A Woman Who Looks A Bit Like Karen O (Karen Lee Orzolek)

I somewhat remember part of one long dream, it was so long that I forgot almost half of the dream and I forgot some of the rest of the dream since the dream had a lot of detail(s) to it & since it was very long that made it hard to remember parts of the dream, and it took place during the day in mostly fictional areas except for the end of the dream that took place in a slightly fictional version of D High School on the second floor.

At almost the middle of the dream I barely remember talking to one or more people, maybe my grandfather and/or someone’s grandfather and/or several other people, and something that person or persons said caused me to not feel good; and I started thinking about the negative parts of my life & how I was mostly or completely alone now it seemed, and this entire dream seemed to possibly take place in the future.

I still had not finished college yet like in real life, none of my former friends/classmates/co-workers/indirect family/et cetera had contacted in me or responded to me in years which is mostly like in real life and I had not seen most of them in years in the dream, I was still forever single like in real life, I might not have even had a job like in real life but I am not sure, I possibly no longer had any public internet accounts like my blog but I am not sure, I was not a member of any social/religious/political/cultural/fitness/sports/et cetera clubs/organizations like in real life, I might have lived alone in another city/state/country from my direct family & so maybe I had not seen them in a while either but I am not sure, et cetera.

I started to feel lonely/sad/depressed when thinking about this after whatever that person or persons had said to me, and then I walked to a park-like place to think to myself that looked somewhat like W Park; and I remember going to an outdoor library-like area with bookshelves of books, videos, music, magazines, et cetera.

This dream was long and had a lot of details to it when it came to thoughts (I did a lot of realistic long/boring thinking during some parts) and conversations (this dream had long & realistic conversations) and what I did/I saw in the dream but I will try to not waste time describing the many boring/realistic details & I forgot most of those details anyway, and at some point after a long time of me thinking & looking at bookshelves a woman who looked a bit like the singer Karen O (Karen Lee Orzolek) from the music group Yeah Yeah Yeahs came to the outdoor library-like area; and I felt like talking to her for some reason, probably since I was lonely & that I hoped that talking with someone would help, and maybe I hoped to make a friend since I had none I guess.

So I greeted the woman but she looked at me with a negative facial expression like she did not want to talk with me & like she quickly judged/assumed that I was a person who she had nothing in common with/would not like/who was a loser basically/et cetera, and she said hello back like she only wanted me to go away; and then she turned her back to me while ignoring me while she continued looking at the bookshelves, and surprisingly I thought that her response was funny & I did not give up.

I continued trying to have a conversation with her as she continued to try to ignore me with her back turned to me, I smiled & laughed & was actually happy in reference to the challenge which is not like me at all, and when I would ask her questions she would usually answer them coldly/harshly with a “no”; and at first I could find nothing that we had in common or that we could talk about.

She said that she did not play video games, she looked like someone who might watch Japanese anime (animated) films/TV shows sometimes to me & so I asked her about this but she said that she did not watch them, she probably did not watch much TV/if any, she probably did not like most of the music that I mentioned or had even heard of some of the music artists who(m) I mentioned, and she probably did not like some or most of the books that I mentioned; but at some point I mentioned something, maybe something political/intellectual, that we had in common & she seemed surprised by this & she stopped being so mean/cold/distant to me slowly & she started talking/responding more & more positively.

She seemed to be an independent/semi-anarchist/intellectual/unique/creative-type person, and now that we finally found some things in common the conversation really began; and she invited me to hangout with her, and so we talked as she took me to a fictional area possibly near water in a fictional city.

This area was on the edge of the city in a dock-like area with an indoor/outdoor market-like area with various businesses/buildings/catwalks/alleyways/tunnels/corners/turns/et cetera.

I can not remember the details but I know that we had a good time while hanging out talking & exploring the market-like area and I learned a lot about some of her & some of her beliefs, and at some point she asked me to help her put some homemade informational booklets/fliers that she made around the market-like area where people could take them & read them; but this was illegal which bothered me, but I agreed with the information & it would not hurt anyone or anything to put some booklets/fliers around the area where people could take/read them or throw them away if they wanted to & she felt very strongly about this like it was important for her to spread this information to the world like it was her way of trying to help create positive/peaceful change/revolution/whatever in the world, and so I helped her but I was still afraid of being arrested.

