Leading A Student Army

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I remember part of one dream from last night that I think took place during the day at a fictional school that reminded me of a combination of C Elementary School & D Junior High School with parts of the outside looking like my parent’s house & my parent’s yard, and I was in a classroom with other students; and at some point a Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball-like villain came into the room (I can not remember what he looked like exactly but I know that he was not Human, he was male, he was bigger/taller than anyone in the dream, he was the only dream character with powers, and he probably looked a bit like Lord Slug in his old form but fatter & taller), I will refer to him as the powerful being, and he said that he was taking over the school one hall at a time & that anyone who did not join his army would get attacked by his army.

About half of my class joined the powerful being, mostly the athletic/tough/mean/violent/war-loving/et cetera students & students too afraid to say no, and the rest of the students who(m) were mostly peaceful/weak/scared/fragile/war-hating/et cetera students & I refused to join his army; and so the powerful being told us that his army & him would come back to fight us in an hour or so, and they left.

I then spent the little time that I/we had uniting the students who refused to join the power being’s army into an army of our own under my command, but most of the students were too afraid/too weak/too lacking in fighting skills or experience/et cetera; and so I had to waste most of my time giving speeches to give them some courage until they would finally listen to me as I tried to give them some quick training & give them an overview of my battle plans.

The powerful being and his army had an almost complete advantage against us and it seemed that there was no way that we could win but I felt that we could win if we used their over-confidence against them, used better strategies/tactics, looked for openings/weaknesses on the battlefield to use in our advantage, and if I could distract and/or kill/defeat the powerful being during the battle.

My plan was to use a Roman-like strategy/tactic of creating lines/formations of soldiers who would briefly fight & then they would move to the back of the line/formation to rest/get encouragement from me/get some advice from me/et cetera & a new line/formation would move in their place to do the same thing & this would continue constantly as needed, at first I would stay on the back flank of my army (even though I wanted to fight on the front-line(s) with my soldiers) so that I could get a good view of the battlefield that would allow me to better adjust my commands/tactics/strategies to help my army win/to decrease my chances of being killed since I was the only commander/leader of my army/et cetera until the battle becomes even & then once I see some openings/weaknesses on the battlefield I would send some lines/formations to attack the left & right flanks of the enemy until we start winning the battle & then I would lead part of my army to sneak around the enemy to their back flank where we would surround the enemy & I would lead the finally charge & fight the powerful being alone to distract him long enough to where my army can defeat enough of his army & then help me to defeat the powerful being since I knew that none of us could defeat him alone.

My hope was that my weak/inexperienced army would slowly gain some courage/experience during the battle & hold on long enough until the battle became even, I knew that we would start the battle losing badly & that is why I chose the Roman-like strategy since it would allow my front-line(s) to keep changing to keep them all in the fight & to give them a chance to gain some experience/courage/rest hopefully & to tire the enemy while hopefully making them over-confident enough to leave openings/weaknesses on the battlefield that I could use to our advantage, but the situation was bad since I did not have enough time to properly train/prepare my weak army; and so I did the best that I could, but most of my time got wasted just getting them to listen & get on the battlefield.

At some point I finally got my army on the battlefield (which was a large dimly lit room) and I finally helped them build enough courage to get into formation, I actually started to have hope at this point, and my army seemed ready to fight; and the powerful being & his army came and the battle started, and the battle started with my army losing badly as expected but my Roman-like strategy/tactic was working to avoid my army/front-line(s) from breaking.

The powerful being stood confidently on the middle flank of his army near the front-line(s) of his army, smiling & laughing along with his army, and I was on the back flank of my army encouraging/giving advice to/et cetera each line/formation of my army as they came to the back flank to take a break; and I was watching the battlefield as well, I hated not being on the front lines with army, but my plan was to be cautious until we had the advantage.

My plan was working and eventually the battle became even, I saw some openings/weaknesses on the battlefield and I sent some of my army to attack the left & right flanks of the enemy, and then my army started winning; and as I was encouraging/giving advice to one of the lines/formations, suddenly my front-line(s) broke & my army started to break, and this caught me by surprise & I looked to see what was happening & I saw the powerful being attacking my broken front-line(s) with his army & I started yelling for my army to stop running away.

I then ordered my army to make a false-retreat, hoping that some of them would stop running & create another front-line, and that eventually the rest of my army would come back to help by attacking the flanks of our enemy; and then I ran to fight hoping that this would stop some of my army from running away and I hoped that I could maybe defeat/kill the powerful being myself.

I was doing good as I fought and some of my army came to help me, I saw the powerful being on the battlefield & I tried to reach him but his left & center flanks were in my way of reaching him but I kept fighting to reach him, but he was destroying my center & right flanks while I was trapped on my left flank; and I could not reach him or reach my center & right flanks to help them, and what was left of my army was losing badly & it broke again & so I surrendered/gave up hoping to save enough of my army to fight another battle later.

The powerful being & his army won, I told the powerful being that I wanted a re-match, and so we were going to have another battle the next day if I could gather an army/what was left of my army again; and then I went to talk with what was left of my army, thanking them/checking on them/et cetera, and then I went outside for some fresh air/sunlight/to think/to plan/to let out some anger/annoyance.

It was a nice day outside and the outside of this part of the school looked like my parent’s house & the side of the yard where the automobiles are, and I saw several people outside & I probably briefly talked with them; and then I walked around thinking & complaining out-loud to myself to let my anger/annoyance about the battle.

I thought about what went right with the battle, I thought about what went wrong with the battle, I thought up a new plan, et cetera.

My new plan was to lead my army from the front-line(s) this time like I had wanted to do earlier but it was too risky then until I knew that the battle/my army was stable enough first, I would follow most of my last plan but I would focus fighting the powerful being alone to distract him long enough for my army to defeat most of his army, and hopefully I would survive long enough for my army to defeat enough of his army & then help me fight the powerful being and/or  hopefully I could defeat/kill the powerful being alone which would cause his army to break probably.

I felt that my army had more experience now, that they got to see that they are tougher than they thought, and they learned so strategies/tactics that were effective; and so I expected my army to fight better this time.

I wanted to possibly have the next battle end at a stand-still, where both armies take a break, and come back to fight the next day; and I hoped to slowly wear down the enemy & have my army gain more experience/confidence, but I worried about how I would feed/water/supply my army for a several day battle & so I needed more time to think about that.

Either way I knew that we had to defeat the powerful being & his army to prove to the rest of the school/halls that he/his army could be defeated, hoping that this would encourage them to stand against him as well, and then I could send some of my army to train & support the other halls/the rest of the school; because if we failed, the powerful being & his army would probably eventually conquer the rest of the school, and it would be basically a military dictatorship running the school.

As I was thinking to myself I noticed Bane helping Batman walk to the corner of the house/school by my brother D&D’s window to my surprise, and they sat on the ground with their backs to the wall; and Batman had a hurt back, and I heard Bane & Batman talking about how they had fought the other day & Bane hurt Batman’s back during the fight & so Batman was still recovering from that back injury.

Oddly they were talking/joking about it now like good friends, even though they had fought each other the other day, and so I stopped to watch/listen to them talk since I was confused/surprised/interested; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr