A Woman Who Looks A Bit Like Karen O (Karen Lee Orzolek)

I somewhat remember part of one long dream, it was so long that I forgot almost half of the dream and I forgot some of the rest of the dream since the dream had a lot of detail(s) to it & since it was very long that made it hard to remember parts of the dream, and it took place during the day in mostly fictional areas except for the end of the dream that took place in a slightly fictional version of D High School on the second floor.

At almost the middle of the dream I barely remember talking to one or more people, maybe my grandfather and/or someone’s grandfather and/or several other people, and something that person or persons said caused me to not feel good; and I started thinking about the negative parts of my life & how I was mostly or completely alone now it seemed, and this entire dream seemed to possibly take place in the future.