6-20-2013 | Dream Fragment | Pope Francis/Whoever Is/Was The Black Pope/The Backup Pope/The Secondary Or Vice Pope/The Shadow Or Secret Or Hidden Pope/Et Cetera?

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

I was so busy wasting time doing a job application/job profile/trying to post my résumé/et cetera over & over because of a bug/glitch on the job website, after wasting a few hours I still could not get my information to save due to the bug/glitch, and I also was busy cleaning/washing/dealing with mobile phone problems/jogging/et cetera that I forgot that I did not type what I dreamed about last night & I had not even thought about what I dreamed about last night; and so I forgot some of what I dreamed about, but amazingly I still remember a bit of one dream but it is very unclear & confusing.

I feel a lot better than yesterday but my body is still fighting the food poisoning/whatever so this could have caused the strange/interesting dream that I had last night, the battle should be won in another day or two probably, and I experimented with only sleeping on my sides last night to see if that would help me stop snoring; and so my dreams last night were probably effected/affected by this, and I forgot almost all of my dreams because of this except for part of one dream.

*This was only a dream and is not meant to offend anyone or their religion, I have no idea why I dreamed of what I did, especially since I do not know that much about the current pope or Catholicism or The Society Of Jesus (The Jesuits, who probably were one of the inspirations for the Bene Gesserit in the Dune Chronicle(s) books by Frank Herbert); and so I am probably as confused as those who read this dream, so blame the food poisoning/whatever 😀 *

I can not remember the beginning of the dream and this dream is very unclear, so it will be confusing, and I just remember being at my grandfather’s house or a slightly fictional version of it that seemed to be a college dorm; and I came across a man who(m) I supposedly/maybe went to college with and who maybe had been my roommate, and he was packing up his stuff in the middle bedroom & so I started talking to him.

I remember asking him if he was leaving and he said yes & he told me about some of his future plans/why he was leaving college/et cetera, and so I guess the bedroom was going to be mine unless another roommate moved in; and my now ex-roommate said goodbye, and he left.

I then went into the kitchen and I heard a woman talking to/arguing with/accusing/whatever someone across the house in the hallway where my grandfather’s bedroom is or should be, I did not recognize the voice and I did not know who she was talking to, but eventually they came into the kitchen; and I think that the woman looked & sounded a bit like a younger version of the actress Katey Sagal but I could be wrong because my memory of her is too unclear, and the other person was an older man who looked like or was the new pope Pope Francis I think even though I was not sure if that was his real name or really him during the dream because in real life I have not gotten a good look at a picture of him & I do not know much about him other than hearing a few things about him in some news articles about him being a member of the Society Of Jesus (a Jesuit, which I know nothing about except that there are some conspiracy theories about them which I have not taken the time to read about really) & a few other things (as I typed this I had to look on Wikipedia to make sure that was his name & to see what he looked like to see if that looked like the man in my dream, and I think that was him in my dream but I could be wrong because my memory is unclear).

The woman told Pope Francis that she knew the truth about him/what he did/who he really was/what his position used to be/and several other things that I had no idea what she was talking about or something like that, and she seemed to be threatening him like she wanted him to let the truth/secrets be known to the public & so she was trying to scare him into thinking that she would reveal his secrets/the secrets to the public if he refused to do it; but she was doing this in a slightly more subtle way.

Pope Francis seemed worried but he still was refusing to reveal the truth/secrets to the public, and so the woman got angry; and she once again told him that she knew who he was/had been, several times she called him & referred to him as The Black Pope (A name that I saw online before but was not exactly sure about its exact meaning and so I assumed/guessed that this meant that he was a shadow or secret or hidden pope/a backup pope/a secondary or vice pope/et cetera).

With an angry face & angry tone while showing her teeth (in the way a dog/cat/person does when angry or in a violent mood, I forgot what this is called) she called him/referred to him as a Jesuit when she said something/asked him something like: “Did you think that you and your Jesuit friends could hide this and/or not draw attention to this and/or something like that?”.