We sneaked around the market-like area putting her booklets/fliers in various areas and at some point we came across a friend of hers who somewhat looked & sounded & acted like Christopher Hitchens, and she asked him to help us but he refused since he was also afraid of being arrested & he seemed to be the type of person who obeyed the mainstream culture/government/et cetera in certain areas to protect his status in society or something like that; and so he gave his arguments against what she was doing, and they had a debate but then we noticed some security guards/police looking for whoever was putting booklets/fliers around the area/us & so we started to run.

Her friend ran with us afraid of getting arrested, even though he had not helped us, and at some point we hid among a group of people who were mostly former classmates of mine; and she tried to get her friend to let us hide at his house and/or business, but he refused to help us in any way & at some point he left.

We continued hiding among the group of people as the security/police looked around the area and during this time I talked with some of my former classmates like CC, JC, DH, JB, MT, maybe SS, et cetera; and I might have gotten somewhat ignored & made fun of indirectly a bit by some of them who had been my former friends who I had not heard from in years, but CC talked with me oddly even though we only ever had one class together back in 4th grade.

She/CC told me about something crazy/strange/confusing/interesting that I think involved an ability that she learned, where she would look someone in the eyes I think, she could change the patterns of her pupils/iris/eyes/whatever in strange ways (imagine them breaking apart into dots that could form various shapes/patterns & that could move in whatever way that you wanted them), and I think that she could convince/manipulate/control/whatever people to support her financially; and so I guess she learned a way to glamor/hypnotize/whatever people, and she tried to show me how to use the ability by showing it to me & by having me try to practice getting my eyes/irises/pupils/whatever to split/break apart into dots/pieces/whatever & move around into various shapes or whatever (it is too confusing and unclear for me to remember or explain properly, but it was strange/interesting).

She explained that she used this ability to get her dad to financially support her for however many years she wanted, but the woman with me who looked a bit like Karen O interrupted us because it was time for us to escape/leave; and so I followed the woman as we escaped following her escape plan.

There was a time jump I guess and I remember the woman and I going to a slightly fictional version of D High School to the second floor where the first day of school was about to start I think, and most of my former classmates were back in school oddly; and I had a false memory of having not finished high school probably & so this was my chance to finish high school (even though in real life I graduated from high school years ago), and so it seemed that I/we were going to try to finish high school but maybe the woman just wanted to hide here but I am not sure but either way I saw this as my chance to do better this time in life & finish school.

I left the woman who was with a group of students in another part of the second floor briefly to go confront/talk to my former friends/classmates, everyone was lined up in various hallways waiting for the bell to ring, and so this was my chance to let my former friends/classmates know about how I felt ignored/abandoned/made fun of/betrayed/used/disrespected/looked down on/et cetera by them all these years later & that I would give them another chance to be friends if they wanted it/to & that I wanted to finish school this time & that I wanted to better in life this time; and so I walked across the second floor to find them, while the woman stayed with another group of students across the other side of the building, and at some point I found my former friends/classmates on the other side of the second floor in a hallway by classrooms with some other students in line.

I think that some of my former friends like JB directly & indirectly made fun of me for having not finished school in all these years & for a few other things, I told them about how I felt about how they treated me & did not treat me all these years but JB made some jokes about me & MT & some of the others laughed at me, and most of them did not seem interested in having another chance to be friends again except for maybe JC; and so I started talking with JC, and some of the others started to make fun of me because my conversation about talking about my feelings & wanting to be friends again sounded a bit homosexual when taken out of context even though it was not meant to sound like that.

I felt a bit annoyed about how most of them treated me again & that they did not seem interested in being my friends but it was good to have finally let my feelings be known publicly in front of all them about how they treated me/abandoned me/used me/et cetera all these years, I tried not to let them bother me/make me feel bad/et cetera, and I felt inspired to finish school this time & to not let them bother me/be worried about not having them as friends this time & I wanted to prove them & myself wrong & I wanted to have a more positive life this time.

I noticed CC again among my former classmates and she was talking about her interesting ability that she learned again, and she mentioned that the government had plans to force parent’s to financially support their kids until about age 27 or 28 or whoever long it took to help them make it through college and/or this difficult time period when they are transitioning to adulthood/starting their own lives/et cetera; but the other students did not believe her about the government plans to force this, CC insisted that she read about it in the news, and she told the other students to look it up on the internet if they did not believe her.

I then realized that I had wasted too much time and that the bell was going to ring soon and so I left to try to find the woman who looked a bit like Karen O before the bell rang because I wanted to tell her about my plans, I wanted to find out what her plans were, she probably was my only friend now, I wanted to make sure that she was okay, and I wanted to make sure that she was still there/in the school; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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