gave me a chance to escape to a quiet part of the house like the attic to avoid making a decision, and they went back to acting; and maybe later they ambushed me again in the attic of the house, after they found me somehow, but that is all that I can remember.

The next part of the dream or the next dream in the second set of dreams involved me looking at videos on the internet at a YouTube-like website or YouTube, and I went to see the latest video by Grace/Mrs. Randolph; and to my surprise it was a fictional short film that she was in/she was the main character in, and so I watched it & I was shocked/surprised.

The short film was a wacky sexual comedy following Grace as her character went around acting goofy, singing songs, doing comedy skits, dancing, doing scenes from plays, doing stand-up comedy, getting naked or partly naked, and having sex in different ways with a variety of people along her journey.

The sex and nude scenes usually took place between comedy skits & sometimes part of comedy skits since all the sex & nude scenes had a comedic element to them/were partly comedic, I remember maybe the first sex scene involving Grace and a large bald man with dark brownish colored skin, another sex scene involved Grace and a tall thin man with whitish colored skin, similar sex scenes involved a variety of people with a focus on diversity among how the men looked & maybe even some women, there were group sex scenes or sex scenes with Grace & a group of people/men, and more comedic sex & nude scenes scattered throughout the short film with audience laughter at various times.

After watching the film I was shocked that this was released on her public video channel or YouTube channel and I was shocked that Grace had made a film like that but I also was intrigued, and maybe I watched parts of the short film several times and/or watched it several times; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The third dream or the third set of dreams probably involved mostly animated dream characters & probably a mostly animated dream world or dream worlds but a few things probably were not animated (like a few parts of the dream world(s)/objects in the dream, maybe a few dream characters, and I probably was not animated but I am not sure), and this dream or set of dreams involved me going in & out of various parts of the dream world or various dream worlds following/joining adventures with various dream characters with various story-lines & adventures/journeys; and this dream was confusing because of the changes in parts of the dream world or dream worlds, changes in time, changes in dream characters, changes in story-lines, changes in adventures/journeys, and so I forgot most of the dream or most of this set of dreams.

I am guessing that all or most or some of the story-lines/adventures/journeys/dream characters were somewhat connected to a certain dream world/story-line/adventure/journey that involved a special prison built into the top of a mountain away from the cities of the various countries/kingdoms, that was used to hold some special prisoners & certain types of prisoners, and this dream world was mostly animated & the dream characters were mostly animated; and somehow one or more dream characters from the dream or this set of dreams and I got into or got put into this special prison (the prison guards/police probably incorrectly assumed that we worked with/for some criminal/terrorist/wanted person or organization or enemy country/kingdom, and arrested us).

I remember spending most of the time with the other prisoners in one of the only outdoor areas which was near the only entrance/exit gate, there were guards walking around & on top of gates/bars/et cetera that prevented people from climbing/flying/escaping/falling from the mountain prison, and the guards were very mean & treated us terribly.

I remember talking with various people and listening to various people talk, and I started to hear about things that were connected to other parts of this dream or set of dreams & so a pattern/connection started to be clear to me; and I started to learn some secrets/history about this dream world or dream worlds.

There were different countries/kingdoms/groups fighting for power/land/et cetera or had been (things had probably somewhat calmed down a bit after one or more groups won or had the advantage, so now they were mostly focused on controlling people & having small fights with their enemies), I heard various stories about the history/histories of these different groups/countries/kingdoms, and there were some rebel groups fighting against them for independence; and many of them were in this special prison, which was probably the most secure prison in the known dream world or dream worlds, and eventually I heard some top-secret information that caused the dream to change.

A dream character revealed/told us a story that there was once a very powerful woman/female being who ruled the dream world or dream worlds but some of the various countries/kingdoms/groups decided to fight against her, they could not win/defeat her/kill her so they eventually came up with a sneaky plan/project that took a lot of time/money/effort/power/experts/et cetera and they did something to the powerful woman/female being that caused her to forget who she was & that caused her powers to be locked/sealed because she was too powerful to kill/they did not know how to kill her, and they imprisoned her somewhere unknown but this dream character predicted that she was being imprisoned in this prison & that this prison was built to imprison her but eventually they decided to start also imprisoning certain prisoners here (rebels, terrorists, very dangerous people, political dissidents, prisoners of war, et cetera).

With the powerful woman/female being out of their way, the various countries/kingdoms/groups that imprisoned her then fought each other & started conquering the dream world or dream worlds, and they were worst than she had been; and ever since then they have violently/badly controlled the dream world or dream worlds, and still fight each other until this day.

After the dream character told the story I noticed that one of the female prisoners started to act strange, she was a female prisoner with shoulder length black colored hair who had her own group in the prison, and she wore an interesting unique red-colored cape/dress outfit & she wore a lot of makeup; and she seemed to be starting to remember something that was long locked away in her mind, like the story had brought back some of her memories, and I noticed that she started to physically change/transform.

I predicted that she was the powerful woman/female being from the story, the group of people in the prison who followed her started to ask her what was wrong as they saw that something was wrong with her, and she started to transform & act strange as she broke the seal/lock on her powers/mind/body; and the guards started to panic & they sounded an alarm, and they put the prison on emergency lock-down but the prisoners rebelled & a battle started. (This part of the dream repeated a few times for some odd reason(s) I think)

After the transformation process the powerful female being started to laugh and smile and probably float/fly, enjoying finally having her powers & memories back & feeling unstoppable, and her group & other people in the prison asked her to lead them to take over the prison; but she did not seem interested at first, but several people and/or I convinced her to help the other prisoners or the others prisoners would probably fail.

I think that maybe the powerful female being took an interest in me for some reason and she grabbed me & pulled me into the air, but I probably convinced her to focus on defeating the guards first; and so she led all the prisoners in a battle to take over the prison, and I watched her easily kill guards directly & with her powers/dodge their attacks/not be effected/affected by their attacks & I wondered if it had been a mistake unlocking/unsealing her powers/memories because she seemed too powerful to stop & dangerous.

I followed the powerful female being and the other prisoners as they fought through the prison killing guards, getting past/un-doing defenses, et cetera; and I guess the plan was to kill all the guards, get control of the defenses, let the prisoners who want to leave go free, and the powerful female being & the other prisoners would use the prison as a fortress & then they would gather more people into an army led by the powerful female being to re-take control of the dream world or dream worlds.

The powerful female being and most of the prisoners probably were going to work together to take over the dream world or dream worlds & get revenge on the groups/countries/kingdoms who imprisoned them, and once again the powerful female being would rule; but I was not sure if that was a good thing or not, either way I hoped that it would not be worse than the current leadership/rulers.

I probably did not kill anyone or fight, I mostly just followed as they fought their way through the prison, and I stayed close to the powerful female being to watch her (trying to decide if she could be trusted and/or stopped if necessary and/or if she was the kind of being/person who should rule) & maybe because she wanted me to stay where she could see me (and she was too powerful, so I just followed her for now).

At some point I remember us going through an outdoor spiral walkway that led to another floor of the  prison, after we got past/disabled the defenses, and we had to carefully cross/avoid/disable traps that were set throughout the prison; but I woke up before the battle for the prison was even half done.

The end,

-John Jr