She probably started telling/reminding him that they/he could not hide the truth/secrets forever, that the truth/secrets is/are always revealed eventually, and she again mentioned something about knowing that he used to be/was The Black Pope but she somewhat explained/revealed what this meant this time but I can not remember the details; but I think that maybe she meant what I already guessed/assumed that she meant, and so I guess now he moved from that position to the position of the public pope/puppet pope/main pope/whatever.

I could be wrong but I think that she said that she believed that he/they had something to do with Pope Benedict XVI resigning/quitting/whatever, like they had planned it/help make it happen/caused it/were involved in creating some of the scandals that embarrassed/whatever him/whatever, but I think that this was only her opinion/guess but I am not sure.

She probably felt that they/he had some plans/reasons for doing this/goals but she probably was not sure about what most of his/their plans/reasons/goals were, but she assumed that she did not agree with them/that they were not positive; and she wanted him/them to tell the public the truth, and she probably wanted him to resign/quit as pope & she probably wanted him/the others to end all of their hidden agendas/plans/schemes/goals/et cetera & to reveal other hidden secrets/truths.

But Pope Francis still refused and one or more men entered the room to get Pope Francis because it was time for him to go do something on his busy schedule or whatever, Pope Francis looked a bit afraid like he hoped that the woman would not say anything about what she had just talked about in front of the man or men who entered the room, and he looked like he probably wanted to have someone make sure that she would not reveal the truth/secrets to the public (probably whether that meant bribery, intimidation, or having her murdered/assassinated but that was my wild guess based on the fear & annoyance that he showed in his facial expressions).

The woman taunted him telling him to run away like a coward or something like that, which caused the man or men too look at her sharply/angrily for insulting the pope, and he/they were about to respond negatively to her but Pope Francis told them to ignore it; and they left.

The woman then complained to herself out-loud, the entire time while they had talked & now I had stood there in the kitchen listening to everything while washing dishes or something, and they had mostly ignored me oddly (Pope Francis had been worried about me being there in the room from his facial expressions, but the woman was already talking in front of me about the secrets/truth and so it was nothing that he could do); but the woman said something to me after she finished complaining to herself, and she started talking to me about the situation like she needed/wanted to talk to someone about it to help herself feel better & so I listened to her & talked with her.

I probably told her that she/we should be cautious/alert/prepared to defend ourselves because I was afraid that we would be killed/assassinated for what we knew, but she was not worried really & she told me not to worry so much; and she explained why, but I can not remember what she said.

We went to my bedroom in the middle bedroom, I started to wonder/think if she was my new roommate & so I asked her, and she said that she was not my new roommate which I found to be disappointing because I hoped that she would be my new roommate; and then she told me who my new roommate would be & she had him come into the bedroom, and it was my former classmate BM.

She wanted us to go somewhere and do something that I can not remember, maybe she sent us to the D High School but I am not sure, but I know that she explained to us what she wanted us to do & where she wanted us to go; and it was a stealth plan/mission I think, that involved BM & I being sent on one part of the mission, and she would go alone on the other part of the mission.

My job & BM’s job was to clear several objectives/obstacles & maybe provide some distractions while she sneaked around doing her objectives, our objectives would clear the way for her to do hers, and after she finished her objectives we would all meet at a certain location; and then we would continue the plan together.

It was a complex & sneaky plan that she had made and it was important, it probably had something to do with Pope Francis/the others & their secrets/the truth, and my guess is that she/we were going to steal some physical evidence that would prove the secrets/truth involving Pope Francis/the others was real; and then we would probably reveal this physical evidence & the secrets/truth to the public/media/et cetera, but that is my guess since my memory is unclear.

That is all that I can remember, I am surprised that I even remembered that much considering how unclear my memory was after waking up, and how I did not think about this dream until tonight.

The end,

-John Jr


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